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Merlin AI by Foyer

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Messaging Expansion & Text Deployment – Auto Text Expander

Save your messages or snippets as FlyCuts (aka shortcuts) and expand the text where you type.

Engage with AI via LinkedIn Commenting

Write your LinkedIn comments with AI to engage with your audience.

AI Post Generator for Social Media
Leverage an AI writing assistant to write thought leadership LinkedIn posts directly within “start a post” on LinkedIn.

Easy Usability

Easy to use features like in-context search, an in-context panel to save shortcuts, and more.

Easy Set-Up and Self-Paced Onboarding
Get up and running in less than 4 minutes by leveraging self-paced onboarding.

Version Control
Ability to roll-back up to 999 versions used in the past.

On-demand Digital Sales Prospecting Training
Sales Prospecting Training and Education to help you learn how to engage and write messaging to buyers.

Auto-Save, Message Preview & Word Count
Every second counts. Leverage an app that tells you what you need to know upfront.

Works Across All Devices & Browsers
Available on Safari, iOS, etc.

Chrome & Edge
Chrome & Edge

Templates to Help You Write Faster
Short circuit the time it takes for you to write your messages faster.

Ability to Share Messages 
Share messages to team members, so they can use your best messaging.

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Theresa French
Theresa French
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WOW– this is THE productivity tool...! I love being able to use the same set of templates across email AND LinkedIn. These writing shortcuts allow for HYPER PERSONALIZED messages “on the FLY” while at the same time SAVING A TON OF TIME knocking out 90% of the message for you with one short keyword!
Steve Benson
Steve Benson
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WOW! FlyMSG knocks my socks off! They help you with copywriting sales notes for emails, LinkedIn, special events, follow-ups, birthdays, etc. Cuts down on the time needed, stores your custom copy in the cloud and is always ready! If you haven’t tried this, you are working too hard on your copy!
Joe Mangano
Joe Mangano
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FlyMSG is FLY. It is a super, super (did I say super) text expander. Nope, it’s not a text expander. It's better!! Way to go Mario and team. You rock.

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Have you heard about FlyEngage yet??!!!⚠️😱

We are very excited to share this with ALL OF YOU!

Watch this video now and learn how FlyEngage AI can transform your #LinkedIn experience today!

🤖 FlyEngage AI, a brilliant addition to the FlyMSG family, is here to supercharge your LinkedIn and LinkedIn #Sales Navigator experience. 🚀

Imagine effortlessly responding to posts and comments with insightful and engaging responses, all thanks to the power of #AI!

💡 Say goodbye to writer's block because FlyEngage AI suggests the perfect responses for any post on the LinkedIn platform.

All you need to do is download the FlyMSG extension on Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, and you're ready to soar! ✈️

Let FlyEngage AI handle the commenting while you sit back and watch the magic happen! 💬

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Excited to hear about the launch of FlyEngage AI! This game-changing tool will revolutionize the way we interact with LinkedIn and LinkedIn Sales Navigator. With its cutting-edge AI technology, FlyEngage AI can help us deliver meaningful and captivating replies, saving us time and effort. I'm definitely going to check it out! #LinkedIn #Sales #AI
Impressive introduction to FlyEngange AI! This game-changing tool is revolutionizing the LinkedIn journey by seamlessly interacting with posts and comments using advanced AI technology. Say farewell to finding the right words as FlyEngage AI offers tailored suggestions. Install the FlyMSG extension and experience transformative results! 🚀 #LinkedIn #AI #Productivity
Hey Mario, thanks for sharing! I'm always looking for ways to be more productive on LinkedIn. I'll definitely check out FlyEngage AI and see how it can help me level up my LinkedIn game. 🚀 #LinkedInTips #ProductivityHacks
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💪🏾 5 Tips for Becoming a Better Leader 💪🏾

Leadership is a skill that can be learned and developed. Whether you're a new manager or an experienced executive, there are always ways to improve your leadership skills.

Here are 5️⃣ tips to help you become a better leader:

1. Be clear about your vision.

What do you want to achieve as a leader? What are your goals for your team or organization? Once you have a clear vision, you can start to develop a plan to achieve it.

2. Master the art of conveying your vision with impact and clarity.

Your team needs to understand your vision in order to work towards it. Make sure you communicate your vision clearly and often, and use a variety of communication methods to reach everyone on your team.

