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[Video] How to find the best LinkedIn groups to join


Joining LinkedIn groups is one of the most important ways to expand your network and get noticed by decision-makers who might otherwise never come across your profile.

There are two distinct types of groups that I belong to. One set of groups contains prospects and the other is made up of peers.

This short video shows you how to figure out which #LinkedIn Groups you should join. Click To Tweet

As I write this post there are 65,263 LinkedIn groups directly related to marketing. There are also 30,433 related to sales.

Those are big numbers.

This short video (4:59) shows you how to not only whittle down those big numbers, but also how to dig deep into the demographics of any given group to help you decide whether it’s a good fit for your specific goals.

These are some great LinkedIn hacks that you can implement right away. Go ahead and share with anyone interested in leveraging their LinkedIn presence to generate more business.

If you found this video helpful and you’d like to see more, check out my Social Selling Quick Reference Cards. They combine the tips you need along with video explainers on how to execute.

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