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How to Use Artificial Intelligence to Produce Content that Gets Results

Harness AI in your Content Marketing Strategy

Have you noticed the accelerated pace of artificial intelligence in the world? AI is everywhere. It powers your Facebook feed. Seventy-five percent of the movies watched on Netflix and one-third of product sales on Amazon are powered by AI. Voice activated devices such as iPhone Siri, Amazon Echo and Google Home are powered by AI. The medical industry is using AI to make better diagnoses.

Recently, I co-presented a webcast with online community expert Joe Cothrel of Lithium Technologies. We revealed how companies can deliver a more personalized online experience using AI powered personalization, predictive analytics and autonomous delivery of content recommendations resulting in a better customer experience.

90% of Content Doesn’t Work

In 2014, author, speaker, consultant and educator Mark Schaefer suggested that content marketing was not a sustainable strategy. He estimated that the supply of content available online would increase 500% in the next five years, far outweighing the demand users have for it. The result is what Schaefer coined as Content Shock.

The end result is that as much as 90% of the content produced by marketers doesn’t produce results. This is a painful reality for content marketers.

The answer to this conundrum isn’t to produce more content. And, it isn’t necessarily to produce less content either. The answer is to produce the right content that will get results. But, how?

Enter AI Powered Content Marketing

In our first Up Close podcast series, I teamed up with Brandon Andersen, Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Ceralytics, to deliver an educational audio series outlining a practical approach to producing content that gets results using AI.

This Up Close series is similar to a webcast. The difference is that we split it into 5 episodes (similar to chapters), each one under 15 minutes. Subscribers to our Social Business Engine podcast will get it delivered to their podcast player. We’re also making it available to everyone in one recording here. Here’s the breakdown of Series 1: How to Harness AI in Your Content Marketing Strategy.

Episode 1: The Role of AI in Content Marketing

We begin with a discussion of AI in content marketing. We define the purpose of AI in content marketing and describe the vision for the marketer to leverage AI to create content that delivers results by letting AI more effectively do the work that people have been doing manually.

Episode 2: Quality over Quantity Content 

In episode two we dispel the myth that content marketers must produce content in quantity. The goal of marketers is to produce results. We reveal the importance of understanding what works (quality) over misguided goals of quantity.

Episode 3: The Content Audit

In episode three we review the role of the content audit and why it’s so important in a successful content marketing strategy. We discuss the desired outcome of the content audit and how AI and Content moderation software can empower marketers to perform a content audit with great efficiency, even for brands with a high volume of content assets.

Episode 4: The Competitive Audit

In episode four we discuss the role of the competitive audit. This step is often overlooked in content marketing. We review the steps and the desired outcome of the competitive audit.

Episode 5: Harnessing AI to Create Content that Produces

In episode five we tie it altogether for the marketer with an action plan. To begin harnessing AI in your content strategy we provide four actionable steps using AI to create a content marketing strategy that will yield the results all marketers seek – more traffic and more leads. And, we explain how Ceralytics provides marketers AI powered content marketing technology to create intelligent content that yields results.

AI in Content Marketing is not Not Sci-Fi

As mentioned in the opening, AI is all around us including in marketing technology. U.S. retailer Target, famously predicted a teenage girl’s pregnancy in 2012, to the dismay of her father who didn’t know about her pregnancy.

I invite you to learn more about how you can use AI to produce content that creates more traffic and leads. When you access our 5 episode Up Close on demand podcast series, you’ll also receive the white paper What is Content Intelligence? from Ceralytics.

AI in content marketing is available today. Click here to access the audio and the white paper. You’ll be one step closer to understanding the reality of improving the results from your AI powered content marketing strategy.

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