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All LinkedIn Activities Are Public to Your Connections

Did you know that there are virtually no secrets on LinkedIn? Almost all your LinkedIn Activities are connected to your personal brand. Everything you post, like or comment on LinkedIn® is broadcast to your network.

Specifically, did you know that all your LinkedIn® activity, virtually everything you like or comment on LinkedIn®, is broadcast to your first-degree connections and is published on your profile for all first and second-degree folks to see? Most people don’t realize this, and it is potentially costing them business.

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Your LinkedIn Activity is Public Information

Here’s a recent example.

I knew that I would be seeing a connection of mine at an event where I was speaking. I did a search on his LinkedIn profile to catch up to date with what he’s been up to. To my surprise, the search results on his posts showed that seven of the top ten “liked” posts in his activity feed were of scantily-clad women.

I thought one of two things might be true:

  1. Either his LinkedIn account had been hacked, or
  2. He was a bit of a pervert.

Because I deliver social selling training and coaching, I actually thought there might be a third reason. He had no idea that everyone who is a first or second-degree connection could see all of his LinkedIn activity in their search results.

So, before I met with this person, I let him know what I saw on his profile, and the impression it made.

I got back a one-word response from him: “Oh!!!”

When we got together in person I learned that he has a connection who owns a woman’s lingerie company. He wanted to help support this friend by liking all her LinkedIn posts.

He admitted that he didn’t read them. He was simply doing what he hoped others would do for him by commenting and showing support for her work.

Great intention! Except he had no idea that all these “likes” showed up on his LinkedIn profile – with thumbnail pictures from those posts. To say that would be inappropriate for his job and his organization would be an understatement.

He immediately went back once I showed him, and he unliked those posts, so they would no longer appear on his LinkedIn activity.

Like him, your customers, prospects, peers, colleagues and competitors might be looking at your LinkedIn profile before they meet and connect with you. What are you showing?

While I knew my connection wasn’t really a pervert, others may not know the same story I do. People tend to make quick judgments about others by simply looking at their LinkedIn profile, just as they will evaluate you based on what they find on your own LinkedIn profile.

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Risk of Political Comments on Your LinkedIn Activity

Another one of my LinkedIn contacts is constantly posting political comments. While it seems like he’s getting a lot of attention, with many posts getting hundreds of comments and over 1000 likes, he’s also facing some backlash from people who are urging him to steer clear of politics on LinkedIn. They’re suggesting that he should share that kind of content on Facebook instead.

Furthermore, several people have expressed their unwillingness to engage in business with any company associated with him or supported by him.

Never mind the numerous individuals who may not voice their thoughts but will silently shift their business elsewhere because they don’t want their image aligned with his brand.

Are either of these ways of using LinkedIn beneficial to your business? Do they make you more sales? Do you want your employees to be seen as perverts or as cutting out half of your available audience?

An Example of the Correct Type of Activity on LinkedIn

Mario's LinkedIn Activity

When you click on “See all activity”, you will be taken to a page showcasing my past LinkedIn activity. This page categorizes my activity into different sections, such as Posts, Comments, Videos, Images, and More (which includes Articles, Events, and Reactions). nPeople can access my articles on sales, the posts I have shared about events, and the content for sales leaders.

They will also be able to witness the discussions and interactions I have had with other professionals present in my network.

LinkedIn Activity Screenshoty

These are in line with my brand as an expert in sales, branding and LinkedIn, and do not give anyone a reason to question whether or not I will damage their brand if they choose to work with me.

This is what your profile can look like once you realize there are no secrets on LinkedIn, that all the activity you do is visible by first and second-degree connections.

I am not telling you to never like another post on LinkedIn. In fact, I am suggesting that you purposely, intentionally and with a strategic vision, think about everything you do on LinkedIn.

All your LinkedIn activity should align with why you do what you do, and who you do it for. Understand that if it can be misconstrued, it will be. If you’re not sure, don’t post it, don’t comment on it, and don’t like it.

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5 Rules of Engagement for Your Activities

an orange pool ball with the number 5

Before you write or click “like”, think about these 5 things:

  1. Is this someone I want every one of my contacts to think I endorse?
  2. Is it obvious why I thought this was of interest to all my network?
  3. Does this reflect my business interests?
  4. If someone were to take a screenshot of this, would I want it to be on the big screen in the boardroom?
  5. Is it possible someone could misconstrue this post and thus choose not to do business with me or my company because of it?

Common Questions

We often get these common questions – so here are the answers!

What Should I Post on LinkedIn?

