A Love Story: When Marketing and Sales Get Aligned

A Love Story: When Marketing and Sales Get Aligned

On the fifth and final episode of this UpClose Podcast Series with Dayle Hall, SVP of Marketing at Lithium Technologies, we discuss the “love story” between marketing and sales. This podcast series showcases The 5 Most Influential Topics for B2B Marketing, and includes one episode each on influencer marketingdata overloaddigital customer experience, and the state of social engagement. On this episode, you’ll discover what’s possible when aligning marketing and sales, leading the two to work superbly together toward common goals.

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Start with the C-Suite

Bringing marketing and sales together has to start with the C-Suite. The more value marketing demonstrates, the more buy-in and therefore more budget you’ll receive. Lithium incorporates the c-suite first by looking at it through two lenses—revenue and reputation—both of which include social media marketing.

Getting the C-suite to lead by example is powerful. Dayle points out that John Legere, the CEO of T-Mobile is a brand ambassador and very active on social media. He clearly understands the importance of social media and stays on top of the brand’s reputation with a social command center.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Align marketing & sales by starting w/ the C-suite. @marinadazza @bernieborges #contentstrategy” quote=”Align marketing & sales by starting w/ the C-suite. @marinadazza @bernieborges #contentstrategy”]

Incorporating Sales into Your Content Strategy

should benefit the sales organization the most. It may seem challenging to think about engaging the sales team in your content strategy, but the truth is, the collaboration will immensely enhance your efforts. Lithium’s marketing team works closely with sales to assess specific themes and campaigns that will drive traffic from the top to the bottom of the funnel. They look at the different formats, styles, and channels to configure the appropriate blend for the prospective customer.

B2B brands should strive to make it easy for sales to participate, providing them with inspiration and training on content sharing in social channels. Lithium Technologies enables their sales team by providing basic and more in-depth content around customers and their successes with Lithium products.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Make it easy for sales to participate in UR #content strategy. How? Ask @bernieborges #b2bmarketing” quote=”Make it easy for sales to participate in your #content strategy. How? Ask @bernieborges #b2bmarketing”]

Data should be tracked and reported to all stakeholders involved—the C-suite, marketing, and sales. Sharing data that matters to the sales organization is essential to portraying results and builds respect between marketing and sales. Lithium holds the mindset that “our number is your number.” Marketing and sales have aligned goals that look at what’s in the pipeline and what’s closed. Shared dashboards that include reporting on both add transparency and visibility depicting combined efforts.

[clickToTweet tweet=”If the #marketing team improves, then so do sales. @marinadazza @bernieborges #CMO” quote=”If the #marketing team improves, then so do sales. @marinadazza @bernieborges”]

B2B Brands Who Have Effectively Paired Up Sales and Marketing

Many previous Social Business Engine guests are from brands that have aligned marketing and sales. ANSYS, Indium Corp., and Deloitte are three with a highly technical employee base. The marketing teams at these companies have educated

Taking a closer look at Deloitte U.S., they’re a global provider of financial, tax and audit services. Their billable employees are their most trusted ‘business development people.’ In 2012 Deloitte was selected to be the Official Professional Services Sponsor for the U.S. Olympic Committee for the Summer Olympics in London. The company wanted to tap into employees’ social networks and started by providing messaging to thirty pilot participants.

Leadership recognized the impact of this small group’s efforts and encouraged the expansion of this program into a company-wide (in the U.S.) Ambassador Program. The program grew to 7,000 employees in the U.S. alone and approximately 50% of website traffic from social media comes from their employees.

Deloitte logo

Thomson Reuters is a provider of news business services and information for professionals in finance, law and other B2B disciplines. They recognized the need for their sales staff to develop trust and influence with content, largely through LinkedIn. Their social selling strategy started with alignment in content marketing. Knowing your content is the best possible thing you can do to elevate yourselves as salespeople.

Thomson Reuters’ Global Learning Center works with employees around the world on improving their LinkedIn profiles. The goal is that once they’ve gotten the hang of LinkedIn and start to see results, they’ll be inspired to share more content and engage more as a brand advocate. 


What used to be considered an unlikely pair – marketing and sales – is now a perfect match. This episode reveals best practices to help B2b brands achieve marketing and sales alignment and brings together the four previous episodes in this UpClose Podcast Series sponsored by Lithium Technologies. To learn more about The 5 Most Influential Topics for B2B Marketing, listen to the complete series and download the Journal.


Lithium Technologies helps brands navigate the sometimes overwhelming world of social media marketing and management, social customer service, online communities and social analytics. A leader in the space, they’re guiding brands to build trust with their clients while delivering top-notch customer experiences. Dayle leads the charge at Lithium Technologies on all strategic marketing initiatives.

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