Wondering how to convert social connections into meetings? This topic was raised during a sales conference I attended with members of our Vengreso team. Brynne Tillman, Vengreso CLO and co-founder, says one of the biggest mistakes salespeople make is that they Connect and Forget. For that reason, Brynne and I created this impromptu video to teach you a new social selling habit to master.

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The Social Selling Technique Sales Experts Swear By

According to this blog post by Vengreso CMO, Bernie Borges, 77% of B2B buyers are unwilling to speak to a salesperson until they’ve completed research online. So how do you invite a new connection to a meeting if they’re still in the research phase of their buyer’s journey?

One of my favorite ways to build strong relationships with new connections is to mix social selling with content marketing. During the first point of contact, I make sure to send a welcome message with resources that will be of use to them in some way. This is a sales technique used by top sales leaders, including me and my Vengreso co-founders. The goal is to provide value to your new connections so they’ll want to extend your online conversations offline once you’ve invited them for a meeting.

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What I do is, I take advantage of OneMob’s social video capabilities. I send out video emails and attach three resources—two downloadable assets and one digital sales webinar— to help my connections with their sales process. If the person I’m sending a video email to is from the marketing industry, I provide them with content that will help their own buyers in their buyer’s journey. You can also provide gated or ungated content—or both! And what’s amazing with OneMob video and other sales video tools/software is that you get to know what kind of activities your connection has done with the content you sent. Brynne suggests you take advantage of those insights, and do a follow-up.

Brynne also advises that you shouldn’t ignore your connections on LinkedIn; engage with them, use the techniques we’ve mentioned in our video above, and convert them to phone calls by simply asking. Now, that’s how you convert social connections into meetings!

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But the success of this social selling technique lies in the quality of your content. I suggest you read  “How to Get More Traffic and Leads Through Content Marketingto find out how you can produce content that your connection will surely be interested in. You may also want to take it a step further and learn more about content that converts by downloading our white paper here:

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