So now that you know what you shouldn’t do on LinkedIn, here are some tips on what you can do! (And for more information on best engagement techniques, make sure to check out our Modern Sales Mastery Sales Pro program.)

To ensure that your LinkedIn posts are effective in engaging professionals and companies and highlighting your awesomeness, follow these valuable tips to create relevant and compelling content that also helps establish your credibility.

1. Publish Your Insights: Create updates that link to relevant blog posts you’ve written. These should offer valuable insights and solutions to common challenges faced by your client base or within your industry.

2. Highlight Business Achievements: Use your Company Page to share updates about your company’s achievements, milestones, or new product launches. This will not only keep your followers informed but also demonstrate your company’s status and growth.

3. Showcase Client Success Stories: Share success stories and case studies of satisfied clients. Highlight the challenges they faced, the solutions you provided, and the results achieved. This social proof can be a powerful tool in attracting new clients.

4. Provide Tips and Best Practices: Write posts that offer useful tips, best practices, and actionable advice. Address common pain points of your target prospects and show how your expertise can help them overcome those challenges.

5. Engage with Your Network: Encourage discussions and engagement by asking thought-provoking questions in your posts. Respond to comments and messages promptly to foster a sense of community and build relationships.

6. Use Visual Content: Don’t limit yourself to creating just text posts. Include eye-catching visuals such as infographics, images, or short videos to make your posts more appealing and shareable.

7. Celebrate Employee Success: Recognize your employees’ accomplishments each week and share them on your Company Page. This not only boosts employee morale but also showcases your company’s positive work culture.

8. Share Industry News and Trends: Stay up-to-date with the latest news and trends in your industry. Share your thoughts on relevant topics to position yourself as an industry thought leader.

9. Promote Webinars and Events: If you are hosting webinars or events, use LinkedIn to promote them. This can increase attendance and visibility while providing valuable content to your followers.

10. Be Consistent and Timely: Post regularly to keep your followers engaged. Set a schedule for posting and stick to it. Additionally, stay current with trending topics and events to maximize the relevance of your future content.

11. Use Relevant Hasgtags: in this article, The Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn Hashtags and Growing Your Followers, you will learn how to increase your visibility on the platform, but also ensure your doing so in a way that’s appropriate and professional.

By following these tips and incorporating the mentioned keywords, you can create compelling LinkedIn activity that resonates with professionals, demonstrates your expertise, and helps your business stand out in the market.

For more LinkedIn tips, check out 23 LinkedIn Tips & Tricks That Will Rock Your World. This article provides various tips and tricks for using LinkedIn effectively, which could be beneficial for users who want to ensure their LinkedIn activities align with their professional brand.

Can I See My Activity Without an Account?

Yes. LinkedIn has something called a “public profile” which can be viewed whether you (or anyone else) is signed in or not. This is true for both LinkedIn Premium and Freemium accounts.

Public profile editing view

To adjust what people see on their public profile, follow these steps:

1. Profile Avatar: To manage your profile avatar, go to your LinkedIn profile and click on the “Edit public profile & URL” pen.

2. Text and Content: To control the visibility of text and content on your public profile, navigate to the “Edit public profile & URL” section. Click on the pencil icon next to each section (e.g., About, Experience, Education) to adjust the visibility settings. You can choose to show or hide specific sections or individual details.

5. Contact Information: To manage your contact information visibility, click on “Settings & Privacy” in the dropdown menu under your profile photo on the top right. Under the “Visibility” section, you can control who can see your contact information and other profile details.

By customizing your public profile settings, you can present a professional and relevant profile with some control as to what the public can see.

Concluding Thoughts

5 people gathered around a table looking down at graphs and various documents

It’s crucial to recognize that all your activities on LinkedIn are public, and virtually nothing remains hidden, including potential employers, clients, peers, and competitors. Your LinkedIn profile is a reflection of your personal brand and can significantly impact your professional reputation.

Therefore, it is essential to be mindful of what you post, like, or comment on the platform. Ensure that your activity aligns with your professional goals, values, and brand. Use the platform strategically to share valuable insights, celebrate achievements, showcase client success stories, and engage effectively. Keeping abreast of digital PR statistics can further enhance your LinkedIn strategy and overall online presence.

Social media etiquette is a real thing! Make sure to check out 4 Ways to Master Your Sales Etiquette on Social Media. While this article focuses on sales etiquette across various social media platforms, it could still be relevant for LinkedIn users who want to ensure their activities on the platform are professional and appropriate.

Remember that consistency, relevancy, and professionalism are key to building a strong presence on LinkedIn and making a positive impression.

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