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Top Sales Strategies for Becoming a 1% Earner

Top earners in sales use top sales strategies to attain their success. In this Modern Selling Podcast episode will examine best approaches needed to become a 1% earner. By adopting these proven techniques, you can elevate your own skills and propel your team to new heights.

For this week’s episode, I am joined by Doug C. Brown, the CEO of CEO Sales Strategies and a Sales Revenue and Profit Growth Expert. He is the creator of the Top 1% Academy, where he trains on how to sell to buyers, whether they be CEOs, business owners, or entrepreneurs, and how to be in the top 1% of sales earners doing so. Doug has coached, consulted, and advised companies and thousands of people in business including Enterprise-Rent Car, Nationwide, Intuit, Proctor and Gamble, and CBS Television.

We will explore various aspects such as developing a winning mindset, consistently prospecting for new opportunities, and engaging in meaningful conversations with potential clients. Additionally, we will discuss how leveraging referrals can lead to higher-value deals and greater customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, understanding the traits that set top-performing salespeople apart from their peers is crucial when hiring or nurturing talent within your organization. Lastly, we’ll examine lessons gleaned from record-breaking achievements in sales to provide valuable insights on persistence and collaboration.

By incorporating these top sales strategies into your B2B Sales playbook, you’re setting yourself up for success as you work towards exceeding your company’s sales goals.

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Becoming a Top 1% Earner in Sales

Want to join the elite club of top 1% earners in sales? Here’s how:

Adopt a Winning Mindset As a Sales Strategy

Believe in yourself, set ambitious goals, and keep learning through sales coaching and training best practices, for a better sales mindset.

Consistently Prospect for New Opportunities

  • Use social media, industry events, email campaigns, cold calling, and referrals to find new prospects.
  • Track interactions with leads and schedule regular follow-ups.
  • Read our Definitive Prospecting Guide for sales management to grow pipeline.

Engage in Meaningful Conversations As a Sales Strategy

  1. Build trust by being genuine and empathetic.
  2. Practice active listening techniques.
  3. Avoid using confusing industry jargon.

By adhering to these tactics, you can maximize your potential for achieving maximum success in sales conversations. Remember, persistence and dedication are key.

The Power of Referrals For Top Sales Strategies

Want to close more deals? Focus on sales referrals from satisfied customers – they have higher close rates because they come from trusted sources who already see value in your product or service.

Dedicate Time to Engage with Existing Customers

Allocate time to nurture relationships with current clients through regular check-ins, providing valuable insights and resources, or simply showing appreciation for their business.

Ask for Warm Introductions As a Sales Strategy

Take the initiative and ask happy clients if they know anyone who might benefit from your products or services. Approach this conversation tactfully and emphasize that you’re looking out for their contacts’ best interests.

Pricing Referred Leads Higher

  • Better Qualification: Referred prospects often come pre-qualified since the person referring them has already identified a need within their network.
  • Faster Decision-Making Process: Since these prospects trust the person who referred them, they’re more likely to make a decision quickly.
  • Higher Close Rates: Referrals have higher close rates due to the trust factor involved in the process.

Consider pricing your offerings slightly higher for referred leads to reflect their increased value and incentivize existing clients to provide even more high-quality referrals in the future.

Traits of Top 1%-ers in Sales

Here are the traits you need: resilience, innovation, consistency, and adaptability.

Resilience: Bounce back from setbacks

Top salespeople don’t let rejection get them down; they learn from it and use it as fuel for future success.

Innovation: Think outside the box

The top salespeople are constantly searching for novel solutions to challenges and striving to stay one step ahead of their rivals.

Check out this article on sales innovation techniques you can implement today.

Catch here, the video for this Modern Selling Podcast episode with Doug C. Brown:

Consistency: Stick to daily routines, prioritize, and keep learning

  • Daily routines: Establishing habits helps maintain focus on key tasks that drive results.
  • Prioritization: Knowing which activities will yield the highest return allows top-performers to allocate their time and energy more effectively.
  • Continuous learning: The best salespeople are always looking for ways to improve.

Adaptability: Embrace change

Top sales professionals understand that staying stagnant can lead to missed opportunities and decreased performance.

