In my humble opinion, a sales manager plays one of the most important roles in any company. Of all marketing and sales leadership roles, the sales manager is the one that wears the most hats.

Sales managers are responsible for overseeing the daily operations of sales, ensuring that sales quotas are achieved, setting ambitious sales targets, assigning sales territories, implementing effective training programs, resolving any customer complaints related to sales calls, and guiding and supervising sales representatives.

Sales managers are responsible for setting sales goals, and sales managers work coordinating training programs, conducting market research, overseeing regional and local, or national sales teams, managing an influx of sales reports, and ensuring that every seller in their team has the chance to grow in their career.

At the same time, they manage the company’s strategy to drive the projected growth rate.

And that’s not all… Whew…

To be a successful sales manager, you should possess leadership skills and the ability to inspire and support your team in achieving their best performance, while also handling other business administrative tasks.

Oh, don’t forget that the sales managers need to recruit too. Many sales managers do not have a recruiter who sources their job openings. Yep, they do it all themselves.

Wait, so why do sellers aspire to become sales managers?

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Reasons to Become a Sales Manager

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Because despite everything, we still aspire to have the dream job and accelerate our career to the next level and beyond!

We take pride in helping the organization’s sellers achieve greatness or the same level of success that we did. Because we love to develop sales strategies and communication skills that will take us to the next level and help the organization expand.

The position of sales manager undoubtedly presents a constant challenge that demands exceptional leadership skills. However, I strongly believe that this role is the most rewarding experience I have ever had.

This article will cover eight strategies to be an effective sales manager and help you make this job a little easier to manage.

The No. 1 Challenge for a Sales Manager

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Part of a sales manager’s work is to give your sales team confidence and keep sellers focused on their sales goals. You must manage your team correctly, so they don’t waste time on unnecessary and unproductive tasks. Instead, help them focus on new customers as well as growing their existing base. You must project sales and determine accurate quotas and sales goals.

The sales department relies on effective communication, and the ability to communicate clearly is a crucial task for the sales manager.

Communicating with the marketing department, writing emails, prospecting messages, LinkedIn connection requests, preparing sales quotes for the company’s products or services, and filling out data fields for company sales reports drains you and your team’s energy and reduces their time for high-priority assignments.

So what is the #1 complaint or challenge for sales managers – and really any member of the sales department?


Any time not spent on selling and meetings with customers is generally considered business administration time. And that’s not always considered a productive part of the job! Which is why thousands of sales managers have started leveraging a personal writing assistant.

FlyMSG is an award-winning personal writing assistant and text expander the sales managers and sales teams can use to increase their productivity, saving sales reps over 20+ hours per month. FlyMSG lets sales managers categorize, organize and store their best-performing sales content in the cloud and speed up their sales teams’ writing by using a library of pre-created sales templates for any occasion.

Using a feature-rich text editor, sales managers and their staffs can customize these templates, known as FlyPlates, according to their needs. What’s best, they can add shortcodes, shortcuts, or snippets, known as FlyCuts, to expand, augment or replace text automatically as you type.  At Vengreso, we call the message itself a FlyMSG.

To help your sales team type less and sell more, sign up for FlyMSG today and see how it works firsthand. It’s free!

The Sales Manager’s Impact on Sales Team Results

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Whether working as regional and local sales managers or national sales managers, they guide sales representatives toward success.

Many sales managers also know how to detect and resolve customer complaints along the way, thereby increasing the efficiency of their sales team members. This means having a clear understanding of customer preferences to determine the next best steps for their sales teams. They also need to prepare budgets and approve training.

A sales manager’s job should include establishing a solid sales process, choosing the right sales prospecting tools, overseeing the organization’s sales performance and providing feedback regularly.

If a sales manager doesn’t have enough time for all crucial team activities, reps will be lost and have no one to turn to. Their ability to communicate clearly will decrease, as will their results, thereby negatively impacting the profits of a company, and their overall productivity vs efficiency.

Let’s see numbers that give more insight into the importance of effective sales management.

