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Growth Marketing through Hyper-Personalization


Growth marketing is about increasing pipeline so the sales organization can be more successful, faster. My guest on this episode of the podcast approaches growth marketing through hyper-personalization. But what is this? Imagine yourself driving down the highway and two billboards appear along the road. One is a generic, “buy this product from us” presentation while the other speaks directly to you, addressing a very specific personal need you have. Which are you most drawn to?

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Ari Capogeannis is the Senior Marketing Director in charge of Demand Generation for Cumulus Networks. The company designs and sells a Linux operating system to deliver networking solutions for large datacenter, cloud computing, and enterprise environments.

Ari has seen how hyper-personalization — directed at every person within the decision-making unit of mid-market and enterprise businesses — can accelerate the sales pipeline with truly qualified leads as well as decrease the time to close. Listen to hear a brief but deep-dive explanation of what hyper-personalized growth marketing could do for your modern marketing strategy.

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This episode is sponsored by XANT, the enterprise leader in sales engagement. Xant has authored the Definitive Guide to Sales Cadence.

Acquisition, Engagement, Retention: Three Pillars Of Growth Marketing

Ari explains that there are three aspects of growth marketing that must be mastered:

He explains how a hyper-personalized approach to growth marketing can improve the effectiveness of each of these pillars by introducing a new concept: He calls it “Demand Gen 3.0.”

Demand Gen 1.0 is marketing that’s focused on marketing qualified leads (MQLs) which is primarily a volume play with limitations.

Demand Gen 2.0 is focused on generating opportunities within target accounts and managing those opportunities in collaboration with the sales team. It uses scoring models to develop accountability and measure the journey of those opportunities. It’s less about leads. It’s all about driving opportunities at accounts.

Demand Gen 3.0 — which is what Ari is advocating — refers to a holistic approach whereby marketers create a digital experience that addresses specific pain points of each person encountered on the website and other digital channels. Different than 1.0 and 2.0, this 3.0 approach is not just lead gen and it’s not just coming up with scoring models that allow sales teams to be more efficient.

Demand Gen 3.0 is about leveraging the marketing technology stack to deliver messaging that speaks directly to the pain points of the varied members of the decision-making team within a prospective customer’s decision-making unit. It’s done by segmenting content according to role and persona and also providing it directly to the sales team for their use.

Hyper-personalize #GrowthMarketing for greater results, through People-based #Marketing ~ advice from @Capogeannis of @CumulusNetworks. Learn more on @MMEnginePodcast w/ @BernieBorges of Vengreso. 🎧 Listen! #cadenceguide @xant_ai Click To Tweet

What Size Marketing Staff Is Required to Hyper-Personalize Marketing This Way?

An approach to growth marketing that dives so deeply into hyper-personalization by personas and buying stages sounds very people-intensive. It’s understandable to think that it could require many people. But Ari explains how, by making the right choices about tools within the MarTech stack and centralizing the data, these tasks can be handled by a team of one, two or three people, of course depending on their other responsibilities.

He says you must hone in on the tools that can integrate effectively. You may need to replace four or five separate technologies in your MarTech stack to achieve centralization of data that enables your team to manage personalized messaging. This change will impact everything, including targeting, predictive analytics, sales enablement and more in a way that accelerates your ability to be effective in this growth marketing strategy.

Effectively Passing Personalized Assets To The Sales Organization

By using this streamlined set of predictive analytics tools and other MarTech solutions, Ari’s team can discover insights about the prospect’s buying journey, both on and off the company’s website.

Off-site: Are people researching key brand terms or other terms related to the products that Cumulus Networks sells? Are they exhibiting behavior that indicates an interest in the company’s offerings?

On-site: Ari’s team can tell exactly when people from matched accounts are hitting the website each day, tie it to a sales territory, and arrange to sort each one by sales engagement stage. Then he can identify leads that indicate buying intent and provide them to the appropriate person in the sales organization. The integrated and centralized way the tech stack works enables sales to understand the content paths they should use—by vertical, purchase intent, stage, who they are competing against, etc.

Ari refers to this as “People-Based Marketing”—it IS ABM but not focused on the account, it’s focused on the people within the account’s decision-making unit. Among the many results, Ari says that this hyper-personalization reduces time to close by as much as 50%. That’s impressive. Listen to this episode to hear first-hand from Ari about growth marketing through hyper-personalization.

Hyper-personalized #GrowthMarketing reduces time to close by as much as 50%! Join @BernieBorges of Vengreso and his guest @Capogeannis of @CumulusNetworks on this ep. of @MMEnginePodcast. 🎧 #marketing #salescadenceguide @xant_ai Click To Tweet

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This episode is sponsored by XANT, the enterprise leader in sales engagement. Xant has authored the Definitive Guide to Sales Cadence.

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Learn how to ramp up #customer acquisition, engagement, and retention through #GrowthMarketing. Join @BernieBorges of Vengreso, and @Capogeannis of @CumulusNetworks on this ep. of @MMEnginePodcast. 🎧 #salescadenceguide @xant_ai Click To Tweet How #GrowthMarketing can pass personalized #SalesEnablement assets to the #sales team ~advice from @Capogeannis of @CumulusNetworks. Listen to this ep. of @MMEnginePodcast w/ @BernieBorges, CMO of Vengreso! #cadenceguide @xant_ai Click To Tweet

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