The 4 Digital Lead Nurturing Steps That Work Sales Magic, with Charlene Li, Episode #65

The 4 Digital Lead Nurturing Steps That Work Sales Magic, with Charlene Li, Episode #65



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Digital lead nurturing is a hot topic because it’s where old-school prospecting methods are applied through technology-driven approaches. Anytime the old meets the new, feathers get ruffled. Charlene Li is an amazing, self-proclaimed “analyst who loves sales and marketing,” and she’s uniquely positioned to see how a digital approach to prospecting and sales is already making a tremendous difference for many companies. Join us as we discuss why companies like Kodak and Blockbuster failed to make the essential pivots needed to thrive, what you can do to prevent the same happening to your company, and most importantly, how your sales team can apply 4 digital lead nurturing steps that work sales magic. Don’t miss this episode of #SellingWithSocial.

The 4 digital #lead nurturing steps that work #sales magic, with @CharleneLi. Listen now to this episode of #SellingWithSocial with @M_3Jr, #CEO of Vengreso! #SocialSelling #DigitalSelling #SocialSalesClick To Tweet

Step 1: Make Sure You Have The Right Mindset About Digital Lead Nurturing

Digital lead nurturing is focused on the very same thing old-school calling and door-knocking is focused on: building authentic, deep relationships with prospects and customers. If you get that mindset right, then digital becomes a tool rather than a threat. In this conversation, Charlene points out how everyone from 75-year-old CEOs to 24-year-old Millennials have to approach the digital world with a mindset to genuinely help people through nurturing great relationships. When that approach is the basis for digital interaction, value can be delivered in ways that establish trust, move the sales cycle forward, and create long-term, profitable client relationships. Be sure to listen to get all of Charlene’s tips on how to engage in lead nurturing via Social the right way, on this episode.

Step 2: Become Obsessed With Your Customers And Their Needs

A powerful point made by Charlene during our conversation is that the companies that keep their customer’s needs front and center are willing to adopt any approach necessary to discover and meet those needs. That includes phone calls, email, and social media interactions. Nurturing leads is not a matter of method, it’s a matter of motive: Do you really care about your customers – enough to connect with them via their preferred methods of interaction – even if that’s on digital channels rather than traditional channels? Charlene says it really is that simple. If you’re obsessed with your customers and their needs, digital lead nurturing will be as natural as breathing. Find out how Charlene suggests you go about creating that kind of customer obsession, on this episode.

Step 2 of magical #lead nurturing & #sales #prospecting: Be #CustomerObsessed. Listen now to hear why @CharleneLi says it’s required, on this episode of #SellingWithSocial with @M_3Jr, CEO of Vengreso. #SocialSelling #DigitalSalesClick To Tweet

Step 3: Apply Lead Nurturing Magic: Be Famous For Something

There’s a lot of talk lately about companies needing to be clear about their USP (unique selling proposition) – and for good reason. If you aren’t clear on the value you provide to your customers you can be sure they won’t be either. Charlene says that the third thing you need to do in order to nurture leads effectively is to know what you are really, really good at. Ask yourself: What is our company famous for? Or what do we WANT to be famous for? When you know the answer to those questions, you’ll know the solutions you’re able to provide that nobody else is. You’ll also know the exact customer needs and frustrations to listen for on Social so that you can engage in dialogue aimed at meeting those needs or resolving those frustrations. On this episode, you’ll learn how being famous for something can cause your customers to seek you out when they encounter obstacles related to your expertise.

Step 4: Help Marketing Help You – But Don’t Rely On Them To Do It

Both Charlene and I understand the frustration sales teams can have when it comes to getting the right resources from marketing. But Charlene says that sales has a distinct advantage over marketing that can help the marketing team do its job even better: daily contact with customers. Compile a list of the most frequently asked questions your customers ask, or the most common issues your customers are facing – and give it to your marketing department. But Charlene also has a caution about that approach: Don’t depend on marketing alone to create valuable resources for your customers. You have the ability and even the responsibility to create content of your own to answer customer questions – and you can do it easily, powerfully, and in less than 5 minutes. Learn how Charlene easily applies this 4th step of digital lead nurturing magic, on this episode.

Step 4 of magical #lead nurturing & #sales #prospecting: Help #marketing help you, but don’t rely only on them. @CharleneLi shares #SocialSelling tips on this episode of #SellingWithSocial w @M_3Jr, #CEO of Vengreso. Listen now!Click To Tweet

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Step 1 of magical #lead nurturing & #sales #prospecting: Make sure you have the right #mindset about #SocialSales. Hear all 4 steps from @CharleneLi. It’s on this episode of #SellingWithSocial with @M_3Jr, #CEO of VengresoClick To Tweet
Step 3 of magical #lead nurturing and #sales #prospecting: Be famous for something and customers will come to you! How? Learn all 4 steps now from @CharleneLi on this episode of #SellingWithSocial with @M_3Jr, #CEO of VengresoClick To Tweet


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