Michael Idinopulos, PeopleLinx

The Social Selling Maturity Model


In this episode, Michael Idinopulos, CMO of PeopleLinx joins us for a repeat visit. We discussed the findings in their e-book published in late 2014 titled The Social Selling Maturity Model (SSMM). We discussed the current state of social selling and how their research confirms the journey involves a maturation process for selling organizations.
The Social Selling Maturity Model by PeopleLinx


On This Episode You’ll Discover:

  • Only 31% of B2B sales professionals report using social as part of their selling process.
  • Social selling requires behavior change because it’s a process.
  • The 5 stages of The Social Selling Maturity Model:
  • Random Acts of Social
    • No coordination of messaging, best practices, it’s every man/woman on their own
    • 60% of B2B sales professionals are at this stage!
  • Policy
    • Policy is instituted mostly out of fear of bad outcomes from social selling
  • Training
    • Classroom or virtual training to cover the 101 curricula of social selling
    • Training starts to impact behavior change and participation rates in social selling
  • Integration
    • Integration of social selling into the sales process, CRM and metrics
  • Optimization
    • An evolution from measuring activities to analyzing and predicting future activities based on empirical data that gets captured during the sales process
    • An organization that is optimized for social selling success versus individual salespeople who may be optimized
    • The antithesis of Random Acts of Selling
  • Stage 1 to stage 5 is likely an 18-month journey for most sales organizations
  • Behavior change is what creates measurable business results as evidenced by the example Michael shared on the podcast
  • “Michael’s One Thing”: “Enjoy your work. Be human, be giving, show your passion, don’t take yourself too seriously even though you take your work very seriously.”

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