Time is arguably our most valuable asset. To succeed in our busy world, it’s important to save time, be productive, and create more free time. This can be achieved by finding ways to do more in less time and minimizing distractions. Text expansion tools like FlyMSG can significantly boost your productivity, prioritize tasks, and save time and money.

If ways to save time sound interesting to you, let’s deep dive into how FlyMSG might become one of your favorite productivity apps!

But first…

What is an Auto Text Expander?

3d drawing of a person floating with a giant pen writing on a floating blog scroll paper to save time and moneyAn auto text expander can help you access and share frequently used phrases, links, blocks of text, or complete messages using simple shortcuts or keywords (called FlyCuts). This efficient process of text expansion eliminates the need for repetitive typing, enabling you to focus your energy on more critical tasks.

It can also greatly increase your typing speed and accuracy, while also reducing the need to manually enter repetitive information.

Text expansion tools can be incredibly useful for streamlining tasks and increasing productivity. By automating certain tasks, such as filling in common forms or templates, they can reduce the risk of errors and save businesses time and money.

Automated systems like FlyMSG will not only increase productivity, but also simplify life for employees, knowledge workers and professionals by enabling them to allocate their time efficiently towards their more critical responsibilities. This ultimately leads to better performance and significantly improves overall efficiency in the workplace.

Overall, text expansion tools are a valuable asset for any organization looking to optimize their operational efficiency and maximize profitability by saving time.

Invest in FlyMSG, and enjoy the ease and convenience of enhanced productivity today.

What Are Some Ways FlyMSG Can Help You Save Time?

There are numerous ways FLyMSG can help you save time. Let’s look at some of them.

Responses to LinkedIn Invitations

drawing of a computer monitor and keyboard to save time and money flymsgFlyMSG can help you save time by allowing you to “batch similar tasks”. How? Well, let’s say you jump into LinkedIn and you have 150 invitations to respond too. That might seem overwhelming, and a waste of your valuable time. But if someone invited you to connect, and they are a good prospect, you might be missing out on an opportunity.

Rather than ignoring your LinkedIn InMail inbox and letting that list grow, simply create a few replies focused on your buyer personas. Then, depending on which buyer persona bucket the individual falls into, you can simply type a few keystrokes and your whole message will appear. Write it once and share it many times. Suddenly your time-consuming task can be done in much less time!

We have a whole series of LinkedIn “FlyPlates” (templates) you can access with the FlyMSG Growth account. And if you want to learn more about the right ways of engaging on LinkedIn, you will want to check out our comprehensive LinkedIn Sales Navigator training On Demand trainings that are a part of our Sales Mastery for Individuals in our Sales Pro Plan.

Just Say NO Messages

3d drawing of a hand with a no gesture coming out of a megaphoneFor whatever reason, many of us have difficulty saying no. But if you have already crafted your “Just Say No” message, you can access anywhere on the cloud, send it and move on!

What do I mean by this?

Create a “canned” response to those unnecessary meetings: “Hey Name – thanks for the meeting invite. I think this can be better accomplished if you email me with your daily schedule and needs.” Just type “-nomeet” and the message will populate (once you create it.)

Avoiding lunch with an overly chatty colleague: “Hey – thanks for the invite – I’m trying to spend quality time in my lunches with my kids in my daily life. But I appreciate you!” Again, create the message once and apply the FlyCut “-nolunch” and you are good to go!

Successful people know how to say No! And now you can too!

Now you know that auto text expanders can help you save time and money.

But have you ever wondered HOW much time and money you are saving?

FlyMSG will show you exactly how!

3d drawing of a clock

How Does FlyMSG Calculate Time and Monetary Savings?

Assuming the user types ‘-bam’ to expand “Book A Meeting”, they have saved 10 characters. How? Well ‘-bam’ is 4 characters typed and “Book a Meeting” if typed manually is 14 characters typed (including spaces). So to get the net characters typed you would take the 14 and subtract the four pertaining to the FlyCut (aka shortcut) and you get 10 total characters that was typed for you.

Now let’s assume the user uses it 1,000 times in a month, that means the user has saved in typing 10,000 characters (1,000 times x 10 characters typed for them by FlyMSG).

Using the default WPM (words per minute) of 40, and assuming the average word length is 5, the user types 200 characters per minute (40 WPM x Average word length in characters of 5).

Time Saved = 10,000 characters / 200 characters per minute = 50 minutes (0.8hr) saved using the FlyCut for that month.

To calculate Cost Saved Using FlyMSG:

Assuming the average wage in USD is $31.65, daily working hours is 8 hours, and 20 working days in a month Total working hours = (8 hours x 20 days) = 160 hours = ($31.65 x 160 hours) = $5,064 average hourly wage earned for a knowledge worker.

