Sub Processors

To support the delivery of Services, Vengreso may engage third-party services providers, referred to as Sub-processors. This page provides the name, purpose and location for each Sub-processor. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more information.

Entity Purpose Location
Amazon Web Services Hosting provider USA
Amplitude Product Analytics USA
Cloudflare Network Security USA
Facebook Pixel Facebook Marketing USA
Google Cloud Language Transcription & AI Functionality, etc. USA
Heap Analytics Product Analytics USA
HubSpot, Inc. Marketing & Support Services USA
Instancy, Inc. LMS Content Hosting Provider USA
IP Data Analytics USA
Microsoft Advertising Microsoft Bing Marketing USA
MongoDB Data Storage and Querying USA
OpenAI AI Functionality USA
Reditus Affiliate Marketing USA
Segment Product Analytics USA
Slack Support Services USA
Stripe Payment Processing USA
Twillio via Sengrid Messaging Notifications USA