As a business professional, you want to be efficient and productive and get things done quickly. However, having too many tasks on your plate with insufficient time during the day can become overwhelming! It is especially true if your job position includes written communication with clients, customers, or prospects. Moreover, research shows that over 33% of people said communication had become more challenging in the past 12 months. A writing assistant is one solution you can use to overcome this issue.

Writing assistants speed up your workday by automating specific tasks and freeing up your time for other work-related activities. They allow you to write quickly and efficiently without sacrificing content quality. Writing assistants let you focus on what matters the most – your results.

There are many writing assistants on the market, but we recommend you start using FlyMSG, our speed writing tool and automatic text expander that helps you write more in less time and feel more productive during your busy days.

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In this blog post, we’ll discuss how writing assistant tools help you manage your time more effectively, provide tips on choosing the right software for your needs and explain how FlyMSG saves time and lets you become more productive. Let’s start with some basics.

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What is an AI writing assistant?

close up of robot hand typing on a laptop

Regardless of your writing habits or job position, writing assistant software such as Grammarly and Hemingway editor can help you achieve your writing goals. The best writing apps and tools:

  • Help you create engaging sentences
  • Help you with proofreading
  • Let you check grammar, spelling, and punctuation
  • Provide suggestions to improve your writing
  • Evaluate the readability of your writing
  • Suggest the average sentence length
  • Ensure you clearly express your ideas
  • Integrate with Google Docs, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Office, and similar

Some writing assistants also offer features such as text-to-speech and translation, which can be helpful if you create for a global audience.

Our FlyMSG, as an advanced writing assistant, speeds up your writing by allowing you to add pre-made content templates (FlyPlates) or shortcuts (FlyCuts) to expand, augment or replace text automatically as you type.

You can use FlyMSG for various content items, such as customer feedback requests, proposals, job offers, recruiting messages, prospecting or any part of your sales process,  recommendations, LinkedIn connection requests, and often used links and resources.

Create your free account to see some examples.

You can even use your newfound writing skills to create better prompts for other AI tools. For example, Picsart can produce unique AI-generated graphics, but to get what you want, you need to write a great prompt.

Overall, a writing assistant saves your time, increases your productivity, and helps you improve the quality of your content.

Who should use a writing assistant software

man with glasses thinking sitting in front of a laptop

Anyone who writes a lot during the day can use a writing assistant. Here are some examples of professionals who benefit the most from these productivity tools:

  • Sales leaders and sales reps.
  • Marketers.
  • HR professionals and recruiters.
  • Customer service representatives.
  • Financial experts.
  • Business owners.
  • Customer success reps.
  • Entrepreneurs.
  • Students.
  • Faculty.

If you are still not convinced, let’s explore the key reasons to use digital writing assistants.

11 reasons to use a writing assistant in your writing process

chart with 11 reasons to use a writing assistantIn today’s business world, it’s difficult to be successful if you don’t communicate effectively. Your writing should be precise, clear, grammatically correct, understandable, and visually appealing.

It is where writing assistance software comes in as a great tool to help you:

  1. Increase writing speed.
  2. Automate repetitive writing tasks.
  3. Produce more content in a shorter time frame.
  4. Improve content quality.
  5. Improve grammar and spelling.
  6. Collaborate easier with others.
  7. Better organize your time.
  8. Optimize your writing process.
  9. Enhance writing style.
  10. Increase creativity and productivity.
  11. Reduce stress levels.

Now that you know all the benefits, let’s share some tips on choosing the best writing assistant for your business.

8 tips for choosing the best writing assistant software

hands over a laptop typingAs a busy professional, you know that time is precious. You may not have time to write every email, proposal and report from scratch, and that’s where a writing assistant comes in. But how do you choose the right digital writing assistant?

Here are some tips:

  1. Look for a tool with a low learning curve.
  2. Evaluate if it has a user-friendly interface.
  3. Ensure it’s compatible with apps you already use.
  4. Check if it has a wide range of templates you can adjust to your needs.
  5. Verify if it offers reliable customer support.
  6. Read reviews from other customers.
  7. Assess if it’s affordable and aligned with your budget.
  8. Discern your ability to create or customize content.

