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How to Create an Impact with Personalized Marketing and Sales Messaging


Are you ready to get personal with your prospects? 98% of marketers say that personalization is critical. So, why do only 12% think they’re doing it right?

Tim Riesterer, Chief Strategy Officer with Corporate Visions, Inc., teams up with Vengreso CMO, Bernie Borges in an upcoming webinar, sharing research that helps you “get personal.” Keep reading or watch the quick promo video below to learn more about the webinar on February 19th!

98% of marketers say that #personalization is critical. So, why do only 12% think they're doing it right? @BernieBorges & @Triesterer of @corpv team up to help you 'get personal.' Learn more here. #marketing #webinarClick To Tweet

Apply Personalized Marketing & Sales Messaging to Drive the Desired Response

Corporate Visions conducted studies to measure the impact of personalization. They found that by changing only one pronoun, you can increase the impact and response of your marketing and communications by double-digits!

Marketers want to get more personal with their marketing campaigns, websites, and landing pages, and salespeople are communicating face-to-face with prospects regularly. Talk about getting personal!

This webinar is for marketers and salespeople alike. Marketers who run account-based marketing (ABM) campaigns and create web pages to drive actions won’t want to miss this event. Salespeople will want to be there too so they can transform their words and be more effective in their sales conversations.

What you’ll discover during the webinar:

.@corpv found that by changing only one pronoun, you can increase the impact & response of your #marketing & communications by double-digits! Get all the details via @BernieBorges & @Triesterer. #sales #webinarClick To Tweet

Marketing and sales leaders – Are you ready to get personal and create a more significant impact when communicating with prospective buyers? Get the recording from our Getting Personal About Personalization Webinar held February 19th. What are you waiting for?! Get the recording now!


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