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How to Integrate Personalized Video Email into Digital Sales


On this episode, I’m joined by Ethan Beute, Vice President of Marketing at BombBomb Digital Video. A masterful communicator, and teacher, Ethan is all about connecting goals to strategies and tactics. During our conversation, he explains how to use video email in a digital sales strategy.

Face-to-Face Digital Selling

Ethan points out that digital has kept people apart and that we’ve been missing that face-to-face interaction. Video email enables users to create, share, and track simple videos for follow-ups. The videos can be shared via email, text, or social media; anywhere that you can share a link with one or many people. BombBomb has found that 81% of customers get more replies and responses to video emails than traditional text emails.

Ethan says most people are better at communication in person or on the phone than they are via email. Video email is a convenient way for both the recorder/sender and the receiver to communicate face to face. Senders can even see when the video is viewed through a tracking feature.

Some of the industries where BombBomb’s video email has proven to be highly effective in are real estate, mortgage, and automotive. Any industry where there is a consultative sale can use real estate videography effectively. Video builds trust and rapport with your prospects, and they feel like they know you when you meet in person, or even when you have a phone conversation.

Personalized Direct Video vs. Social Media Videos

Live videos shared through social media are great when trying to connect with a broad audience, but there are no options for targeting the message to specific individuals, other than through paid promotion. If you are looking to correspond with one person, a recorded video email is a great way to leverage digital communication while still humanizing the outreach.

Creating and editing videos using a free online YouTube video editor for a YouTube channel that answers FAQ’s the brand receives is a good way to warm up your prospects and answer their questions before they connect with you. The downside to publishing videos on YouTube is that you don’t know who has viewed them. However, using an email campaign to send a string of video emails using a service such as BombBomb allows for a stronger connection and closer look at the prospect’s stage in the buyer’s journey and builds credibility.

Those who are sharing email video on topics relevant to their industry are doing social selling even though they may not call it that. Video is the best form of communication according to Ethan because it’s you. All of the emojis and design aspects in the world are not going to add the sense of connection that video will.

Tips for Connecting through Video Email

When reaching out to a prospect for the first time, it can be an uphill battle. Here are a few ideas from Ethan when using email video through a service such as BombBomb:

  • Display a whiteboard with the recipient’s name on it to personalize your video message.
  • Use video as a way to conduct cold calling.
  • Click the LinkedIn button to share as a message or to your feed.
  • Reach out to people in your network to stay in touch.

Seeing yourself on a screen can be intimidating, but it’s more powerful than reading typed out text. To get comfortable with video, Ethan recommends to relax and start out by reaching out to people in a low threat environment such as peers and friends. Also, remember that people are more worried about what they look like than how you look when corresponding via video.

You shouldn’t expect your first few videos to be your best. He mentioned that “practice builds confidence, and confidence builds success.” It will take a bit of repetition, but don’t think it has to be a high polished marketing video. It’s all about being real and genuine. Stay focused on relationship building when recording videos. If you’re ready to get started with video email today, try out one of these three compelling approaches recommended by Ethan:

  1. Lead response and lead nurturing – Follow up with your leads and differentiate yourself from competitors.
  2. Bookending appointments – Confirm and thank them for the appointment, and then after the meeting thank them again and summarize key points that were discussed.
  3. Say thank you – Thank those who have helped you in your career. Our success is greatly influenced by others so make them feel good about you and your brand.

Ethan says a personalized video email is like a handwritten note. It shows your personality, and he actually recommends sending both. Tune into our conversation to hear more about how you can incorporate personalized video emails into your digital sales strategy.

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