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A Culture of Content


On this episode, you’ll meet Jessica Groopman. Jessica a Senior Researcher at Altimeter Group specializing in content and digital strategy, customer experience, and the Internet of Things. Jessica has helped publish dozens of reports focusing on how organizations can optimize internally and build better experiences externally by unifying media, data, product, and strategy. Jessica is a regular contributor to multiple industry blogs covering wearables and the Internet of Things. She has experience conducting business, technological, and anthropological research.
Jessica Groopman and Rebecca Lieb, Altimeter Group - Social Business Engine Podcast
On this episode, I discuss key findings from an Altimeter Group research report co-authored by Jessica Groopman and Rebecca Lieb titled: A Culture of Content.


Culture of Content - Social Business Engine podcast

On This Episode You’ll Discover:

  • What is meant by a “culture of content,” and its strategic impact on an enterprise.
  • That “Subject matter experts don’t solely reside in the marketing department; they come from product, research, senior management, and beyond.” (excerpted from the research report)
  • The 4 elements of a Culture of Content.
    • Inspiration: Vision | Creativity | Risk | Willingness to Fail.
    • People: Sr. Leadership | Content Leader | Business Units | External Partners | Employees.
    • Process: Evangelism | Governance | Education & Training | Technology.
    • Content: Paid | Owned | Earned.
  • The importance of conveying the “why” of content to create a culture of content.
  • That a content leader does not exist in every organization.
  • The importance of the role of the “identifier” among employees.
  • Why “attitude” in a culture of content is very important.
  • The role of governance in the processes in a culture of content.
  • The role of the evangelist in a culture of content.
  • How content begets more content through the convergence of owned, earned and paid content.
  • That content is the “oil in the engine of the culture of content.”
  • “Jessica’s One Thing” : “A risk and willingness to fail…Organizations should be more open to allowing employees to fail without risk of getting fired or demoted, in order to fuel creativity and innovation.”

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