Content Marketing on LinkedIn
Bernie Borges

LinkedIn 8 Content Marketing Tips

If you’re not signing into LinkedIn several times a week, you’re missing out on networking. If you’re a job seeker you should sign in every day to network and check the job listings. If you are invisible digitally, you don’t exist. LinkedIn gives you a powerful digital presence. You can create meaningful content to tell your story 24/7 on LinkedIn.

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Back view of businessman looking at buildings - b2b content marketing
Mario Martinez Jr.

B2B Content Marketing for SMB Business

B2B marketers must ask themselves, how do their websites perform in searches pertaining to their niche? Many B2B websites are just a “blow-horn” for their products and services with no meaningful calls to action, or limited opportunity to engage (if any). The reality is most B2B prospects want to get to know a business before they call them or fill out a form.

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