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11 Writing Habits That Will Boost Your Productivity


As an entrepreneur, you know how demanding your schedule can be. Likely you spend most of your day reading and providing written responses to emails, texts, IM’s, LinkedIn Messages. Thus developing solid writing habits are critical for your productivity and success.

Between launching new products and services, marketing your business, communicating with clients, writing business documents, and managing daily operations, it’s no wonder every minute feels like a frantic race against the clock.

Many founders struggle to find enough time in their day to get everything done. It’s not just because they’re working on multiple projects or trying to tackle too many tasks simultaneously. The problem is that most entrepreneurs don’t have the proper habits to help them succeed.

Being an entrepreneur isn’t just about having great ideas or working hard. It’s also about developing good habits that will make you more productive, organized, and effective as a professional.

In today’s article, we will focus on developing a writing habit since writing tasks take up most of your day. We will share some tips that successful writers implement in their daily work during their writing career. Even if you’re not into novel writing, these productivity hacks are applicable and easy to include in your workflow.

We will also show how you can use FlyMSG, our autofill, writing assistant and automated text expander, to streamline your productivity, reduce writing time and save more than one hour daily. To see how FlyMSG works, create your free account.

Now, let’s dive into the topic and discuss the importance of forming writing habits.

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Why are Writing Habits Important?

mand and woman sitting at a desk working on their laptop as woman speaks on the phoneWriting habits also let you:

  1. Develop your writing skills
  2. Organize and structure thoughts
  3. Boost your creative thinking
  4. Communicate your ideas clearly
  5. Increase your discipline
  6. Boost self-confidence
  7. Finish your writing project faster

Writing habits can improve your communication skills. It makes it easier for you to communicate with others, especially when pitching your ideas or connecting with investors or other potential partners.

Pro tip: If you find yourself struggling with writing assignments, seeking professional assignment help can also be a valuable strategy to ensure your tasks are completed effectively and efficiently.

What are Some Bad Writing Habits?

Bad writing habits include any behavior that causes you to write poorly.

One example is being sloppy in your writing process. It includes skipping steps such as outlining, organizing, and editing. It could also involve using poor grammar or making spelling mistakes.

Another bad habit is not writing often enough. You need to be part of the conversation if you want people to pay attention to you and what you have to say. So if things are quiet around your business, start putting out more content and get people talking about what you do.

The bottom line is that the quality of your writing will suffer if you don’t take the time to do these tasks properly. Before you start writing, you must ensure you have a good writing routine and the time to devote to the process.

How Do You Develop Good Writing Habits?

view from above of man sitting in front of his laptop looking into screenGood writing habits combine the following

  • Committing to regular practice
  • Setting and enforcing a schedule
  • Finding ways to structure your workday
  • Using proper tools to speed up the process

Consistency is critical for any habit-building. Set and enforce a schedule for yourself. If you know you have an hour to write each day, make sure that time slot is reserved on your calendar as soon as possible.

Many people find it helpful to set reminders on their phones or computer when they have time blocks to dedicate to writing.

Lastly, find ways to structure your day so you can get in your writing sessions without feeling too rushed or overwhelmed.

11 Writing Habits to Increase Productivity

two laptops open sitting in front of eachother with hands typing on desk with mugsAre you ready to boost productivity and develop the most effective writing habits? Are you prepared to write as much as you want and tackle your goals quickly?

Are you ready to stop making excuses, procrastinating, and feeling stuck and finally get things done? If so, continue reading our list of 11 writing habits from the pros.

line drawing of a lightbulb1.   Keep a notebook to write your ideas

Good ideas come in the most unexpected moments, and notebooks help you write down any ideas that come to your mind. It gives you a place to jot down notes and brainstorm solutions. You can also use a notebook to organize your thoughts and keep track of your writing.

line drawing of a calendar and a clock2.   Create a writing schedule and be consistent

A writing schedule means you know when to write and stick to the same time every day. It helps you stay on track, even when things get busy. Make sure you never miss a writing session, even if it’s just for a few minutes a day.

line drawing of an arrow in a bullseye3.   Set a daily word count goal

You will never achieve your writing goals if you don’t practice every day. To become more efficient, set a daily word count goal and stick to it no matter what.

