Carew International Adds Social Selling Training As a Permanent Program Offering


Clients Eager to Leverage Social Media for Sales Growth

Cincinnati, OH – Carew International®, a leading provider of sales training programs, has added Selling with Social for Sales Professionals™ as a permanent program among its sales and sales leadership training offerings due to the popularity of its pilot program. Carew CEO Jeff Seeley believes the response to social selling training is reflective of its potential impact and a dire need in the market place to harness its power. “Our pilot program in April sold out – the interest was overwhelming,” said Seeley. “Social media is an incredibly powerful selling tool, but it is also complex and changing at the speed of light. Our customers trust Carew to provide top-tier social selling expertise with the very latest insights and best practices.

To deliver the social selling training, Carew has partnered with renowned sales and social selling expert, blogger and speaker Mario Martinez, Jr. Martinez is CEO and founder of Vengreso and has worked with sales and marketing teams from some of the largest brands in the world.

“Selling with Social for Sales Professionals is not about modest incremental sales growth,” continued Seeley. “Leveraging social media for sales growth is a game-changer and will create an immediate competitive advantage for any organization that deploys it.”

Carew’s next open enrollment session of Selling with Social for Sales Professionals will be a two-day program, August 8-9, in Cincinnati. For more information or to register, contact Carew at 800.227.3977, This social selling program is also available as a private, dedicated training session delivered on-site for individual companies.