On Episode 57 of the Social Business Engine podcast you will meet Adrienne Sheares, Social PR Manager at Cision. Adrienne and I concentrated our conversation around brand advocacy. We discussed that there is a difference between advocates and influencers, and how to develop advocates into influencers. Tune in to hear some of the common misconceptions and how you can cultivate customer advocates into your business.

Demand Success Summit - Cision

On This Episode You’ll Discover:

  • The difference between customer advocates and influencers.
  • Why people don’t trust brands anymore.
  • How to identify and engage brand advocates.
  • The importance of involving customer-facing staff to identify customer advocates.
  • The barriers a brand may encounter when embracing customer advocates.
  • How Cision creatively shows appreciation to their business contacts to further build those relationships.
  • How to help your brand advocates expand their reach and become influencers, thereby helping both of you.
  • How Cision measures success of their advocates and influencers.
  • Adrienne’s one thing she would change about the way business is conducted.

Featured On This Episode:

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This episode is sponsored by Cisionthe leading provider of public relations software for planning, executing and measuring influencer campaigns in one integrated platform.

Table of Contents
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