The limit can be as low as 250 words a day, but if you are consistent, you’ll see how your writing speed and the length of your content increase.

line drawing of a face with information flowing in4.   Read, research, and learn before writing

It’s tempting to go straight from your mind and heart to the page, but that’s not always a good idea. If you start with only one or two thoughts in your mind, you won’t be able to write well.

You need time to get inspiration, process ideas, and gather information. If you’re writing an essay, arrange your research into a narrative essay outline that will help you convey your original thoughts. Taking time to research, read and learn before writing will empower you to write better.

line drawing of a pencil on paper5.   Find a comfortable writing space

A comfortable writing environment is essential for producing quality work. Set up a space conducive to writing and avoid distractions like noise, clutter, and other people. If possible, write in silence or use headphones to block out external noise.

You can also invest in a larger desk, chair, or table if you need more space for your laptop. And keep your workspace well-lit with natural light to feel cozier.

line drawing of a smiling face6.   Only write when you’re in the mood

There’s nothing wrong with taking a break from writing when you’re not feeling inspired. Don’t be afraid to resist the urge to write when you’re too tired or distracted — it could lead to low-quality work.

line drawing of a checkmark in a gear7.   Edit content as you write

When you write, punctuation mistakes or misspellings happen here and there. That’s a regular thing. So, regardless of whether you are writing crypto press releases or a blog post, editing as you write is the best way to fix those mistakes. It’s easier to catch errors when you know what you’re looking for, and it makes sense to do as much of the work upfront as possible.

line drawing of 3 text boxes8.   Be open to feedback to improve your writing

You can continuously improve your work, and one of the most effective ways is to accept feedback from people you trust. You can identify issues and address them before your writing becomes public.

line drawing of two feet with shoes going for a walk9.   Go for a short walk when you’re stuck

Walking is one of the best ways to clear your mind and feel relaxed. Taking a short walk can significantly impact your well-being, as it helps reset your body and release stress. But that’s not all. Studies show that walking can improve your creativity by 60%, so don’t hesitate to have a brisk walk to overcome writer’s block.

line drawing of a frustrated person in front of a computer with a speaker a phone ringing in the back10.   Get rid of distractions

Distractions are one of the most common causes of poor concentration. They can keep your mind from focusing on work, leading to more mistakes.

The best way to combat distractions is to avoid them altogether. It means no social media, browsing over the internet, watching television, or answering emails or phone calls when writing. Alternatively, consider using productivity apps to stay focused during your writing sessions, such as time-tracking, which can help you manage your time and avoid distractions.

line drawing of a hand holding a pencil11.   Start using a writing assistant

A writing assistant helps you store and organize ideas, speed up your writing significantly, and ensure you use the right words to achieve your goals. Similarly, a blog writer assistant can accelerate your blog creation and improve the quality of your blog content.

Cloud-based assistants work online, so no complex installation process or hardware is needed. They help you automate repetitive tasks and save time for high-priority assignments. The best ones integrate with proofreading tools such as Grammarly to help you edit your content simultaneously.

One such solution is FlyMSG, our speed writing tool that helps you streamline productivity, decrease time spent on writing tasks, and save 20 hours per month.

Let’s explain FlyMSG, how it works and how to use it in your writing process.

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How FlyMSG Speeds Up Your Writing Process

flymsg logo over purpleIn previous sections, we shared valuable tips to increase your productivity and writing habits when preparing content, such as long-form blog posts, case studies, research papers, and other material that shows your expertise and helps you create brand awareness.

But how to increase productivity and improve writing habits when working on everyday writing tasks such as thank you emails, sending zoom meeting links, asking for a reference, sending meeting notes, and similar?

It is where FlyMSG comes in. Here’s why.

1.   FlyMSG Automates the Written Word

FlyMSG is a writing assistant and auto text expander with thousands of users. It consists of FlyCuts (shortcuts or shortcodes) and pre-made content templates created by industry professionals known as FlyPlates.

