Client Testimonials

Watch these Vengreso customers share their digital sales transformation stories.
Joe Schwartz – Proofpoint

Proofpoint created digital engagement with buyers with the skills learned with Vengreso’s Selling with LinkedIn for teams virtual sales training course. Joe Schwartz, VP of Corporate Marketing at Proofpoint, shares his experience with the training program and the results they obtained in building sales pipeline.

Lindsay Huckabee – Vantage Point Performance
Learn from Lindsay Huckabee from Vantage Point Performance and her experience taking the Vengreso’s Selling with LinkedIn sales training program. Because prospecting on LinkedIn has become the key for virtual selling to achieve business results in this new era.
Paul Curto – Juniper Networks

Paul Curto, Head of Global Sales at Juniper Networks, shares how the Selling with LinkedIn training program helped his team turn connections into conversations. Upskill your sales force, pivot, and transform your sales team as Juniper did, and learn everything your sales team needs to know to start selling with LinkedIn.

Felix Savino – Mitek Systems

Felix Savino – Sales Development Rep at Mitek Systems discusses why he decided it was time to become a modern seller and why he selected the Vengreso Selling with LinkedIn On Demand Training program to transform him into a modern seller.

Chuck Frydenborg – MarketMuse

Chuck Frydenborg, CRO at MarketMuse tells Vengreso’s CSO Kurt Shaver that weekly digital selling training and coaching delivered by Vengreso has resulted in measurable habit change with his sales team. The 3-month duration of the Selling with LinkedIn virtual sales training program has enabled his team to practice new skills and develop sustained habits leading to measurable results.

Jeff Fenigstein – Woodruff Sawyer

Consistency is a must when you’re doing a complete company rebranding. This covers all your marketing collaterals and brand messaging across all your company’s digital channels.

In this short video, Vengreso’s Chief Sales Officer, Kurt Shaver, and Jeff Fenigstein, VP of Marketing and Sales Operations at Woodruff Sawyer remind all sales leaders about one thing that they might be missing when rebranding a business–complete and consistent LinkedIn profiles of ALL employees of the company.

Meena Siddiqi – Centurylink

Do you know how to level up your video marketing skills? Join Meena Siddiqi, a Corporate Relationship Manager for Centurylink, as she shares her amazing encounter from the recent Vengreso Selling with Video Workshop. David Goad, a Director of Training and Coaching for Vengreso, was part of the Selling with Video training team.

Did you know that 81% of customers today are looking at video content? Vengreso’s Selling with Video workshops help establish a successful way of engaging with clients. When asked about the training, Meena said, “It’s my first time, it was great and I had a lot of fun!”

Aashna Panchal – Centurylink

Do you want some tips on how to look professional on camera? Join Aashna Panchal, an Account Manager for Centurylink, as she shares all about her great experience from the recent Vengreso Selling with Video Workshop.

Video makes prospects feel like they know you, making them emotionally committed and more responsive. When asked about the training, Aashna said, “I’m super, super excited to use some of the skills that I’ve learned in class and bring it back to work.”

Jolynn Hauser – Centurylink

Does your sales team use video to break through today’s crowded selling environment? Join Jolynn Hauser, a Senior Marketing Manager for Centurylink, as she shares her amazing experience from the recent Vengreso Selling with Video Workshop.

Video makes prospects feel like they know you, making them emotionally committed and more responsive. According to Jolynn, “You guys did a great job and the group was great. They were so engaged.”

Jeff Fenigstein – Woodruff Sawyer

Do you want to know the Advantages of Building a Powerful LinkedIn Profile? Here are some LinkedIn makeover tips that will increase visibility, boost confidence, and help your salespeople look the best at what they do.

Jeff Fenigstein, Vice President for Sales and Marketing of Woodruff Sawyer, shares some feedback about the Vengreso LinkedIn Profile Makeover process with Kurt Shaver, Chief Sales Officer for Vengreso.

Kevin Connelly – Conversica

Do you know how to use LinkedIn to find clients? In this Vengreso Client Testimonial, Kevin Connelly, a Sales Manager at Conversica, explains what he learned in Vengreso’s Social Selling with LinkedIn Sales Navigator Training.

Watch the video to find out how to Identify prospective clients using the platform. Kevin also mentions the 3X3 approach to find content to share on LinkedIn.

Natasha Prusa – Conversica

Optimize your LinkedIn Profile to connect with more prospects AND increase your LinkedIn Social Selling Index Score.