Following these tips and productivity hacks, you can find the perfect writing assistant tool to help speed up your day! Now let’s discuss the best writing assistants you can start using right now.

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What are the best writing assistants in 2024?

We conducted in-depth research to help you improve your day-to-day operations and choose the best writing assistant faster.

Let’s begin with our list.

1.   FlyMSG speed writing solution

Vengreso, the creator of Modern sales mastery for individuals, developed FlyMSG, an award-winning writing assistant and auto text expander that helps you increase your efficiency and productivity and save 20+ hours each month.

FlyMSG helps you store, categorize, and organize your most successful messages or snippets in the cloud, providing a centralized repository of your best-performing content.


You can use our premium templates, known as FlyPlates, created by industry experts to increase customer engagement and drive better outcomes. Some use cases include starting sales conversations, sales hiring, writing cold emails, or sales referrals, and you can adjust these templates to your needs.


Using FlyCuts – shortcodes that store your pre-written content or a chosen FlyPlate – you can automatically expand, enhance, or replace your text while writing.

FlyMSG integrations

You can use FlyMSG anywhere online as it integrates with popular third-party productivity apps such as Google Docs, MS Word, Slack, Gmail, social media, and LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

FlyMSG users

Business professionals such as sales leaders, HR experts, recruiters, customer service reps, customer success reps, marketers, students, and business owners use FlyMSG to maintain brand consistency and tonal uniformity.

Sign up for FlyMSG

With FlyMSG, manually searching, copying, and pasting messages all day becomes a thing of the past. Install the Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser add-on without additional cost, or sign up for free on our website to start using FlyMSG.

2.   Grammarly improves your writing skills

grammarly screenshot

Image source: G2

Grammarly is a free, easy-to-use grammar-checking tool. As one of the best grammar checkers, it helps you improve your writing by correcting grammatical errors and spelling, suggesting proper sentence structure, adjusting voice and tone, removing wordy phrases, and optimizing your overall writing. It also provides a plagiarism checker.

You can use the free plan with basic features or sign up for Grammarly Pro to access the advanced features. Grammarly offers a Chrome web extension and an app for iOS and Android devices.

3. writes instead of you screenshot

Image source: The Meta Blog is a cloud-based tool that automates copywriting. It is an artificial intelligence content generator that relies on open AI’s GPT-3. Based on your inputs, it automatically creates content such as follow-ups, job descriptions, thank you emails, cold emails, social media posts, ads, etc.

It’s a good option if you need to create short-form content since it lacks long-form content writing features. You can also set up the voice and tone and adjust the content to your writing style. It provides a free plan with a limited word count per month and a PRO plan whose pricing is calculated based on the number of words you use per month.

FlyMSG vs Grammarly vs Comparison table

Let’s make a short overview in the comparison table.


FlyMSG Grammarly
Ratings 4.3 out of 5 on G2 4.6 out of 5 on G2 4.9 out of 5 on G2
Purpose To increase productivity and efficiency, type less and complete more tasks To proofread and edit personal and business documents To increase engagement and conversion rates
Features Content repository in the cloud, premium templates (FlyPlates) and shortcodes (FlyCuts) for automatic text expanding Content scoring, proofreading, content editing, style guide and plagiarism checker AI content generation, short-form content, content templates
Users Business owners, customer service, customer support, sales, marketing, HR


English language learners, and non-native English-speaking professionals Freelance writers, marketers, and copywriters
Free plan Yes Yes Yes
Pricing $3.50 per month for the Starter plan and $8.50 per month for the Growth plan $12 per month for the Premium plan and $15 per month for the Business plan The pricing is based on the word count. The lowest plan starts at $49 per month

As you can see, each of these writing assistants has a different purpose. Since they are complementary, you can use all three tools to improve your writing process.

However, since we are discussing productivity and efficiency in this article, let’s focus on the FlyMSG and explain our speed writing tool in more detail.

