LinkedIn Name Pronunciation: How to Use It for Sales Engagement

How To Leverage LinkedIn Name Pronunciation for Sales Prospecting


Have you ever seen people’s names on LinkedIn® but are not sure what would be the correct name pronunciation? Introducing LinkedIn Name Pronunciation. I know it has happened to me. This is especially important if you are going to have a call or a virtual meeting while prospecting — you’d want to get their names right. And that’s one of the reasons I love the new LinkedIn name pronunciation feature.

But, do you want to know the real reason I am excited about this new feature? You and your sales team can use the 10-second audio recording to provide a custom sales prospecting message to the people who visit your profiles.

In the video below, I explain how to use this feature in your LinkedIn Profile and some use cases. Keep reading and watch the following video to learn from real-life examples and detailed instructions on how to leverage LinkedIn® Name pronunciation for sales prospecting.

What is LinkedIn Name Pronunciation?

If you are a sales leader or a sales professional, the pronunciation feature is more than a chance to record your name the way you’d like to hear it. It’s actually a 10-second audio advertisement that you can use to convince LinkedIn® members about why they should keep looking at your profile and perhaps do business with you.

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Of course, you must have already optimized your profile for this to be worthwhile. Remember that your LinkedIn®  profile serves as a first impression when you engage with potential clients. Salespeople often make the mistake of treating their LinkedIn® profile like a resume–boasting about their professional accomplishments rather than providing a thoughtfully tailored profile that showcases how their expertise uniquely qualifies them to work with a prospective customer. Hint: leverage your LinkedIn headline!

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How to Record The LinkedIn Name Pronunciation of your Name (and your Prospecting Ad)

Just follow these steps to record your ad.

Step 1: Go to your profile on your LinkedIn®  App

At the time of this writing (July, 2021), you may only do this from your mobile app, not from your computer.

Step 2: Click the edit icon (the pencil)

LinkedIn Name Pronunciation Feature for Sales

Step 3: Click the “Add Name Pronunciation”

LinkedIn Name Pronunciation for Sales Prospecting

Step 4: Create an audio clip or choose a 10-second advertisement created by your company

In those 10 seconds you can include a maximum of 25 words if you speak fast.

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Here are some sample scripts you can record:

  • Hey this is [FirstName LastName]. Connect with me here on LinkedIn or visit [Company Website] where you can [insert your value proposition].
  • Hey there, welcome to my profile, [FirstName Last Name] here. I’m the [Job Title] here at [Company Website].
  • Hey this is [FirstName LastName]. If you want to [insert your value proposition], I invite you to click the see more button in my About section.
  • Hey this is [FirstName LastName], the [insert your field] expert, helping you [insert your value proposition].
  • Hey great to meet you it’s [FirstName LastName]. Connect with me here or join my free newsletter at [Company Website] where you can [insert your value proposition].
  • Hey it’s [FirstName] from [Company Name]. I [insert your value proposition]. Let’s connect on LinkedIn now.

Step 5: Press the microphone icon to RECORD and Save.

You may try it a few times until it’s perfect.

Step 6: Check your profile to ensure you have the speaker icon next to your name.

LinkedIn Name Pronunciation Mario Martinez Speaker Icon

Finally, test it by clicking the button both on your app and your computer.

Displaying the LinkedIn Name Pronunciation Feature for Sales Prospecting

Make sure to watch the video to hear some examples of what a few sales leaders and influencers have done with this audio recording feature.

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Now, let me show you three use cases.

1. Non-sales message

In this example, from Wendy Gertridge, she not only pronounces her name but adds her job title and how she helps her clients.

“Hi! I’m Wendy Gertidge, Customer Success Manager at Vengreso. I help our clients be successful with Vengreso’s digital sales training programs.”

Here’s another example from Stan Robinson Jr., where he describes his role and extends an invitation to connect.

“Hey, it’s Stan from Vengreso! I help B2B sales teams create more sales conversations through digital selling. Let’s connect on LinkedIn.”

These are scripts any LinkedIn® member can use.

2. Sales message

If you are a sales professional, you surely have a clearly defined value proposition that you can say in one sentence. In the following two examples, you’ll see how Brandon Bornancin and I use the LinkedIn name pronunciation feature to advertise our companies and services.

“Hey, great to meet you. It’s Brandon Bornancin. Connect with me here or join my free daily newsletter at where you can get emails and cell phones for anyone in the world.”

“Hey, this is Mario Martinez Jr. Follow me here on LinkedIn or visit to get training on how to prospect smarter and better.”

3. Thought Leader

The last use case is for a thought leader. Here’s what LinkedIn Expert, Viveka von Rosen recorded in her profile.

“Hey, everyone! It’s Viveka von Rosen, Chief Visibility Officer with Vengreso, helping your B2B company create more conversations on LinkedIn.”

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