The Modern Sales Mastery Show
How can your sales team break through to meet with the marketing executive buyer, win their confidence and become a trusted partner?
Watch this webinar! Enter the Mind of the Modern Executive Buyer
Play Video about Watch this webinar! Enter the Mind of the Modern Executive Buyer

How Does Your Sales Team Go from Prospective Vendor to Trusted Partner Status with the Marketing Executive Buyer?

If you’re a sales leader with solutions for marketing leaders this is an online event you won’t want to miss. You should watch this webinar if you are an:

We’ve assembled three Marketing Executives for a fireside-chat style webinar to respond to the most asked questions. 

Here’s a sample of the questions our marketing executive panelists have answered and discussed among each other.

Watching this webinar will give you the inside scoop on how your sales team can start a sales conversation with the marketing executive buyer and how to build long lasting relationships.

Meet Your Speakers

Rashmi Vittal

CMO, Conversica

Joe Schwartz

VP Corporate Marketing, Proofpoint

Paul Johns

CML, SAI Global

Mario Martinez, Jr., Vengreso

Mario Martinez, Jr.

CEO & Modern Sales Evangelist

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