Learn more about adapting to change in sales.

Emulate the success of top 1%-ers in sales by incorporating these traits into your approach.

Hiring Top Performers As a Top Sales Strategy

As a sales leader looking to recruit top-tier talent, how can you best identify potential candidates? Listen to the episode to get the best sales hiring tips.

Identifying Potential Candidates through Networking Events & Industry Connections

Expand your search beyond traditional job boards and recruitment agencies by attending industry conferences, networking events, and engaging with professional communities on LinkedIn.

Creating Room within Organizational Structures for Mavericks’ Personal Growth & Performance

  • Career development: Offer clear paths for growth based on achievements.
  • Mentorship programs: Encourage knowledge sharing and build strong relationships among team members.
  • Incentives: Design plans that reward exceptional performance.

Encouraging Innovation and Adaptability within the Sales Team

Provide ongoing training resources and create a sales culture that values innovation by encouraging team members to share new ideas, experiment with different effective selling techniques, and learn from both successes and failures.

Incorporate hiring strategies that comply with your HR audit checklist to draw in the best-of-the-best and ensure their commitment, leading to an elite sales team that can reach the peak of success.

Lessons from Record-Breaking Sales Achievements

Learn from those who have already achieved this level of success, like the salesperson who closed a $2.1 million software deal.

Persistence Pays Off for Top Sales Strategies

Don’t give up when faced with challenges or setbacks – push forward until you reach your goal. Salesforce shares tips on developing persistence skills.

Collaboration is Key

Work closely with experienced mentors and colleagues to draw upon their collective knowledge and expertise. Inc Magazine suggests ways to build strong professional networks for meaningful collaborations.

Leverage Existing Connections

  • Create value: Offer valuable insights or resources to your connections before asking for referrals or introductions.
  • Maintain regular contact: Stay in touch with your network to build trust and stay top of mind.
  • Show appreciation: Always thank those who help you or provide referrals.

Nurture your connections and provide value to others in your network to uncover new opportunities. Forbes Coaches Council offers additional tips on leveraging your network for business growth.

By incorporating these lessons into your sales methodology, you can join the elite 1% earners club in no time.

FAQs in Relation to Top Sales Strategies

What are the 4 most common sales strategies?

The four most common sales strategies are: (1) Solution selling, which addresses a customer’s specific needs and pain points; (2) Consultative selling, where the salesperson acts as an expert advisor to help customers make informed decisions; (3) Relationship selling, which prioritizes building long-term connections with clients for repeat business; and (4) Inbound selling, leveraging content marketing, link building and SEO to attract potential buyers.

What is the most effective sales strategy?

The most effective sales strategy varies depending on industry, target audience, and product or service offering, but a consultative approach that combines solution-based and relationship-focused tactics often leads to higher conversion rates and increased customer satisfaction.

What are the 5 selling strategies?

The five key selling strategies are: (1) Solution Selling – focusing on solving customer problems; (2) Consultative Selling – acting as an expert advisor for clients; (3) Relationship Selling – nurturing long-term connections with customers; (4) Inbound Selling – attracting prospects through valuable content marketing efforts; and (5) Cold Calling – proactively reaching out to potential clients via phone or email.

What are the three most commonly used sales strategies?

The three most commonly used sales strategies are: Solution Selling – addressing client-specific needs; Consultative Selling – providing expertise in guiding customer decisions; and Relationship Selling – fostering long-term connections for repeat business.


Want to become a top earner in sales? Adopt a winning mindset, consistently prospect for new opportunities, and engage in meaningful conversations.

Don’t underestimate the power of referrals – allocate time to engage with existing customers, ask satisfied clients for warm introductions, and price referred leads higher based on their perceived value.

Top performers are resilient under pressure, innovative when faced with obstacles, and consistent in their performance despite external factors.

Hiring top performers requires identifying potential candidates through networking events and industry connections, creating room for personal growth and performance, and encouraging innovation and adaptability within the sales team.

Learn from record-breaking sales achievements by persistently pursuing high-value deals and collaborating with experienced mentors or colleagues to leverage existing connections for new opportunities.

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