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Planning the Marketing Strategy for a Global Brand


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How would you plan the marketing strategy for a new global brand? What are some factors that marketing leaders should take into consideration when rolling out a new product?

That is the topic of conversation of this episode of the Modern Marketing Engine podcast, with my guest Armen Najarian.

Armen is the CMO at RSA Fraud & Risk Intelligence, which is part of the larger RSA Security, a 38-year old global brand. As his division expanded and with more revenue and customers around the globe, they decided to transform the Fraud & Risk Intelligence division into a stand-alone business.

As the CMO, Armen is responsible for creating and implementing the marketing strategy for this new business unit. Listen to the episode to learn how he did it and some key lessons you can implement in your own organization.


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Creating a Marketing Strategy

1. Assemble a Team

“I’m spending a lot of time on organizational design,” Armen says. “I’m working very closely with the HR leader for this business and really plotting up the next three years and the type of organization I need to assemble.”

What are the roles you need and what is the hiring priority? Listen to find out.

2. Develop the brand

“Second, I’m spending a lot of time thinking about the brand, knowing that we are moving from a product portfolio within the broader RSA family into a more independent business with its own identity. How we describe that business, what we call it, how the product is positioned.”

Armen and his team decided to create a new name while taking advantage of the history of its parent company.

However, the buyer persona of the new company is different from the persona of RSA Security, which created new challenges. To navigate the complexities of rebranding a global company, Armen hired an external agency to help create a new website and sales collateral pieces.

3. Content Strategy

“We have a product called Fraud Action, and that is our risk intelligence team,” he says. “So this is actually the team that investigates the dark web, goes deep undercover and understands the organized crime organizations around the world, uncovering very important and interesting insights. So we take those insights and we actually package those up as services.”

This primary research is the fuel for great thought leadership, so they publish Quarterly Trends Reports from the insights, blog posts and a podcast.

“Every CMO should have a content strategy. We have 3 or 4 anchor pieces that are evergreen, that we are always refreshing, always publishing, and our Director of Content Strategy is largely accountable and responsible for keeping that pipeline of great content flowing.”

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Listen to the whole episode to learn about the challenges Armen has faced during this transformation, including organizational challenges, managing finite resources, prioritizing areas of focus and issues with having a global presence (language and privacy issues).


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