During Vengreso’s Social Selling with LinkedIn Sales Navigator Workshop, Natasha Prusa, Sales Development Representative at Conversica, learned sales tips to optimize your LinkedIn Profile. Tune in to hear how you should be using content to grab the attention of your buyers

Charles Tannous – Conversica

Do you want to know how to get more LinkedIn Connections? In this Vengreso Testimonial you’ll hear from Charles Tannous, a Sales Manager at Conversica.

After taking Vengreso’s Social Selling with LinkedIn Workshop, he says his biggest takeaway is not to be normal and think outside of the box.

With the sales tips and tricks he learned at the two-day Social Selling training, he’s ready to get more LinkedIn Connections and use his LinkedIn marketing skills.

Sam Owen – Conversica

Are you using LinkedIn to build business relationships? In this Vengreso Testimonial with Sam Owen, Senior Sales Development Representative at Conversica, you’ll learn what types of content for sales you can share to close more deals.

Watch the clip for sales tips and to hear all about his experience in one of our recent two-day digital sales training workshops.

Randy Beiner – Conversica

Transform your sales team into social sellers and reach what Randy Beiner, Regional VP for Enterprise Sales at Conversica, calls the “next level of selling.”

In this Vengreso Client Testimonial, Randy talks about his experience in our Social Selling with LinkedIn Workshop. Watch the video to find out why he says it’s the best sales training he’s ever had!

The team at Conversica said that Vengreso’s two-day social selling training was insightful, actionable, and lit!

Mike Moore – CHG Meridian

Wondering how to get referrals on LinkedIn? In this Vengreso Client Testimonial video, Mike Moore, International Account Manager at CHG Meridian, talks about his experience in Vengreso’s half-day Selling with LinkedIn training program on how to leverage digital referrals with Mario Martinez, Jr.

Mike secured FIVE new opportunities as a result of Vengreso’s digital sales training program where he learned the steps to “the perfect digital referral.” Mario unveils the two-step digital referral process taught by Vengreso in this video.

Austin Jones – Workfront

Getting comfortable on camera is difficult for many people, sales professionals included. Before completing our video training program, Selling with Video, Austin Jones from Workfront said he was never comfortable creating videos – even after receiving training from others!

In this video, Austin explains how scripting his messaging really helped him to gain the confidence needed to create a video he’s amped to send. Watch the video to hear his conversation with Vengreso CEO Mario Martinez, Jr. to learn more about what Austin learned and to discover three nonverbal cues.

Kien Nguyen – CHG Meridian Account Manager

Do you know how to sell on LinkedIn?

Before going through Vengreso’s program Selling with LinkedIn, Kien Nguyen, a CHG Meridian Account Manager, said he was below average with his know-how of selling on LinkedIn. He learned so much that he says he’s now above average!

In this video, Kien tells Mario Martinez, Jr. what he learned about leveraging mutual connections to connect with prospects and sell on LinkedIn. They discuss tips about specific messaging, filters, and more for your LinkedIn outreach strategy.

Joe McClung – FloodGate Medical

A recent graduate of Vengreso’s Virtual Social Selling Boot Camp, FloodGate Medical powers talent acquisition with LinkedIn. FloodGate Medical is a talent acquisition leader that specializes in finding top-tier talent for medical technology companies.

Before completing the Boot Camp, they were already doing pretty well with their LinkedIn networking efforts. LinkedIn even ranked them #9 on their list of Top 25 Most Socially Engaged Staffing Agencies for 2017!

Watch this Vengreso client testimonial to hear from Joe McClung, President and Chief Commercial Officer at FloodGate Medical, about what he learned while already having experience with LinkedIn networking. He said, “Some of the foundations, that you would assume we would have nailed – we weren’t doing.”

Elizabeth Munoz – Vonage

Elizabeth Munoz, Senior Channel Solutions Consultant at Vonage, shares her learning experience from joining the Vengreso Digital Sales Training workshop at the AA-ISP Digital Sales World, San Francisco 2018.

In her Vengreso Client Testimonial, Elizabeth answers the question: What is the main takeaway you discovered by attending Vengreso’s Digital Sales Training, that every salesperson must do right now?Hear her answer at [2:21].

Cesar Viana Teague – Resonate

Building a powerful digital brand is not something you can do overnight. It’s a process that takes careful planning, establishing rapport, revisions, self-reflection, quality assurance, and more revisions.

In this client testimonial, Cesar Viana Teague, founder of Resonate, describes what the Vengreso LinkedIn Profile Transformation experience was like for him, what he initially hated about it, and why—now that he’s done—he wouldn’t have it any other way. — Want to create a powerful LinkedIn Profile like Cesar did?

Learn more about Vengreso’s Personal Branding Program by visiting this link

Jeremy Steinman – New York Jets

Driving sales excellence can be easier than you might think. It’s really all about knowing what tools and techniques to use in your sales efforts.

