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Vengreso helps B2B sales professionals reach more qualified buyers by supplying content that builds trust between a salesperson and a buyer.





Developing the right content for your sales team is critical. The modern buyer consumes content on their path to selecting a vendor. Your sales team needs content at their fingertips to share with prospects.

Our Strategy service is a comprehensive engagement that involves qualitative and quantitative research. Qualitatively, we’ll learn about your target buyer personas, their needs and interests as well as the stages of their journey. Quantitatively, we’ll analyze the current performance of your website’s content to assess which content is currently performing and not. Additionally, we’ll analyze three of your top competitors. Our Key Findings report will map out recommendations on the topics that represent the best opportunities for content your sales people will use to engage their prospects to start and maintain sales conversations.


You need content for your sales team. We’ve done the analysis and we know which topics need content. You marketing team wants to help but they’re maxed out. Now what?

Vengreso has extensive experience producing B2B content mapping to buyer personas and buyer’s journey stages. With the analysis under our belt, we know just what content is needed. We’ll take it from there.

In collaboration with you, we’ll create a content production schedule to meet your needs. Content formats range from blogs, technical briefs, infographics, white papers, case studies and more.


You’ve heard the analogy – A Ferrari belongs on the road, not in the garage. Here’s the point. You produce great content for the sales team but if you don’t make it easily accessible to the sales team, it’s like the Ferrari in the garage – wasted opportunity.

Vengreso is expert at developing a technology-based distribution system that provides your sales team easy access to all the content they need. The content is organized the way it needs to align with your sales processes, buyer types, journey stage and more.

Content that gets shared in digital channels is properly configured and integrated with your marketing automation system to enable lead attribution so when a lead is generated the proper rep gets the credit for the lead.

Let’s get your content set up for practical distribution so it won’t become a Ferrari in a garage.

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