How to Harness Content and Social Media to Drive Business Value

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How to Harness Content and Social Media to Drive Business Value

3M is mobilizing content and social media to tell their story across the globe and drive business value. A global company with over $30 billion in revenue and more than 89,000 employees across nearly 200 countries, 3M does way more than just “sticky notes.” In this episode, Carlos Abler, Leader of Content Marketing Strategy, and Christian Plewacki, Social Media Strategist, chatted with me about the thought process and “work in progress” state of social business at 3M.

A recent relaunch has repositioned 3M as the science company that it truly is. They have a new tone of voice and are now functioning more like publishers. Tune into this podcast to hear how 3M has recognized the need to develop relationships through content on digital channels and how you can do so at your organization.


On This Episode You’ll Discover:

  • The purpose of the Global eTransformation department where Carlos works at 3M.
  • How the social media arm that Christian works in is focused on increasing awareness of 3M on social.
  • Why Carlos says “the silos get sexier,” and how different departments need to work together.

Teams are evolving as “the silos get sexier.” @Carlos_Abler

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  • How social, content, e-commerce, and the other digital departments work together at 3M.
  • “The in-progress state of social business at 3M.”
  • How 3M has historically been very decentralized and the impact on their social business journey.
  • How 3M recently went through a rebrand to position themselves as more of the science-based tech company that they are.
  • How the rebrand brought on a new visual identity and tone of voice that is more attractive to the millennial audience.
  • How 3M is telling stories relevant to “Science. Applied to Life.” in an educational manner to add value.
  • How identifying employee advocates among 3M’s large employee base is a massive undertaking and what is involved once they are identified.
  • How 3M is focused on sharing content as a value-added service to become more customer centric.
  • How 3M plans to include user-generated content, customer partnerships, less corporate messaging; a true path to humanizing the brand.
  • How Christian explains the switch from speaking at, to speaking to the customer, and the need for better listening by brands.
  • Why Christian’s “one thing” is related to the importance of collaboration throughout.
  • Why brands must always remember that we work for the customer.

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Featured On This Episode:

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