What Statistics Show About Sales Management in 2022

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While many think of sales management as purely administrative, it can be pretty demanding and challenging. Let’s look into stats concerning sales managers.

To conclude, sales managers must recognize that automating sales processes and investing in technology is vital for success. For example, you can use AI to automate repetitive tasks or speed up your sales writing process. It frees up time for more in-depth customer interactions.

Let’s explore some of the biggest challenges for sales managers.

The Four Biggest Challenges for Sales Managers

Let’s discuss the most significant challenges that sales managers must face regarding sales and service, every day.

1. Finding and retaining top talent

Every sales team needs a core group of star players to be successful, but sales hiring and finding those top performers can be difficult. Sales managers need to hire and have managers who also work closely with people who can handle the pressure, the long hours, and the rejection.

2. Developing a winning sales strategy

Creating a winning strategy isn’t something a sales manager can do overnight – it’s a process that requires careful consideration and thorough research. The first step in developing a new sales strategy is to look at your company’s sales performance.

Sales managers must oversee regional and local engagement to know where they stand right now, and to identify areas where they need to improve. After obtaining a clear understanding of their current situation, a sales manager can begin devising a strategic plan. This plan should focus on optimizing the sales territories to better accommodate the preferences and inventory needs of both their existing and potential customers.

3. Measuring the team’s performance

To ensure sales managers are measuring their team’s results correctly, a sales performance measurement system must be created to identify the key performance indicators (KPI) to track. Remember, sales managers must track more than just sales metrics – retention, new customer acquisition, and average order value are all important KPIs. Tracking time spent on each sales case could also be useful when trying to maximize productivity.

4. Utilizing the right technology

Embracing technology can make the difference between success and failure for a sales manager, but it’s not always easy to choose solutions to implement. In order to enhance sales results and accurately track important sales data, employing an array of tools is vital. These encompass lead generation tools, sales automation tools, social selling platforms, and AI writing assistants.

How to Become an Effective Sales Manager

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As with every job, success does not come overnight. To become a great sales manager, you must go through many obstacles. To make it easier, we have compiled the best tips you can follow to increase your effectiveness.

1. Hire the Right People

A good sales manager understands that hiring is a critical part of establishing a strong sales culture, improving employee performance, and ensuring success in the long term.

2. Train Your Sales Team Continuously

Without training, your sales staff is like a car without brakes. It’s hard to keep them in check, and they’re prone to making mistakes, which can cost you sales. Investing in continuous corporate sales training keeps your sales staff ready to take advantage of any opportunities that arise and maximizes their sales potential.

If you are a business and looking for reliable sales training software, you can start with Vengreso. We provide high-quality educational content and training programs for sales, that have helped over 2,000 companies increase sales performance.

Check out our Modern sales mastery for teams and Modern sales mastery for individuals to help your sales reps prospect better and sell more.

3. Define Measurable Sales Objectives

Sales managers must define objectives to measure their team’s progress and to understand if they are successful. It will also be easier for all sales team members to work closely and define expectations clearly. If you are not reaching your sales objectives, that is a sign that you, as the sales manager, need to refine your sales methodology.

4. Hold Weekly Meetings to Stay on Track

Meetings with your top team members are vital to overseeing the sales process and understanding their overall performance. Discussing their work helps you notice if someone is lagging and helps you as a sales manager on how to support them. It’s also a good idea to recognize the performance of your good sales reps, and keep them motivated. Using employee recognition platforms is a great way to manage and reward your top employees’ performance. Consider complementing employee recognition platforms with thoughtful employee gratitude gifts as a tangible way to express appreciation and motivate top performers, fostering a positive and rewarding work environment.

5. Give Constant Feedback and Communicate Effectively

Aside from team meetings, sales managers should organize individual meetings with their sales reps. A sales manager must constantly give both positive and negative feedback to increase their team’s focus on sales efforts. Communicating with them before issues arise will induce trust and help avoid pitfalls.

Sales managers must make sure to set clear and convenient communication channels to be in touch with employees. Since mobile app development process is quite easy, consider investing in an app for internal communication to foster efficiency and productivity within your team.

