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6 Gift Ideas for Sales Management to Celebrate Sales Wins


Similar to owning a business, sales management is a challenging, yet rewarding career. Celebrating your wins is a must, and we have a lot to celebrate coming off of a very successful year. In fact, so successful that we won a Gold Stevie Award for Sales Training Product of the Year for our 10 Steps to Launching a Digital Sales Program.

Commemorating your sales team’s wins not only serves as positive reinforcement, but it helps to boost morale too. How do you celebrate sales victories? Keep reading for my six corporate gifting ideas you can give to your salespeople in recognition of their successes.

Commemorating your #sales team's wins serves as positive reinforcement and boosts morale. Read on to discover 6 #GiftIdeas to give to your salespeople in recognition of their successes from @M_3Jr. #SalesLeadershipClick To Tweet

Sales Management – Give these Gifts to Recognize Your Sales People

In addition to a shout out post on social media or an internal email, you may want to recognize your salespeople for their wins with a gift. What better way to do that than with something that will help them in their sales career, and ultimately benefit the company too?

  1. Company Swag – There are plenty of useful items you can have imprinted with your logo. Think beyond tee-shirts and coffee mugs. What would your team enjoy?
  2. A Sales Book – If you have a favorite sales leader you quote, a book authored by them could be the perfect gift. Here’s a list of the best sales books I recommend.
  3. Motivational Sales Event Tickets – Tickets to an event that salespeople would enjoy featuring a figure like Gary Vee or Tony Robbins will provide them with new knowledge and a jolt of inspiration.
  4. Social Selling Training – Gifting Selling with LinkedIn training to your team or individuals is a great way to enable your team in their prospecting efforts on social media.
  5. Gift Certificates – Unlike cash, gift certificates can’t be spent on bills. It’s a great way to encourage your salespeople to relax and enjoy themselves.
  6. Luxurious Gifts – Sometimes, the best way to show appreciation and gratitude to your salespeople is by gifting them some elegant gifts such as holiday reservations or customized men’s tuxedo suits exceptionally crafted for them.
  7. LinkedIn Profile Makeover – Not only will a LinkedIn Profile Makeover build their personal brand, but it will bring more attention to the company too.
#SalesManagement Tip: Don't just settle for a social media shout out. Recognize your #salespeople for their wins w/ a gift! Vengreso CEO, @M_3Jr, shares 6 non-cash awards that your #sales team will truly appreciate.Click To Tweet

Are You Managing an Inspired Workforce?

Recognition is something that inspires your team to work better. It’s not only for positive reinforcement, but it also helps boost their confidence.

Is your sales team leveraging digital selling techniques to start more sales conversations? Learn why the Vengreso 10 Step Digital Sales Program won the Gold Stevie Award in the Sales Training Product category in 2019.

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