Type less. Do More.

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Communicate faster and smarter with this Text Expander.

A library of presaved, industry-standard templates FlyPlates
is at your fingertips—yours to customize and curate for your business needs.

Increase Engagement

Spend less time drafting and organizing your business messaging and more time doing.

Streamline Productivity

Write messages, send LinkedIn connection requests, and more with simple shortcodes FlyCuts.

Communicate Effectively

Maintain brand consistency and tonal uniformity using the content you know works best to get results!

Use FlyMSG Text Expander Everywhere!

Copy + Paste is such a waste.

Business professionals know all too well the hassle of wrangling boilerplate content from documents scattered across multiple platforms—or, worse still, the agony of retyping the same standard message or intro text when sending out individual communications internally or externally. That is why they use this text expander tool on steroids!

Leave tedious, repetitive tasks behind and focus on what matters most:
creating sales conversations with time.

How this Auto Text Expander Works

With FlyMSG, you can develop and deploy a personal collection
of your own “greatest hits” to use quickly and easily.


Access FlyMSG’s library of cutting-edge messaging templates FlyPlates.


Customize your selection of FlyPlates with the best frequently used language to engage your audience.


Assign a shortcut FlyCut for any administrative or sales message.


Categorize your FlyCuts in the Cloud for easy access from Google Chrome.


Type in your FlyCut in any text input field to auto-populate or expand your saved content.

Used by Business Professionals All Over the World!

Joey Bahr

Great way to save time and use a consistent message on sales communications.

FlyMSG Review Steven Benson
Steve Benson
Mario suggested I tried out the Chrome Extension, FlyMSG. WOW! FlyMSG knocks my socks off! They help you with copywriting sales notes for emails, LinkedIn, special events, follow-ups, birthdays, etc. Cuts down on the time needed, stores your custom copy in the cloud and is always ready! If you haven’t tried this, you are working too hard on your copy!
Joe's FlyMSG Review
Joe Mangano
FlyMsg is FLY. It is a super super (did I say super) text expander. Nope, it’s not a text expander. Its better!! Way to go Mario and team. Your rock
Roy's FlyMSG Review
Roy Sargent
Very cool app! You can create templates to use anywhere in Chrome and cut the time required waaaay down. I spend less time thinking and more time communicating.
Theresa French
WOW– this is THE productivity tool of Q4 2020! I love being able to use the same set of templates across email AND LinkedIn. These writing shortcuts allow for HYPER PERSONALIZED messages “on the FLY” while at the same time SAVING A TON OF TIME knocking out 90% of the message for you with one short keyword! Beats automation any day! SERIOUS prospecting for ANY sales team!!
Nancy's FlyMSG Review
Nancy Tuico
I really really love it! Thank you so much!
Debra's FlyMSG Review
Debra Eckerling
Great app. So excited to discover this awesome productivity hack!
Mahdi's FlyMSG Review
Mahdi Murad
Great tool. I save so much time using this tool. Magical.
Susan's FlyMSG Review
Susan Segat
This is a game changer for sales professionals and CX agents!
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“The Great Time Saver”

Prospecting is one of the most time-consuming processes in sales, but there is a tool that will make your job easier. Nigel Dunand, Transatlantic Business Support Director at Sandler Training, already tried it and loved it!

We are talking about Vengreso’s text expander tool, FlyMSG, which can be used for personalized emails, LinkedIn prospecting, and more.

This free tool allowed Dunand to send emails and messages in no time, saving him the “time of composing the email and typing it up”. That’s why he called it a “great time saver”.

Additional Auto Text Expander Features

Enjoy Less Typing. More Doing.

Create customized shortcuts FlyCuts with your business messaging in FlyMSG and unleash faster productivity.