6. Don’t Micromanage your Sales Reps

Sales managers should oversee. Overseeing does not mean you must follow every detail of someone’s work and waste your time. People do not like to be micromanaged and not given freedom; it puts too much pressure on them and is ineffective. It will also seem like you do not trust them.

7. Don’t be Afraid to Terminate Under-performing Employees

Measuring performance is there for a reason. If someone is not doing their best or is not the right fit for your company, a sales manager should not be afraid to fire them. Of course, it is always best to try to help reps and openly discuss problems to hear their perspectives. But sometimes a sales manager has to do what a sales manager has to do!

8. Find the Right Tools to Make Things Easier for Your Team

As a sales manager, it is imperative to stay ahead of the curve in order to thrive in a constantly evolving business landscape. You need to have strong customer relationship management with the right strategies to engage and retain your customers. The world is ever-changing, with products and services constantly evolving. Thus, remaining in tune with the latest trends and developments is absolutely crucial.

Technology is one of the most critical aspects, as it can provide you with the tools you need to optimize your sales process and reduce time-wasting and repetitive tasks.

One of the tools a sales manager can use for hiring the right talent is LinkedIn recruiter.

Another tool to increase their team’s efficiency and productivity is FlyMSG.

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How Sales Managers Increase Sales Team Productivity with FlyMSG

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Your sales team spends a lot of time writing emails, proposals, follow-up notes, and other sales collateral. It’s a necessary part of the job, but can be time-consuming and repetitive. That’s where FlyMSG comes in.

FlyMSG is a sales productivity tool that helps you decrease your time on sales writing and focus on other high-priority tasks. Instead of writing the same type of content from scratch, you can use FlyMSG to

  1. Create a centralized repository of your best-performing content in the cloud
  2. Customize pre-defined templates with a feature-rich text editor
  3. Expand your content automatically using shortcodes while writing

As a sales manager, FlyMSG can help you write faster, communicate more effectively, streamline your team’s productivity and spend less time on business administration tasks. It is available online for free, thanks to Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge extensions. You can also sign up for free on our website.

How does FlyMSG work?

  1. FlyCuts

FlyCuts are snippets you can add to your content to expand, augment or replace text as you type automatically. You can use pre-made FlyPlates from our library or create your own. You can also choose a default category or create custom categories to store your FlyCuts.

To create a new FlyCut, click the Add FlyCut orange button in the right corner. You can include the necessary information in a pop-up window.

  • You can choose the category to store your FlyCut
  • You can create a shortcode, for example, -salesprop
  • You can add a title or description
  • You can use the FlyMSG field and the Word-like content editor to write the message that will actually appear in your content after you add the shortcode (FlyCut)

What’s best, you can test your FlyCuts to see if they work properly in the Preview panel and choose Simple or Rich text preview.


  1. FlyPlates

FlyPlates are premium pre-made messaging templates available in Starter and Growth plans. Our sales experts created these templates with best practices in mind to help you increase your sales results.

The Starter plan costs $3.97/mo and includes up to 50 FlyPlates. The Growth plan costs $9.97/mo and includes unlimited FlyPlates.

A sales manager, you can use our sales FlyPlates for

  1. LinkedIn connection requests
  2. Prospecting messages
  3. Recommendations
  4. Referral messages
  5. Event triggering
  6. Upselling
  7. Welcome messages
  8. Cold outreach

Our FlyPlates will help you streamline the sales process, reduce guesswork, save time and effort and increase your sales team productivity.

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Key Takeaways for Sales Managers

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We briefly explained what a sales manager can do to analyze sales statistics and how they impact the sales team’s results. We also reviewed some critical sales statistics to show that sales managers recognize automation as a solution for increasing productivity and efficiency in sales techniques.

We also described the main challenges sales managers often face and provided eight tips you can follow if you want to become more effective in managing your sales team.

We finally explained what FlyMSG is and how a sales manager can use our digital writing assistant to optimize sales content creation and increase their team’s productivity, helping sales reps save 20+ hours per month and spend time on high-priority tasks.

To start typing less and selling more, create your free FlyMSG account today.

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