Vengreso Launches FlyMSG, the Text Expander That Helps Salespeople Type Less, Sell More


The new Google Chrome extension helps modern sales leaders, their teams and marketers improve sales productivity as they communicate faster and smarter.

Vengreso, the digital sales training and consulting service provider, today announces the launch of FlyMSG, the text expander tool that helps sales and marketing professionals type less and sell more. Developed by a team of sales experts who know the pain points of the modern seller, the tool gives users quick access to presaved, customized messaging templates and is available for free as a Chrome extension.

Today, sales engagement has become more difficult in a virtual selling environment. Teams struggle to leverage sales messaging that actually gets results in their prospecting efforts while also facing the challenge of sales productivity. FlyMSG is designed to meet these challenges:

  • Increases sales engagement: Allows sales and marketing professionals to write complete messages, emails, LinkedIn connection requests and more using only a short and simple shortcut (FlyCut), leaving more time to focus on the needs of prospects
  • Increases sales productivity: Increases the reach of sellers in their pipeline, allowing them to focus more on selling and less on administrative task
  • Leverages sales messaging that works: Uses a centralized repository of each user’s best, templatized messages (FlyPlates), creating unity in each user’s overall messaging

“Sales professionals are experiencing severe growing pains as the world migrates to all-virtual,” said Mario Martinez Jr., CEO, founder and modern sales evangelist at Vengreso. “We created FlyMSG to help these professionals increase their sales productivity in an intuitive and personalized way. Our goal is to make the most of these challenging times and usher in a new era for sales engagement.”

How does FlyMSG work? Users search through FlyMSG’s premade FlyPlates to customize or create their own messages. Then, users can store their FlyPlates and organize them by categories on the Cloud so they can be easily accessed from Google Chrome. Finally, with a few short keystrokes, a user can have repeatable sales- or non-sales-related messages built out within milliseconds across most web-based applications.

“There are endless use cases to which FlyMSG could be applied,” Martinez said. “As sales and marketing professionals take advantage of this tool created uniquely for them, we are confident they will experience increased sales success and enjoy their jobs more than ever before. As they type less, they’ll sell more! FlyMSG empowers users to leave tedious tasks behind and focus on what matters most: creating more conversations with qualified buyers.”

FlyMSG is available for free download at the Google Chrome Store now. For more information, visit

About Vengreso

Vengreso teaches, consults and practices modern digital selling strategies trusted by B2B brands such as CenturyLink, Seismic, Woodruff Sawyer, Juniper Networks and others who partner with Vengreso to help their sales teams create more sales conversations and increase their sales pipeline through digital selling practices. The company teaches B2B sales reps to engage the buyer through the PVC Sales Method: personalization, value and call-to-action. Their training methods include Selling with LinkedIn and Selling with Video.