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Finding Success in the Modern Sales World with Max Altschuler, Episode #6

The modern sales world is one that’s becoming more and more confusing simply because there are so many options available when it comes to software and tech. To help us sort it all out today I’m so excited to bring you a true expert when it comes to tech in sales. Max Altschuler is the CEO of Sales Hacker Inc, a rapidly growing sales event company focused on the future of B2B Sales. Max wrote the book Hacking Sales: The Playbook for Building a High Velocity Sales Machine. Aside from Sales Hacker, Max is also an angel investor, and an advisor to startups around the globe. Max and I chat about all things sales related including how sales has changed and what today’s sale leader needs to do in order to build relationships that turn into long-term clients.

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Max Altschuler
Max Altschuler

A growth mindset is essential to success in the modern sales world.

If you don’t recognize that you need to always be growing, you’re going to be left behind.. That’s because with things changing so rapidly you’ve GOT to be learning just to keep up, much less excel. Max Altschuler is a model of the kind of growth mindset sales leaders need these days in order to stay relevant and effective. Max shares his approach to fostering a growth mindset on this episode, so be sure you take some time to listen.

Will salespeople go the way of the dinosaurs because of tech?

There are many people out there who cry that the advent of technology in the sales arena will make salespeople unnecessary in time. While that’s entirely possible neither I nor my guest on this episode, Max Altschuler believe it’s going to happen that way. One of the things I enjoyed most about this conversation with Max was that he shared how sales leaders can use the technology many are afraid of to make themselves even more indispensable. It’s an amazing insight so be sure you take the time to hear it.

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The modern sales world would be wise to foster the development of millennials.

Max Altschuler has made it his mission – partly because he’s in the millennial demographic – to work hard to not only employ but also equip and utilize the millennial workforce to its greatest potential. He’s not one to write them off because he sees that as generations rise to adulthood, the work ethic and approach they have to employment is naturally going to change. In his mind, employers have the onus of responsibility to figure out how to build their company with the type of employees they have – including millennials. If you want to know how to better include millennials in your company, Max is the guy to listen to.

Every buyer has the same info as the salesperson. That’s the modern sales climate.

So what? You can sit and moan over the way things have changed or you can pivot with the changes and learn how to use what can further your sales career, such as modern selling. Max Altschuler believes that the information buyers have before even talking to a salesperson is an asset to be used, not a liability to be feared. You can hear why Max feels that way and what he does to make the most of sales by listening to this episode. I hope you do – Max is a very generous guy and shares a lot of great tips on this episode.

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Outline of This Episode

  • [1:31] My introduction of Max Altschuler, CEO of Sales Hacker.
  • [7:16] Why a growth mindset is critical for success.
  • [11:30] 3 secrets to ramping up revenue efficiently and effectively.
  • [14:20] Will salespeople eventually go away due to technology?
  • [17:40] Why Max has focused a lot on the Millennial workforce.
  • [25:10] Where should an organization focus to generate revenue in a world of tools?
  • [28:59] How the ease or product research today has impacted sales.
  • [35:25] One piece of advice for sales leaders in the digital era we live in.

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