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Raise Your Social Selling Index (SSI) Score (Part 1 of 4)

Last July 2015, I wrote a blog post titled “EXTRA! EXTRA!  GET YOUR LINKEDIN SSI Score.”  Fast-forward one year and the main question coming from sales representatives and leaders to me as a Social Selling Trainer, is “how do I raise my LinkedIn Social Selling Index Score (SSI)?”  In this VLOG series, I will take you through the four components which make up your SSI and discuss how you can increase your score within each of those four parts.

Many wonder though – How did LinkedIn come up with the metrics which govern the SSI?  Interestingly the SSI was developed as a direct result of a study completed with over 4,000 B2B sales reps from Q4 2014 (later updated in 2015).  In the study, LinkedIn asked respondents how they performed against Q3 quota targets.  They then came up with a list of all of the top performing reps and reviewed what each top performing respondents LinkedIn activity and engagement looked like.  Subsequently, LinkedIn developed the SSI based upon the top performing players trends, activities and engagement.  In my opinion, this was a very methodical and theoretical  approach to mimicking top performing behavior.  And yes I do wholeheartedly support the SSI formula and methodology.  I have personally witnessed a direct correlation between top performers and top SSI earners.

In this first part (1 of 4) – we will cover – “Establish your professional brand” and how to increase this portion of your score. Each of the four parts receives 25 points to make up a full 100 points.  LinkedIn will say anyone with a 70 and above is doing good.  However, trainee’s from my program are doing “good” if they achieve 80 points and above.  Listen in as I describe the four things you can do to raise this portion of your score – Establish your professional brand.  This part is an area in which you could easily achieve 25/25 points too!

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By Mario Martinez Jr.

Mario is the CEO and Founder of Vengreso. He spent 85 consecutive quarters in B2B Sales and Leadership. He is one of 20 sales influencers invited to appear in the documentary film “The Story of Sales” launched in 2018.  He was also named 2019’s Top 10 Sales Influencers by The Modern Sales Magazine, 2018’s Top 25 Most Influential Inside Sales Professional and Selling Power Magazine’s 2018 Top Sales Training and Coaching Consultant.  Mario is the host of the popular The Modern Selling Podcast.

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