3. Empower your team.

Give your team members the autonomy and resources they need to be successful. Trust them to make decisions and take initiative. When you empower your team, you're not only helping them to succeed, you're also building their confidence and skills.

4. Be a role model.

Your team will look to you for guidance and inspiration. Set a good example by being honest, ethical, and hardworking. When you model the behavior you want to see in your team, you're more likely to get it.

5. Be supportive.

Support your team members when they're struggling. Help them to overcome challenges and achieve their goals. When you're supportive, you're creating a positive and supportive work environment that will help your team to thrive.

These are just a few tips to help you become a better leader.

By following these tips, you can develop the skills and knowledge you need to be an effective leader.

#Leadership #Management #Teamwork #Communication
😱 Introducing our new AI-powered product, [Product Name], to help CFOs drive greater efficiency in their organizations! 😱

[Product Name] is a cloud-based software platform that uses artificial intelligence to automate and streamline financial processes. This powerful tool can help CFOs save time and money, improve accuracy, and make better decisions.

With [Product Name], CFOs can:

* Automate time-consuming tasks, such as data entry and reconciliation
* Identify and correct errors in financial data
* Forecast future financial performance
* Make better decisions about investments and spending

[Product Name] is the perfect solution for CFOs who are looking to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their financial operations. To learn more about [Product Name], visit our website or contact us today.

We're excited to launch [Product Name] and help CFOs achieve their financial goals!

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Congratulations to [employee's name] on their 15-year work anniversary!

[Employee's name] has been an amazing asset to our team for over 15 years. They are a joy to work with and have consistently gone above and beyond to help our company succeed.

[Employee's name] is a highly skilled and experienced professional who is always willing to share their knowledge and expertise with others. They are also a great mentor and role model for our team members.

In addition to their professional skills, [employee's name] is also a wonderful person to be around. They are always positive and upbeat, and they make everyone feel welcome and appreciated. We are so lucky to have [employee's name] as part of our team. They are a true asset to our company and we are grateful for their dedication and hard work.

Please join us in congratulating [employee's name] on their 15-year work anniversary!

#15YearWorkAnniversary #EmployeeAnniversary #Teamwork #Gratitude #Dedication #HardWork
Are you a CMO who is passionate about helping start-ups scale? 🚀

We're looking for a CMO who has experience helping a start-up scale from $1M to $10M. You will be responsible for developing and executing marketing strategies that will help us grow our business and reach our target audience.

We offer a competitive salary and benefits, including:

* Work from anywhere
* Unlimited vacation
* 16 paid holidays
* Mandatory shut-down at the end of the year.

We're a fast-growing company with a great team culture. We're looking for someone who is passionate about our mission and wants to be a part of our team.

If you're interested, please send your resume and cover letter to [email protected]

#CMO #Start-up #Marketing #Growth #Workfromanywhere #Unlimitedvacation #Paidholidays #Shut-down #Viral #LinkedIn
Write a LinkedIn template post for thought leadership about 5 tips to becoming a better leader. Output should be crisp and clear. Write in a way that can go viral on LinkedIn, including emojis and hashtags.
Write a LinkedIn template post about a Company Update for announcing a new AI product launched to the market supporting CFOs to help them drive greater efficiencies in the organization. Output should be crisp and clear. Write in a way that can go viral on LinkedIn, including emojis and hashtags.
Write a LinkedIn template post for celebrating a personal milestone about an employee's 15-year work anniversary and include how amazingly dedicated they have been to the company and are a joy to work with. Output should be crisp and clear. Write in a way that can go viral on LinkedIn, including emojis and hashtags.
Write a LinkedIn template post about hiring for CMO who has experience helping a start-up scale from $1M to $10M and showcase the amazing benefits the company has including work from anywhere, unlimited vacation, 16 paid holidays, mandatory shut-down at the end of the year to name a few. Output should be crisp and clear. Write in a way that can go viral on LinkedIn, including emojis and hashtags.
Get FlyMSG. It's free!
Get FlyMSG. It's free!
Get FlyMSG. It's free!
Get FlyMSG. It's free!
Get FlyMSG. It's free!
Get FlyMSG. It's free!

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