Podcast Sales Leadership The Modern Selling Podcast

How Inclusion and Diversity in Sales and Business Can Enrich the Workplace, with Sara Jones, Episode #144

Diversity and inclusion have the power to enrich your sales team with fresh perspectives and innovation. Listen as Sara Jones explains how to build inclusive cultures.

Podcast Sales Training The Modern Selling Podcast

Why Sales Leaders MUST Revisit their Sales Training Strategies NOW, with Mary Shea, Episode #143

Many sales training programs do not teach sellers how to engage the modern buyer. Listen as Dr. Mary Shea of Forrester shares tips to update your training program.

Sales Training Virtual Selling

Everything Sales Leaders Need to Know About a Virtual Selling Skills Training Before Booking It

Is virtual sales training really MORE EFFECTIVE than traditional sales training? Discover how virtual programs mirror college courses to increase retention.

Digital Selling

10 Steps to the Digital Sales Transformation Results You Want

Launching a digital sales transformation program requires these ten steps to produce more sales conversations with more qualified buyers.