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4 Reasons Employee Advocacy is Easier for Millennials


Millennials post about everything. Personally, over the last year I have been trying to hold back from posting and “checking in” so much; reminding myself that just because the whole world doesn’t know I had a scallop taco from my favorite Mexican restaurant doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. I mean, how many times can I share a photo of the “same” meal?


4 Ways Millenials Strive at Employee Advocacy

There are four reasons why millenials are better at employee advocacy than older employees. Check out the list below.

1. We like to share, a lot

This ingrained mentality of wanting to share with our friends and followers is majorly advantageous to the businesses millennials work for. I enjoy my job at Vengreso. Therefore, I often share our content on my personal networks.

As a millennial, employee advocacy is a paradigm that makes sense to me and I have no qualms with sharing professional content on my personal profile – if it’s interesting and will appeal to my followers.

As a lifestyle blogger, many of my followers are bloggers, too. When I first came to Vengreso, I wasn’t sure how they would react to me sharing marketing content. But guess what? Social media marketing is obviously right up their alley and getting more traffic to their own blog content is the number one priority for many bloggers.

This may not be the same for all businesses. But, if someone likes their job, their other interests are probably aligned in some way.

2. Established with Social Media

Having started out on Facebook when it was only for students with .edu email addresses, our social media circles are already established.

Many of the baby boomers (the often not quite so tech-savvy) may have created their account more recently. And, if it was created for work purposes, it may be hard to establish a following.

It’s second nature for millennials to share their personal lives on their social media accounts, which only adds to their authenticity.

Baby boomers on the other hand, sometimes have an internal conflict with sharing too much, making their accounts often seem forced or too business-like by only sharing work-related content.

3. We speak millennial

With an average attention span of less than 10 seconds, millennials read about 24 words at a time. In order to capture our attention for longer spans of time content marketers need to keep this in mind.

As millennials, we subconsciously know this already and will create social media posts accordingly. As stated in my earlier blog, How to Attract Millennials with Your B2B Marketing, millennials are becoming the majority demographic in the business world so you need to be reaching us. What better way to reach us than through a millennial who already “speaks our language.”

4. Remote workforce

Ask your millennial employees to recognize each other’s achievements online. They will likely be happy to do it, and if the achievement is something they can link to – Bingo! Employee Advocacy.

Your employees build camaraderie organically and your links will be shared genuinely online. Since 92 percent of millennials want to work remotely at least one to two days a week, these virtual high fives will be more in demand.


Leverage Employee Advocacy and Content Marketing

Employee advocacy is a paradigm that companies need to embrace. Buyers want to do business person-to-person, and seeing your employees “in real life” on social media builds trust for them and your brand with a proper strategy.

Consider approaching your millennial employees first when starting out with an employee advocacy plan. They can help to provide the proof you need to get other employees on board.

Discover how to create the content strategy that generates sales leads.


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