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Customer Interaction – Engage with Customers on These Social Media Platforms


Should salespeople connect with buyers or customers on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook? It depends on several aspects.

Yes, you want to be as top-of-mind as possible when it comes to However, you need to be cautious of offending your customers if you have opposing belief systems. In the video below, Vengreso CEO Mario Martinez, Jr. and CVO Viveka von Rosen dig into this topic. The two bring up some key points to consider if you’re using social media to engage with customers – as you should be!

Should salespeople connect with buyers & customers on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook? It depends on several aspects. Discover what they are from Vengreso leaders @M_3Jr and @LinkedInExpert. #SocialSelling #SalesClick To Tweet

Which Social Media Platforms Should You Use to Connect and Engage with Customers?

Politics, religion, and even the clothes that you wear outside of your professional life can shake up your relationship with your customers if you’re not careful. LinkedIn is the safest option and may be the only platform you use to connect with buyers if you have differing opinions than them. You can share different kinds of content that can help the buyer in their journey. After posting content, make sure to regularly check how it performs by using social media analytics tools such as a Twitter report tool.

How well do you know your prospects and clients? Viveka says, “If you know for a fact what you share will not overtly offend them,” it’s okay to engage with your audience on other platforms.

You should also check with your company’s policy around social media. It may outline the types of content that you are permitted to share online. Some companies recommend that you don’t connect with customers on Facebook at all.

Mario doesn’t share his political views anywhere, and he recommends an air of caution about what you share too. Once a person becomes a customer, he welcomes them on Facebook as a friend sharing more about his personal side – but not religion or politics.

The issue with sharing these frequently touchy subjects is that you could lose someone as a client if your belief systems don’t line up. Connect and engage with customers where you see fit, but take Mario’s advice and “make a rule to be smart about what you share.”

Connect and engage with customers where you see fit, but take @M_3Jr's advice and 'make a rule to be smart about what you share.' Discover some guidelines in this article. #SalesLeadership #DigitalSelling @LinkedInExpertClick To Tweet

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