Hippo Video and Vengreso Partner To Power Virtual Selling With Video for B2B Sales Teams


Hippo Video, the world’s first interactive video customer experience platform, is teaming up with the largest digital sales training & technology organization, Vengreso, to assist sales teams in harnessing the power of video selling to help B2B sales teams exponentially engage better with clients, create more conversations with prospects and explode the sales pipeline.

As a highly engaging tool, the importance of video in sales has grown in the past decade, and the pandemic has only accelerated its development. B2B sales organizations and leaders across the globe have spoken: virtual selling is here to stay, and new channels of communication have to be adopted in order to engage today’s digitally connected, socially engaged, mobile attached, and video hungry remote buyer.

A powerful combination of the two T’s – Technology and Training to reach out to prospects and close more deals.CLICK TO TWEET

This partnership will aid sales teams around the globe in leveraging the potential of video selling by providing them a powerful combination of the two T’s – Technology and Training to reach out to prospects and close more deals.

“Asynchronous videos have become an integral part of all customer-facing functions, including sales. Sales leaders are also becoming cognizant of the benefits of adopting videos and have embraced videos in different stages of their customer journey. We are thrilled about this partnership,” said Karthi Mariappan, CEO of Hippo Video.

Mario Martinez Jr., CEO of Vengreso remarked that “Vengreso’s approach to digital selling by incorporating personalization, value, and call-to-action, dovetailed perfectly with Hippo Video’s mission to focus on humanizing communication and engaging prospects using videos along with actionable elements inside videos. This partnership will bring tremendous value to our mutual buyers who share a mutual problem: increasing buyer and seller engagement.”

The sales org’s success depends on its planning, preparedness, and execution. Vengreso has been a top player in preparing sales teams with training and technology programs that produce results. Adding a tool like Hippo Video to this mix will complement the strength and guarantee success in sales outcomes.

Digital Sales Training Veteran Martinez Jr. noted that ” We chose to partner with and resell Hippo Video because it is a world-class, feature-loaded and user-friendly product which will be a huge differentiator and productivity booster for sales reps. It comes packed with functional features such as a teleprompter and video template builder that helps reduce video creation time almost by half which are critical, especially for sales teams on tight deadlines”.

Hippo Video helps salespeople communicate with their prospects and customers using engaging, personalized, and quantifiable video experiences. Hippo Video is named Leader in both G2’s Video Email and Sales Engagement categories and a Momentum Leader in Video Hosting and Video CMS categories.

About Hippo Video
Hippo Video is a cloud-based video CX platform by Lyceum Technologies Inc, Newark, Delaware. Since its launch, Hippo Video has acquired over 1.1 Million users. It has more than 5,000+ business customers globally, including Panasonic, Travelers, Atrium Hospitality, Freshworks, Chargebee, Tailwinds Transportation, Essilor, Clarify Med, etc.

About Vengreso
Vengreso is the world’s largest digital sales training and technology company serving B2B business owners, individual sales professionals, and sales teams from over 1,050 companies such as Proofpoint, Miller Heiman Group, Seismic, Woodruff-Sawyer, Juniper Networks to create more meetings and increase their sales pipeline. Through Vengreso’s PVC Sales Methodology, 10-Steps to Digital Selling, and their Modern Sales Mastery™ program delivered both on-demand and through Virtual Instructor-led training, they help sellers exponentially increase buyer and seller engagement.