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Salespeople – Don’t Browse LinkedIn Anonymously


Are you tempted to sign out or change your settings to Anonymous when looking at other people’s profiles on LinkedIn? If you’ve completed a Vengreso LinkedIn Profile Makeover or you’re a salesperson, Mario Martinez Jr. says that’s one of the worst things that you can do! Here’s why you shouldn’t browse LinkedIn anonymously.

If you’re a salesperson, @m_3jr says viewing a #LinkedIn Profile anonymously is one of the worst things that you can do! Here’s why. @meaghanmae #LinkedInTips #SalesProspecting #DigitalSalesClick To Tweet

LinkedIn Sales Navigator recently updated their overall format and design. In that update, they also changed a critical setting. The default setting for viewing other people’s profiles on Sales Navigator is automatically set to Private.

The first time you looked at a LinkedIn profile after the update, you should have received a popup notifying you that you’re now viewing in private mode. It prompts you to change it, but it’s easy to dismiss these messages and not read into their meanings. If you ignored it, as is easy to do when you’re in the middle of prospecting, you’ll want to watch the video above to find out how to change it on LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

It’s important to keep in mind that the LinkedIn profile settings are different between LinkedIn Sales Navigator and the free version. Remember to change both!

Why It’s a Bad Idea to Browse LinkedIn Anonymously

There are three different visibility options on free LinkedIn or LinkedIn Premium. The public version shows your name and your LinkedIn headline; then you have two other options. You can select to display your industry and location or browse LinkedIn anonymously in private mode:

If you’re in charge of bringing in revenue, you should be visible! When someone sees your name, LinkedIn photo and headline pop up in their notifications as someone who’s viewed their profile, it piques their interest and creates more visibility for you.

Mario made an excellent point, “You wouldn’t wear a bag over your head and go into a networking event, so don’t do it on LinkedIn.” You’re essentially networking online when you use LinkedIn.

You should already be using LinkedIn to search for prospects in your industry – let them know that you’re looking, and maybe even take it a step further and connect with them. The only time you may want to browse LinkedIn anonymously is if you’re researching your competitors. Other than that, let people know who you are!

If you’re in charge of bringing in revenue, you should be visible! @Meaghanmae shares the different profile viewing settings on @LinkedIn's Sales Navigator. #LinkedInTips #DigitalSales #Sales @m_3jrClick To Tweet
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