Intent Data in B2B Sales, my friends, is like the secret sauce that makes your burger taste heavenly. It’s a game-changer!

Now imagine you’re selling to businesses but don’t have any idea about their buying intentions. That’s like shooting darts blindfolded and hoping for a bullseye.

The power of Intent Data in B2B Sales is akin to removing that blindfold. Suddenly, you can see where the dartboard is!

You’ve got all this valuable information about what your potential clients want and need before they even tell you. It’s almost like having psychic powers – minus the crystal ball!

Join me for this episode of The Modern Selling Podcast, with my guest for this week: NetLine’s own Chief Strategy Officer, David Fortino. He is responsible for the strategic direction and adoption of NetLine’s buyer engagement platform. He brings more than 15 years’ experience managing the development of buyer behavior, content distribution, audience monetization, and digital targeting platforms.

Decoding the Power of Intent Data in B2B Sales Strategies

The labyrinth of B2B sales is a tricky one to navigate, especially when you’re trying to understand web behavior at an anonymous level. Enter intent data – the knight in shining armor for account-based marketing (ABM) platforms that’s changing the game.

This isn’t just about knowing who ate your sandwich from the fridge; it’s about getting real-time transparency into what potential customers are doing inside those elusive target accounts. The plot thickens.

Uncovering the Power of Buyer Intent Data

So what exactly does ‘intent data’ mean? Picture this: You’ve got information on online activities pointing towards potential customers being interested or intending to buy your product or service. That’s intent data, my friend. It comes in two flavors: first-party and third-party.

First-party intent data: This is like homemade apple pie – straight out of interactions with your own digital assets such as website visits and email opens.
Third-Party intent data: More akin to store-bought cookies – insights provided by external vendors including rapidly growing Intentsify customer base and industry pioneer Bombora, giving us insight outside our owned channels. Taking advantage of Bombora’s data intent solution is particularly advisable if you are keen to both target and convert customers in a more precise and efficient way, rather than relying on a more scattergun approach that often fails to hit home.

Harnessing the Power of Intent Data by ABM Platforms

In today’s high-stakes world of ABM strategies, utilizing these delicious morsels called ‘Intent signals’ has become crucial. Think Batman using his utility belt; only instead we’re applying behavioral insights within these platforms which help us enhance buyer engagement throughout their buying-selling journey. Talk about power.

Navigating Through the After-Market Component Maze

An interesting twist here involves how effectively we use both types of delectable treats – first party & third party while cooking up our marketing strategy stew. If there’s a sudden surge around certain topics among key accounts, why not spice things up? Personalize messaging accordingly driving higher engagement rates sounds appetizing doesn’t it?

Decoding the Power of Intent Data in B2B Sales Strategies - Key Takeaway 1

Decoding the Power of Intent Data in B2B Sales Strategies

Enhance outreach, personalize messaging, and gain insights into buyer behavior.

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The Role of Intent Data in Personalizing Outreach

Imagine you’re a sales rep, and every potential customer is an onion. To get to the heart (or shall we say core), you have to peel back layers upon layers of data. That’s where our friend Intent Data comes into play.

The Magic Touch: How Intent Data Enhances Personalization

In this ever-evolving game called B2B sales, one thing remains constant – personalization reigns supreme. And nope, I’m not talking about monogrammed towels or customized coffee mugs; it’s all about tailoring your approach based on buyer behavior and a rapidly growing intent data customer base.

Intent Data, like that cool kid who always had the latest gadgets at school before anyone else did, allows us marketers to apply intent data with laser-like precision. It helps pinpoint specific topics relevant to your target accounts so that your messaging hits the bullseye every single time.

No more playing detective asking questions Sherlock Holmes already knows the answers to. With first-party intent data from interactions within each account up its sleeve, engaging buyers becomes as easy as pie…and who doesn’t love pie?

Your Secret Keeper: Privacy Features in Using Intent Data

We’ve all heard horror stories around third-party datasets making privacy concerns seem scarier than Friday night fright fests. But fear not, my friends, because when using Bombora, an industry pioneer in utilizing intent signals for personalized outreach – things are different.

You see, unlike those cookie monsters out there gobbling up users’ online activities without their knowledge (no pun intended), Bombora relies solely on first-party information collected directly from user interactions with digital properties under control. This way, they ensure compliance with various privacy regulations while respecting user rights – now

Importance of Content Consumption Behavior Analysis

Diving into the digital ocean, one realizes how critical it is to understand and analyze content consumption behavior in B2B sales. It’s like having a magic mirror that reveals your rapidly growing Intentsify customer base’s deepest desires.

The key here? Understanding their online waltz with your content. Are they doing a quick cha-cha or an intense tango?

Analyzing content consumption patterns

To master this dance floor called ‘intent data’, you need to keep tabs on different metrics – time spent per page, number of pages visited, frequency of visits; essentially all moves made by potential customers on your site.

If someone spends ample time reading about specific services or products, repeatedly visiting related blog posts – bingo. You’ve got yourself strong buyer intent signals right there.