Cost saved = Time saved / total working hours salary = 0.8 hrs./(160 hrs x $5.064) = $25.32 saved using that FlyCut in a month

How Can I See How Much Time I am Saving Using FlyMSG?

3d drawing of a pot of gold coins with a clock in front to save time and money with FlyMSGThe FlyMSG FlyBoard has a function that displays the number of characters you’ve saved from having to manually input them. This feature is an excellent tool for those who want to track the amount of time the FlyBoard has saved them in typing out long messages. And just so you know, these estimates are very conservative.

FlyMSG estimates that the average person types 80 words per minute. I don’t know about you, but I failed my typing class, and I am lucky to get 60 words per minute. Never mind all the time it takes me to FIX my typing/spelling errors.

By the way, FlyMSG offers another great advantage to its users. As long as your spelling is correct the first time you add a FlyMSG or customize a FlyPlate, it will always be correct! That alone is huge, because as much time as FlyMSG saves me in typing, it saves me even more time not having to correct my spelling errors! (PS- I just corrected 8 errors in this paragraph alone!)

The cost savings are calculated conservatively too. The average knowledge worker, people who would be using FlyMSG in the US, is $25 per hour. In Europe, it might be significantly more, and in other countries significantly less.

Now, a lot of the people using FlyMSG are Executives, salespeople and service professionals who are billing out more than $300/hr. So, imagine the savings you’d see if you are in the 6+ figure salary range!

Don’t assume that only lower-level employees are benefiting from FlyMSG. To the date of publishing this article, our CEO, Mario Martinez, Jr., has saved 282 hours and $8,900 dollars by using FlyCuts using the 90+ FlyCuts he has created since our inception. So, executives are definitely finding value in this tool.

What are Some Ways YOU Could Be Using FlyMSG Right Now?

arrows pointing in different directions to save time and money

So, what are some ways you could be using FlyMSG right now to increase productivity and save time?

Some common ways include:

Abbreviation expansion:

This allows you to set up abbreviations or FlyCuts that automatically expand into full phrases or sentences. For example, “-ty” could expand to “thank you.”

Boilerplate text:

This allows you to quickly insert frequently used blocks of text, such as a standard email signature or a frequently used paragraph. -VivVen might expand into: “Viveka von Rosen, CoFounder of Vengreso, Creator of the Auto Text Expansion and AI Writing Assistant tool, FlyMSG”

Form filling:

This allows you to quickly fill out forms or documents by inserting predefined information, such as your name and address. (Yay – I don’t have to remember our company’s physical address or our 1-800 number.)

URL expansion:

If you are always sharing the same link (calendar link, Zoom link, blog URL) use a FlyCut (short code) to quickly expand them. I use *Cal30 to share this message: “I’m really looking forward to connecting! To save time, simply click on my calendar link to find a time that works for you: www.VivCalender.com

I also use:

  • -vivzoom to share my zoom link and
  • -viv101 to share the link to my book.
  • -vivooo to quickly send my out of office message

These are just a few examples, and the specific features and capabilities of text expansion tools can vary depending on the software you use.

FlyMSG Auto Text Expander Use Cases

We actually have a bunch of different examples you can check out on our website. Just click here to see Use Cases for:

  • All Professionals,
  • Business Owners
  • Customer Service and Success
  • HR & Recruitment
  • Sales

And we are constantly adding more.

If you want access to ALL our templates, you can see them by downloading FlyMSG and access them with the Growth account.

Try It Out Before Downloading

3d drawing of a document icon with a plus sign to add to save timeI know how irritating it is to download an app, use it and then not like it.

We KNOW you’ll love FlyMSG, so we let you try it out first on our FlyMSG simulator – right on our home page.

You can test our FlyCuts for:

  • Schedule an Interview
  • Welcome New Hire
  • Customer Chat Response
  • Join Virtual Room
  • Schedule a Meeting

If you like it, you can get either the Edge Add-on or Chrome extension. Or both!

If you enjoy using the extension, you may want to check out the premium plans. Alternatively, you can upgrade your plan for free by sharing your FlyMSGs with your coworkers!

There’s nothing to lose, and all the time and savings to gain.

In Conclusion

3d drawing of a hand holding a light bulbFlyMSG allows you to type less and do more by helping you to communicate faster and smarter with customers, stakeholders, partners, and team members. With FlyMSG, you can easily eliminate the mundane task of copy and paste from your daily routine.

This not only minimizes your workload but also boosts your overall productivity, both personally and professionally. By simply using this tool, you can save an average of 20 hours each month.

That’s a significant amount of time that you can use to focus on other important tasks, and ultimately, achieve your goals. Say goodbye to tedious copy-pasting, and say hello to FlyMSG – your productivity hack.

That’s more time to focus on important tasks and achieve your goals without feeling overwhelmed. Say goodbye to wasted time and hello to increased efficiency with FlyMSG.

To see how much time you are saving, just check your FlyBoard.

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