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101 Ways to Rock LinkedIn®

Written by Viveka von Rosen
Internationally known LinkedIn® Expert

101 ways to dominate LinkedIn.

101 Ways to Rock LinkedIn®

Use Your Personal Brand to Rock Your Business Goals

Packed with Tips & Tricks


Viveka von Rosen

Viveka von Rosen is a huge fan of social networking, and particularly LinkedIn. She started using LinkedIn in 2006 when she saw a presentation on the opportunities of Business Networking with LinkedIn.

Viveka is known internationally as the “LinkedIn Expert” and speaks to business owners, corporations, Legal Firms, and associations on the benefits of marketing with social media, and in particular LinkedIn.

Viveka has 32K+ followers and a network of over 42 million people on LinkedIn, and 80K+ followers on Twitter. Her seminars, webinars, and workshops have taught and trained well over 100,000 people.

What People Are Saying About This Book

Viveka von Rosen has done it again. She has the unique ability to simplify the complex.
A man in a suit and a blue shirt with a LinkedIn smile.
Ted Prodromou
Author of The Ultimate Guide on LinkedIn for Business
Viveka’s 101 tips book is BRILLIANT in its simplicity. She cuts right to the chase, yet delivers mission-critical insights that are sure to change the LinkedIn game for everyone who chooses to put her tips to work.
A woman smiling in a circle, rocking LinkedIn.
Catherine Byers Breet
Chief Stripe Changer, Career Accelerator, Speaker, Author, Talent Wrangler ARBEZ
Utilize their [Dayna & Viveka’s] suggestions and you’ll find yourself in a position to serve a lot more people and – as a result – become a lot more profitable!
A smiling man in a suit and tie showcasing LinkedIn expertise.
Bob Burg
Co-author of The Go-Giver and Author of Endless Referrals
101 Ways to Rock Your LinkedIn is a recipe for success for anyone who is serious about building their personal brand and growing their business. No one is more qualified to deliver expert advice than Viveka von Rosen. Anyone who follows Viveka’s plan will see great results.
A smiling man in glasses showcasing his professionalism on LinkedIn.
Bernie Borges
CCO and Co-founder at Vengreso, Host Modern Marketing Engine Podcast