The Modern Sales Mastery Show
Now that all of your sellers have been forced to work remotely, it has forced leaders to Modernize, Digitize, and Virtualize our sellers in a way that impacts theirs and your company’s success.
How to Modernize, Virtualize, and Digitize Your Remote Sales Teams
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Modernizing, Digitizing, and Virtualizing Your Remote Sales Team – How?

We’ve entered a new era and a new age in the world of virtualization and it is not going away.

Sales leaders all around the world are trying to determine how to transform their sellers’ digital sales skills with one goal in mind: Modernizing how they connect, engage, and convert qualified virtualized buyers into more meaningful appointments. This fireside chat with three companies ranging in size of 80 to 2000 sellers, across industries from Insurance to Technology and with leaders from Sales to Enablement to Sales Leadership, have paved a way for us to successfully transform your sales organization now, not tomorrow.

You’ll walk away with an understanding of:

Watch this video to learn from those who have already paved the way for you to succeed.

Meet Your Speakers

Mario Martinez, Jr., Vengreso

Mario Martinez, Jr.

CEO & Modern Sales Evangelist

Hang Black

VP of Global Sales & Technical Enablement

Liz Bishop

EVP of Sales

Jodie Mattinson

VP of Commercial Sales

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