How to use FlyMSG as a writing assistant

flymsg logo next to hands over a laptopFlyMSG helps you organize your thoughts and ideas and increase operational efficiency by reducing the time spent on manual, repetitive content writing tasks.

With our advanced features, with each message you write, you can:

  • Use plain and rich-text message editor
  • Add hyperlinks and maintain their format
  • Change the font size or font type
  • Embed images and video
  • Add inputs quickly
  • Format your text messages easily
  • Convert rich text messages into simple text formats
  • Autosave your content templates
  • Use in LinkedIn Sales Navigator engagement tool
  • Work in any web-based application

As you can see, any professional can use these features to write messages for maximum impact, but let’s focus on customer service representatives and HR experts.

7 ways to use FlyMSG as a customer service representative

Customer service representatives communicate frequently. It’s the central part of their job. The majority of messages they send repeat time after time. To speed up and automate the process, we included customer service FlyMSG FlyPlates in our template library and created the following categories:

  1. Apology
  2. Customer orders
  3. Feedback
  4. Follow-up
  5. New customer
  6. Refund
  7. Thank you emails

Wonder what these templates look like? Sign up for FlyMSG to access our FlyPlates library.

Examples of customer service FlyPlates

Here are some examples of pre-made FlyPlates that you can use within the customer service department. All you need to do is fill in the blanks and hit the send button.

Billing error

flymsg flyplate 1 billing error

Shipping status

flymsg flyplate 2 shipping status screen

Thank you feedback

flymsg flyplate 3 thank you feedback screen

Customer service follow-up

flymsg flyplate 4 customer service followup screenshot

Welcome note for a new customer

flymsg flyplate 5 welcome note for a new customer screen example

Refund template

flymsg flyplate 6 refund template

Thank you note

flymsg flyplate 7 thank you note

Let’s see how you can use FlyMSG if you work in the HR department.

6 ways you can use FlyMSG as an HR professional

This amazing tool is not used only in sales productivity or customer service. The human resource department is excellent for automating repetitive writing tasks. As with customer service, we created and divided HR FlyPlates into the following categories:

  1. Corrective actions.
  2. Documentation.
  3. Hiring.
  4. Offboarding.
  5. Onboarding.
  6. Recommendations.

Let’s explore some templates you can use as an HR professional in your daily work.

Examples of FlyPlates for HR departments

You can use FlyMSG as your writing assistant and reduce the time it takes to find, copy, paste or write messages with just a few short keystrokes. Check some FlyMSG HR FlyPlates examples below.

Employment termination message

flymsg flyplate hr1 employee termination message example

Pay increase

flymsg flyplate hr 2 payment increase example screen

Job offer

flymsg flyplate hr 3 job offer example screen

Contract termination message

flymsg flyplate hr 4 contact termination message

New employee welcome message

flymsg flyplate hr 5 new employee welcome message example

Letter of recommendation

flymsg flyplate hr 6 letter recommendation

The key reasons to choose FlyMSG as a writing assistant

To summarize everything we said about FlyMSG so far, here are the crucial reasons to start using our writing assistant in your everyday work:

  • For an affordable price, you’ll get a personal productivity tool.
  • You have the freedom to manage your content any way you like.
  • FlyMSG can cover any use case that comes to your mind.
  • You’ll start communicating faster and smarter using templates that work.
  • You’ll spend less time organizing and more time engaging with your audience.
  • You’ll achieve better outcomes following industry experts’ best practices.
  • You get your own personal writing assistant and style editor!

Finally, you will enjoy our dedicated customer support that’s at your disposal for any questions you might have.

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Writing assistants: Wrapping up

We explained how writing assistants save precious time by automating content writing and editing tasks.

We also presented three writing assistants for different purposes: FlyMSG, Grammarly, and Their complementary features help you perfect your written word while increasing productivity and efficiency.

Finally, we gave you more details about FlyMSG, explained what FlyCuts are, and how you can use our premium FlyPlates to save 20+ hours per month to spend on more critical tasks.

Start using FlyMSG for free to do more and type less.

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