Limitations in relying solely on webpage visits

A word of caution though: don’t get too carried away with just webpage visit analysis for understanding buyer engagement. After all, not everyone who walks into a store ends up buying something (sadly.). Similarly, several webpages might be viewed out of curiosity rather than serious interest.

This limitation can be overcome by using first-party data mart systems which collate third-party intent data as well. To gain a comprehensive understanding of consumer interests and enhance marketing strategies, businesses can leverage data brokers who collect and provide valuable third-party intent data to supplement their first-party data. This gives businesses more comprehensive insights about consumer interests, enhancing accuracy and enabling them to apply intent at scale across target accounts, thereby improving marketing strategy effectiveness significantly. Using Excel alternatives simplifies data analysis for businesses, improving marketing strategies by integrating both first-party and third-party data efficiently.

Incorporating an after-market component while analyzing helps, but remember: no single tool should ever replace traditional methods used for gauging customer inclination towards what you offer. So use these tools wisely; let them complement existing strategies instead of replacing old ones entirely.

Transparency Into Buyer Behavior And Real-Time Insights Delivery

The Call for Transparency in Analyzing Buyer Behavior

Knowing customers is not enough; it’s essential to comprehend their behaviors and motivations. To be precise, their actions and motivations are what we’re after here.

This is where intent data struts onto the stage. Intent data lets businesses peek into the lives of potential customers by tracking online activities and identifying those golden nuggets called ‘intent signals’. These tell-tale signs show interest or readiness to buy.

A product like ‘Intent’, crafted by none other than industry pioneer Bombora, gives a detailed rundown on target accounts. This first-party data mart gathers first-party intent data which includes juicy details such as individual web searches, content consumed, etc., delivering these insights straight into Salesforce via native companion apps. Check out how Bombora does this.

Real-time Insight Delivery: The Cherry On Top.

‘Intent’ doesn’t stop at providing transparency—it also offers real-time delivery of these insights. It’s akin to having GPS directions instead of wandering aimlessly hoping you’ll stumble upon treasure (or in our case—the sale).

This timely insight delivery allows sales teams to apply buyer intent knowledge instantly during interactions with potential clients. Picture this – an aftermarket component shows up on someone’s radar based on their web activity…and boom. A savvy rep swoops in with helpful suggestions before anyone else gets wind.

Beyond benefiting individual reps, real-time insight deliveries can revolutionize business owners’ approach towards improving buyer engagement across channels while reducing efforts wasted chasing uninterested prospects.

Decoding the Power of Intent Data in B2B Sales Strategies

Enhance outreach, personalize messaging, and gain insights into buyer behavior.

Gathering detailed buyer-level data can feel like trying to catch lightning in a bottle – it’s elusive and complex. The task involves dissecting various factors such as industry type, job function, company size, among others.

This mission becomes even trickier considering the rapidly growing intentsify customer base across different industries with varying roles within their organizations. It’s akin to finding Waldo on steroids.

Busting Misconceptions About Target Audience Demographics

  1. A common myth: Most research happens within the C-suite or executive lead team.
  2. Reality check from our annual report: The majority of research occurs outside these high-powered circles.
  3. Moral of the story? Don’t put all your eggs (or marketing strategies) in one basket targeting solely executives.

Decoding the Power of Intent Data in B2B Sales Strategies

Enhance outreach, personalize messaging, and gain insights into buyer behavior.

FAQs in Relation to intent Data in B2B Sales

What is intent data in B2B marketing?

Intent data in B2B marketing refers to the digital footprint left by potential buyers indicating their buying intentions. It helps businesses understand and predict customer behavior.

How do you use B2B intent data?

B2B intent data can be used to personalize outreach, enhance account-based marketing strategies, gain insights into buyer behavior, and deliver real-time insights for sales teams.

What is an example of intent data?

An example of intent data could be a user’s online activities such as website visits, content downloads, or social media interactions that indicate interest in a specific product or service.

Is intent data worth it?

Absolutely. Intent Data provides valuable insights into prospective customers’ behaviors and interests, which can significantly improve targeting accuracy and conversion rates in your sales strategy.


It’s the key to unlocking a treasure trove of insights about your potential clients.

You’ve learned that it’s not just about understanding behaviors, but also gaining transparency into buyers themselves. Real-time delivery of these insights can be a game-changer for sales strategies.

The power of personalizing outreach using tools like Intentive has been highlighted. Privacy and data protection are paramount, as we navigate an increasingly digital world.

We’ve delved into content consumption behavior analysis too – because merely visiting web pages isn’t enough! Deep dives and detailed analysis are crucial for effective marketing strategies.

Remember, setting up individual B2B buyer level data requires looking at multiple points rather than singular ones. And let’s not forget the tussle between marketing and sales teams over budget allocation!

If you’re ready to harness the transformative power of intent data in B2B sales to enhance productivity, consider exploring our platform Vengreso. We provide cutting-edge solutions designed specifically for knowledge workers like you who want more from their time and effort invested in business growth strategies. Join us today!

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