LinkedIn Talent Powers Acquisition

Powering Talent Acquisition with LinkedIn

Vengreso used to have a Social Selling Training Virtual Boot Camp that taught sales professionals how to amp up their careers through social selling. The Boot Camp was replaced by Selling with LinkedIn, our On Demand digital sales training program, which focuses on using LinkedIn as a platform for B2B social selling. The new program is not just for social selling newbies, but experienced social sellers will also learning game-changing skills.

In this client testimonial, Joe McClung, President and Chief Commercial Officer at FloodGate Medical, discusses what he learned on top of his prior experience with LinkedIn networking. FloodGate Medical is a leader in talent acquisition, specializing in finding top-tier talent for medical device and medical technology companies. They work to recruit and place sales, marketing and other top talents in the industry.

“Some of the foundations, that you would assume we would have nailed, we weren’t doing.' - Watch @floodgatemed's Joe McClung's #VengresoTestimonial on his exp w/ Vengreso's #SocialSelling Boot Camp. #DigitalSales @BernieBorgesClick To Tweet

Their business is all about connecting people, so they already had a solid foundation for networking. Joe said that last year, they were very intentional about communicating with others outside of their known contacts and were nominated ninth in LinkedIn’s Top 25 Most Socially Engaged Staffing Agencies for 2017. It’s clear that the organization was already pretty adept at using social media, but what they learned from their Vengreso training really upped their game. Watch the video or continue reading to learn more.

What FloodGate Medical Learned about Powering Talent Acquisition with LinkedIn

Joe said, “Some of the foundations that you would assume we would have nailed especially if you have a paid LinkedIn account– we weren’t doing.” As Virtual Social Selling Boot Camp graduates, his team learned how to data-mine their current connections, how to engage with them, how to improve their personal branding skills, and much more.

When asked what advice he has for someone already active with a LinkedIn premium or free account, Joe said that Vengreso is “focused on the space, and no matter how good you are, you have your other business. They’re absolutely focused on making sure people know how to make an impact and know how to do social selling.”

In the video, you’ll hear Joe tell Bernie Borges, CMO of Vengreso, about a recent win. With their new skills, FloodGate Medical attracted the attention of an individual who wants to move up the career ladder but is also looking for talent in his current organization. A two-for-one, so to speak.

What's the reason @floodgatemed registered for the Vengreso #SocialSelling Boot Camp when they were already using #LinkedIn so effectively? President, Joe McClung explains. #DigitalSelling #VengresoTestimonial @BernieBorgesClick To Tweet

Talent Recruiting with Social Media

Organizations that are looking to add talent to their workforce can use social media to find career-driven individuals seeking to move up the ladder. Leveraging these platforms can help scale your company size with people who will add value to their organization’s success.

Whether it’s LinkedIn or Facebook, top-performing talent can share their achievements and industry insights. This increases their credibility and displays their knowledge in order to connect to the modern buyer.

Aside from LinkedIn, companies can also use the biggest social networking platform, Facebook. Although top talent is more likely to use LinkedIn for business networking, they can still be found on Facebook. Through Facebook Ads, you can attract their interest, especially if you do it right.

For instance, learn how iQor, a global Business Process Outsourcing Company, partnered with Work4Labs to source talent at scale using Facebook Ads for recruiting.

Get Top Talent To Work For Your Organization

Top-performing talent wants to work with companies that not just support their personal and career development, but one that also has an inspiring work culture. When you maximize your visibility on social media by posting regular content and having your employees uphold and exhibit your company’s branding, top talents will reach out to you.

Don’t be afraid to show who your company is through the biggest networks out there!

I hope Joe’s story serves as an inspiration to learn more about social selling and its benefits to your business. If you’re looking for other ways to boost your digital selling skills but aren’t sure where to start, request your free
For other customer testimonials like this, you can watch more on the Vengreso YouTube channel or check out our other client testimonials.


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