With FlyMSG, you get a centralized repository where you can store your best-performing messages and save them under specific shortcuts or FlyCuts. When writing online, you can include a shortcut to expand your content automatically with your pre-saved messages.

If you lack inspiration, you can borrow one of the 203 FlyPlates from our template library to drive remarkable business outcomes.

In each case, you can reduce the time drain from searching, copying, and pasting your messages, store them safely in the cloud and use them whenever and wherever you need them.

2.   FlyMSG is Available Anywhere and Anytime

No matter where you are, what device you work on, and what apps you use daily, you can access FlyMSG to write faster and create more effective messages. All you need to do is download our Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge extensions. FlyMSG integrates with Gmail, Slack, Google Docs, LinkedIn, and more.

3.   FlyMSG Covers Any Use Case

You can use FlyMSG for any purpose that comes to your mind or share valuable FlyPlates with your employees working in finance, customer service, marketing, sales, or human resources. Whether writing social media messages, LinkedIn connection requests, sales messages, and similar, we have you covered.

4.   Examples of FlyPlates

To better understand how FlyPlates work, look at some examples.

Cannot Attend a Meeting:

example of FlyMSG FlyPlates cannot attendWhen you get an invitation to a meeting you cannot attend, type -busymeet shortcut in your email, and the template above will show up. Fill in the necessary details, and you are ready to answer on the spot.

Meeting Invitation:

flymsg flyplate message exampleIf your job involves organizing meetings on different topics, informing everyone who should attend can be difficult, but not with FlyMSG. With just a few keystrokes, your message is ready for sending.


flymsg flyplate exampleProposing collaboration can be daunting. How should you form your email? What words to use? With FlyMSG, it’s enough to type in “-collab” in the body of your email, change details on the template, and hit send.

These are only a few examples, but with the rich library of FlyPlates and personal templates you can create with FlyMSG, you will be ready for any situation.

5. FlyMSG Helps You Streamline Personal Productivity

With FlyMSG, you can accomplish more in less time. It helps you save one hour daily by speeding up your writing process. By spending that hour each day on personal productivity habits, you can easily make a big difference over the long term.

6. FlyMSG Helps you Communicate More Effectively

Sometimes the writing process can take you too much time, even if you have only a few short messages to write.

You must find appropriate words and expressions, search for proven messages to copy and paste, and know good writing tricks to get to the point without wasting your recipients’ time.

FlyMSG changes the way you communicate. With a few keystrokes, you can access the best FlyPlates from your repository and effectively convey information to the people you need to contact.

7. FlyMSG Helps You Increase Engagement and Drive Better Outcomes

You probably heard about all those writing tips, such as using transition phrases, power words, and sensory words to make your writing more engaging and get straight into the clients’ hearts.

But when you sit down to write a message and have to work fast, you don’t have time to look for all those magic words. As a result, you write another bland email.

FlyMSG solves this problem by giving you a template library of ready-made messages that you can implement with a few keystrokes. All you have to do is change some details, and a message with all the appropriate words and convincing expressions will appear in your email.

8. FlyMSG has an Easy Signup Process

FlyMSg provides a free plan and two premium plans:

  1. Starter costs $3.97/mo and includes up to 50 FlyPlates.
  2. Growth costs $9.97/mo and includes unlimited FlyPlates.

You must create your free account on our official website and download the FlyMSG Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge extensions. For more information, visit our pricing page.

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Writing Habits: Wrapping up

woman smiling in front of laptopBoosting productivity is never easy, but with the proper habits and tools, you can reach your peak performance faster. You can achieve more with limited time and resources by integrating simple writing habits into your workday.

With FlyMSG, you can save dozens of precious hours each month, increase productivity, and communicate more effectively.

Out of all of the productivity apps our business productivity tool  – FlyMSG, will help you forget the hours you waste building, organizing, copying, and pasting email or message templates into your CRM, online forms, Google Sheets, LinkedIn, or any web-based application.

Create your free account today and harness the power of automation with a textexpander.

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