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Get a LinkedIn profile makeover for your entire sales team.

Most sales leaders don’t take the time to review all their rep’s LinkedIn profiles. If you do, you’ll probably discover that most of your rep’s profiles are either incomplete or written as an online resume suitable for job hunting. What your sales team really needs to attract attention from today’s modern buyer is a LinkedIn profile makeover to showcase your rep’s expertise and demonstrate how it qualifies your rep uniquely in the eyes of prospective customers.

Maybe you’ve already tried to solve the problem with trainers or LinkedIn courses. If you’re reading this, chances are that those options haven’t helped your sales team.

Most salespeople are just too busy or unskilled to effectively write persuasive LinkedIn content that showcases them in the right light. Most marketing and HR teams don’t have the full scope of skills to do so either. In order to get winning results, you need experts who understand how to write content for a LinkedIn profile through the lens of your customer.

Start More Sales Conversations with Customized Social Selling Coaching from Vengreso

62% of decision makers look for an informative LinkedIn profile from sales reps they’re considering.
LinkedIn 2018 State of Sales Report

We can help your team attract more sales conversations.

At Vengreso, we specialize in modernizing sales professionals to reach and engage today’s buyer. Our team of LinkedIn profile writers has worked with more than 5,000 professionals and hundreds of teams to transform them into “mini-websites” that are on brand and communicate credibility in the eyes of the customer.

The results: improved personal branding, a big boost in confidence and more sales conversations with the right people.

We deliver this through a proprietary process that engages your marketing team and sales leadership while requiring less than 3 hours of direct participation from sales reps. Best of all, our work can be rolled out quickly across large teams while still leaving room for each team member to add their own personal touch.

Team Makeovers in Action

Wondering what to expect when you work with us?

We use a highly collaborative process that requires participation from your marketing team and sales leadership. We get to know your business, assemble the content assets we need to represent your company at its best, and offer the support and training your team needs to transform their LinkedIn profiles and increase qualified sales conversations. This process is divided into two key phases.

Phase 1: Setting the Stage

Our team starts by interviewing the marketing stakeholders to help us understand your company’s key messaging and the sales leadership to help us understand your sales process.

Then, we get to work crafting a Profile Makeover Playbook that contains everything your sales reps will need to update their individual profiles:

  • Custom-branded banner images
  • A selection of customer-centric headlines
  • Keyword-optimized profile summaries and current experience descriptions
  • Complete contact information with company website links
  • Sales-appropriate multimedia links, including video
  • Placeholders for personalized content

Phase 2: Training your salesforce

One of our expert digital selling experts customizes and delivers a training session to teach your sales reps how to transform their profiles with the content from the Profile Makeover Playbook. As they personalize and complete their LinkedIn Profile Transformation, they also have access to group coaching from their Vengreso trainer.

The whole process is gamified as a way to create excitement, reward and encourage participation. We verify profile completeness across the entire sales team and provide regular reports to management on thoroughness of completion.

I have no doubt that the Vengreso LinkedIn profile makeover will help me start more sales conversations because I’m more confident in my personal brand now, which has long been a goal of mine to improve.
Steve H. Risk Management Professional

What kind of results can you expect?

Organizations that go through the Vengreso LinkedIn Profile Makeover for Teams process have seen up to 90% of their sales organization adopting their playbook. As a result, individual sales reps have improved their personal brands in a way that has:

  • Amplified profile views by qualified prospects
  • Expanded their network connections with the right people
  • Increased their propensity to engage productively on LinkedIn
  • Boosted their confidence in using LinkedIn as a selling tool

Organizations have achieved results such as significant increases to:

  • Website traffic from LinkedIn
  • Sales conversations with qualified buyers
  • The size of their sales pipeline
  • Their ability to recruit talent
  • Their ability to retain talent

I had the opportunity to attend the Vengreso digital sales training. The LinkedIn Profile Makeover process was impactful and provided some excellent best practices that I could put in place right away.
Amir K., SaaS Sales Manager

The Vengreso team was awesome and invaluable in setting up my LinkedIn profile. The process of using the Profile Playbook in a 1/2-day session was simple, easy to understand and made my profile look professional. I am definitely more confident in my LinkedIn presentation as a result. Thank you!!!
Steve. W., Telecom Account Executive

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Vengreso’s profile makeover process has helped my LinkedIn profile look more professional. It has also increased traffic to my profile. I would highly recommend the program to anyone trying to increase their LinkedIn footprint.
Karen H., Business Insurance Broker

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