7 Steps to Rolling Out a Successful LinkedIn Sales Navigator Program

VengresoDigital Selling 7 Steps to Rolling Out a Successful LinkedIn Sales Navigator Program

7 Steps to Rolling Out a Successful LinkedIn Sales Navigator Program

How Sales Leaders Need to Leverage LinkedIn Sales Navigator to Achieve Optimal ROI

Sales Navigator is arguably the most powerful sales tool available – but most teams are underutilizing it. We are seeing only about 20-30% adoption, on average, in our clients, and even many of the power users are not maximizing the incredible potential LinkedIn Sales Navigator offers.

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Here’s the 7-step process that I implement with my clients to optimize their corporate LinkedIn Sales Navigator Licenses and the ROI they need:

  1. Define your social selling goals and KPIs – if you don’t start here, everything else is random acts of social.
  2. Create tags that help to organize your leads through the sales process including “move lead to CRM”
  3. Perfect the search filters beyond title and location
  4. Align Sales Navigator with your current tools and methodology.
  5. Develop a playbook for your team with customizable templates and a daily activity checklist that includes:
    ☑ Finding and saving leads
    ☑ Engaging on Lead’s activity
    ☑ Leveraging TeamLink
    ☑ Leveraging your warm market for introductions
    ☑ Sharing meaningful content
    ☑ Tagging process
    ☑ Effective messaging for direct connection request
    ☑ Sending welcome messages New Connection process
    ☑ and beyond
  6.  Include PointDrive resources to make it easy for reps to leverage the tool to attract, teach, and engage their buyers.
  7. Train, measure, and reinforce via coaching around the KPIs set.
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LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a big investment with big expectations that the ROI will be significant. And, when the right program is in place, the ROI can far exceed even those high expectations. It’s up to the leadership to ensure that their team is not lost in random acts of social, but are armed with a daily sales activity plan and templates that align with your KPIs.

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Brynne Tillman

Questions about how to leverage LinkedIn or digital prospecting to grow your business? We got you covered. Connect with us here or shoot us an email to [email protected] and we will be happy to offer some guidance. Our mission at Vengreso is to help those responsible for revenue to create more sales conversations with more qualified buyers and increase your sales win rates through digital sales training. Check out some of our latest articles below.


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