The Modern Sales Mastery Show
Break Through Your Buyer’s Digitally Polluted World
Watch for this Webinar! 3 Appointment Setting Strategies That Will Rock Your World
Play Video about Watch for this Webinar! 3 Appointment Setting Strategies That Will Rock Your World

Knowing how to stand out in your B2B buyer’s digitally polluted inboxes to book more sales calls is the difference between President’s Club and no club.

Watch this webinar replay and learn from the industry’s leading experts on what’s cutting through the noise, how to properly leverage sales tools, and what you or your sales team can do to get more “hellos”!

During this 45-min strategy-rich webinar replay, you’ll explore:

This training is perfect for individual sellers, sales reps, and sales leaders who want a proven way to break through your buyers digitally polluted world and hit quota without the stress.

Meet Your Speakers

Priya Sachdev, Vengreso

Priya Sachdev

Chief Customer Officer, Vengreso

Mario Martinez, Jr., Vengreso

Mario Martinez, Jr.

CEO & Modern Sales Evangelist

Rashmi Viswanath

Rashmi Viswanath

Director of Growth,

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