How to Leverage LinkedIn for Content Marketing


I recently had the privilege of recording this podcast with Jason Miller on location at his office in San Francisco. Jason is the Global Content Leader at LinkedIn Marketing Solutions. You may recognize Jason as a repeat guest. On his first appearance on this podcast, Jason spoke about his eBook, The Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn.

Jason came to the (often boring) world of B2B marketing from the music industry, bringing his creative talents with him and applying them in a unique way. He’s made a name for himself by taking intelligent risks and embracing ideas that some may consider out of the norm. In this podcast, Jason reveals creative content marketing practices that work and how you can leverage LinkedIn Marketing Solutions to reach and engage your target audience. In the context of this podcast, Jason also reveals tips from his book, Welcome to the Funnel: Proven Tactics to Turn Your Social and Content Marketing up to 11.


On This Episode You’ll Discover:

  • What Jason’s book, Welcome to the Funnel: Proven Tactics to Turn Your Social and Content Marketing up to 11, will reveal to you about content marketing that works.
  • How Jason uses his background in the music industry to generate interesting content.
  • What Jason means when he says that top of the funnel content can make your brand “look cool.”
  • Why Jason says to take a B2C approach to B2B content marketing.
  • Why you should be connecting emotionally with buyers through your content marketing.
  • How to measure the feel-good effect of your content.
  • Why Jason saves all of the “nice notes” he receives.
  • What an A-Team content marketing team looks like, and how to create one.
  • How the rock-n-roll band Kiss represents a “dream team” analogous to content marketing.
  • What role the employee plays in the content marketing team.
  • Why it’s important for employees to share your company’s content.
  • Why Jason says LinkedIn’s Marketing Solutions Blog is so important for LinkedIn and for you.
  • How you can establish thought leadership by publishing articles on LinkedIn.
  • The powerful reach you can experience if your published article gets published on LinkedIn Pulse.
  • The metrics you should study on your LinkedIn company and Showcase pages.
  • Why the content advertising options on LinkedIn provide effective marketing reach and hyper targeting by title, job function, industry and more.
  • How to use LinkedIn Lead Accelerator to re-market to anonymous website visitors.
  • How you may be missing a huge audience segment if you’re not publishing content on Slideshare.
  • The best practices used by brands on Slideshare.
  • Why you should consider embedding a Youtube video in your Slideshare content.
  • Why all marketers should align their marketing plan with the options provided by LinkedIn Marketing Solutions.
  • Why Jason’s one thing is related to taking more intelligent risks in content marketing.


Featured On This Episode:

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