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Podcast episode with Phil M. Jones and Phil Gerbyshak

Start More Sales Conversations

Conversation is one of the most critical parts of Social Selling – whatever you say or do during a sales conversation should matter. Therefore, if you want to learn how to initiate a persuasive and authentic sales conversation to increase your sales and bottom line revenue, then you don’t want to miss this episode on the Conversations With Phil podcast starring Phil M Jones.

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Phil M Jones gives tips about Sales Conversation on Phil Gerbyshak's PodcastPhil shares some thoughts on what magic words to use to leave an impact during each sales conversations. Whether you are sending an e-mail or having a verbal conversation, Phil’s work will help you be better. The best part about this is that it doesn’t resemble a robotic script which you need to memorize. It’s just a few phrase turns that will help your sales go through the roof.

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After my conversation with Phil (M Jones) and after reading his book (2 hours total time), I changed some things in my newsletter, and I got results – more sign-ups for my offer, and more people responding to the message I sent. A great return on my first attempt!

Phil M Jones’ book, Exactly What To Say, is available on Amazon and wherever sales profession books are sold. I enjoyed the book – and you’ll enjoy this sales conversation where Phil expands on some examples and uses me as his student. If I can learn while I’m hosting a podcast, you can learn while you’re listening to this podcast.

About Phil M Jones

Best-selling author, multiple award-winner and one of the most sought-after speakers on the circuit, Phil M Jones is highly regarded as the world’s leading sales trainer.

From training more than two million people worldwide to coaching some of the biggest brands in the world? Phil’s mission to “teach the world to sell” has resulted in his expertise being globally recognized.

Connect with Phil M Jones

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Phil Gerbyshak

Phil Gerbyshak is the Chief Digital Officer of Vengreso and is a co-founder. He’s an award-winning speaker, an author and a technology geek who has been using digital to build business for nearly 20 years when he hand coded his first website dedicated to his favorite decade, the 80s. Since the early days of the Internet, Phil has built websites, communities and bank accounts using the latest tools integrated into the classic needs of sales and marketing. A teacher at heart, Phil has delivered programs for audiences of 5 to 500, for the Fortune 50 to the smallest businesses and he’s been featured in articles in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, USA Today, Financial Times, Daily Globe and Mail, Inc and Entrepreneur to name just a few places. When Phil isn’t teaching digital sales transformation, creating content, or reading the latest business book, you can find him playing pinball, walking on Florida’s beaches or enjoying one of 57 craft breweries in the Tampa Bay area.

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