In this client testimonial, Jeremy Steinman of the New York Jets shares how he leveraged social selling and social video to connect with top executives while growing his network. For the record, Jeremy is a graduate of TWO Vengreso training programs – Digital Sales Video Training and Social Selling Virtual Boot Camp—and we couldn’t be more proud to hear about his success after training with us.

Michael Siteman –

Want to attract more buyers? Start by learning how to build a personal brand that people will want to connect with. In this episode, Vengreso client, Michael Siteman of describes how the Vengreso personal branding service was able to grow his connections 3 folds. The transformation also turned Michael’s regular, resume-like LinkedIn profile into a resource center for his prospective clients. This is the Vengreso model – to teach sales and marketers how to build your brand in such a way that it attracts not detracts.

What is Michael’s take away from this experience with Vengreso? What part of the LinkedIn profile makeover process impressed him the most? And what is his next step after this partnership? Tune in for the answers.

Charles Welde – Bloomington Edge

If you’ve been following Vengreso, then you may know that since June 2017, we’ve been offering an incredible Social Selling Virtual Boot camp where our founders help business professionals reach their buyers and grow their sales pipeline through a four-week live virtual training program. Many start out skeptical about social selling, and one of them is our guest for this episode – Charles Welde.

We wanted to find out from Charles, after becoming a Social Selling Boot Camp graduate, whether or not his views about social selling changed significantly? What made him decide to join the virtual training boot camp in the first place? And most importantly, would he recommend it to anyone?

Chris Orechia – New York Jets

In this Vengreso customer testimonial video, we’ll hear another sales success story that resulted from our Vengreso Digitals Sales Video Boot Camp program. Our guest Chris Orechia discusses how he test drove the Vengreso video training sales techniques to find sales leads every day. He’ll also share how these valuable sales prospecting tips and techniques are creating MORE conversations.

Christopher Orechia is the Manager, Premium Partnerships for the New York Jets. He shares his experience of both the before and after attending the Vengreso digital sales video training program. You’ll learn how he saw a significant difference in reaction by prospects to traditional prospecting techniques vs leveraging digital selling methods.

Steve Capozzi – Channel Marketing Executive

Success stories are always great for inspiration. We’re excited to introduce Steve Capozzi, a technology industry Channel Marketing Executive. Steve will be sharing 3 Sales and Marketing Alignment success stories with us, from the time when Vengreso CMO Bernie Borges helped Steve and the Fortune 500 company he was working for achieve its goals by providing digital marketing and sales solutions. We encourage you to take mental notes while watching this Vengreso customer testimonial video.

Brian Mulcrone – SF 49ers

There are different ways to start or close a deal, but have you tried using a Video for your sales success? To give his testimonial is Brian Mulcrone, a sales executive at the San Francisco 49ers. He attended a one-day Digital Sales Training program with Vengreso CEO, Mario Martinez Jr., and used what he learned to reconnect with a prospect who had been ‘cold’ for more than 2 months and also impressed a potential high-end client with a little bit of video marketing for sales prospecting. So how did Brian do it? How can a simple video open up these awesome opportunities? It’s best to hear it for yourself by watching this video.
We wanted to find out from Charles, after becoming a Social Selling Boot Camp graduate, whether or not his views about social selling changed significantly? What made him decide to join the virtual training boot camp in the first place? And most importantly, would he recommend it to anyone?

Hayley Di Naso – SF 49ers

Sales Excellence: Learning How to be a Better Salesperson can be hard. Vengreso CEO Mario Martinez Jr. interviews Hayley Di Naso of the SF 49ers after having gone through the Vengreso Digital Sales and Social Selling Training Program. She shares what she is now doing to be a successful sales person in today’s modern selling era! Here is the ultimate sales manifesto for becoming the greatest salesperson in the world by leveraging Digital Selling. How can you become good at sales? Get more Sales Training and Digital Sales Tips on Selling with Vengreso.

We wanted to find out from Charles, after becoming a Social Selling Boot Camp graduate, whether or not his views about social selling changed significantly? What made him decide to join the virtual training boot camp in the first place? And most importantly, would he recommend it to anyone?

Edwin Figueroa

Our CEO Mario Martinez Jr., caught up with a Vengreso client that we taught how to make a killer LinkedIn Profile, in Miami, FL. Edwin worked with Vengreso to help him with his personal branding as a job seeker and ordered the Platinum LinkedIn Profile Influencer package. Here is what Edwin had to say about the Vengreso personal branding team. Vengreso is happy to have helped Edwin sell himself as the product, be found and find the next great step in his career.