The Vengreso Story

At the Front Line of the Digital Sales Revolution

The modern buyer has become better at buying faster than the seller has become at selling. A CSO Insights study reveals that sales rep’s quota attainment in 2018 was only 54%. Too many sellers are trying to sell to yesteryear’s buyer. Today’s buyer is on their own journey. The modern buyer requires a modern seller who is a trusted resource.

Our CEO sat in the seat of sales leadership and launched a social selling and video for sales training program he called – a digital sales program. It was so successful that Linkedin invited him to speak to share how he drove 100% rep adoption of digital selling.

His vision led to founding Vengreso. Today, we teach, consult and practice modern digital selling strategies trusted by B2B brands such as CenturyLink, Cisco, Woodruff Sawyer, Conversica and others who partner with Vengreso to help their sales teams increase win rates through digital selling practices.

Our approach to digital selling is Omnichannel. We teach B2B sales reps to engage the buyer through the PVC method: personalization, value and call-to-action. Our training methods include Selling with LinkedIn and Selling with Video.

The Modern Seller Leverages Content to Attract the Modern Buyer

Historically, marketing has focused on delivering marketing qualified leads (MQLs). But, salespeople need content that aligns to the buyer’s journey and empowers the sales team to add value to each phase of the buyer’s journey, resulting in building trust and more conversations.

There has been a rush to train sales teams on “social selling” with a half-baked approach too often through a one-day training event with much of the emphasis on how to use social technology. This approach results in little if any behavior change. Too often, the results have been “meh.”

I had the opportunity to attend the Vengreso digital sales training. The LinkedIn Profile Makeover process was impactful and provided some excellent best practices that I could put in place right away.

Amir K., SaaS Sales Manager

Digital Sales Transformation Creates More Sales Conversations and Higher Win Rates

Four of the most experienced minds in the digital sales industry decided it was time to redefine the approach to what has become known as social selling.

Today’s savvy sales professional knows that building relationships through social media in our hyper-connected economy is more important than ever. The modern sales pro builds her personal brand every day. With an average of 6.8 decision makers in most Fortune 5000 deals, sellers have to engage buyers one-to-one by building trust, credibility and likeability.

We looked at the dizzying myriad of social selling seminars, webinars, books, blogs, podcasts and courses in the marketplace and said – we can do better…

Our digital sales experts have been heads of sales and heads of marketing in B2B organizations. In the course of our careers, we’ve educated more than 140,000 professionals in modern selling strategies across thousands of companies. We came together to develop and launch a suite of digital sales training and consulting offerings to ensure that you and/or your organization increase win rates through your digital sales practices.

At Vengreso, we are passionate about one thing….Helping sales professionals create more conversations with qualified buyers. More conversations lead to more pipeline, and with proper execution of the techniques we teach leads to higher win rates, which is what every sales leader wants.

In March 2019 we were honored with a distinguished Gold Stevie Award for Best Sales Training Product of the Year.

Our name matches our focus: To help you accelerate sales and grow revenue.

At the Front Line of the Digital Sales Revolution

Two problems that every sales leader wakes up to are:

  • Ensuring their sellers get more “at-bats” (a.k.a. prospect better)
  • Building a healthier sales pipeline so they can sell more

Simply put, at Vengreso we help sales teams and business owners prospect better and sell more.

After educating over 140,000 professionals, helping over 1,052 companies around the globe, and winning 3 Stevie Awards (2019, 2020, 2021), we’ve developed Modern Sales Mastery, the digital sales training and technology program that produces results.

We do this through our award-winning virtual sales training programs, which use science-based teaching techniques to ensure sellers remember the information and actually apply it in their daily sales activities.

Our Modern Sales Mastery program trains both teams and individual sellers how to master:

  • Social Selling to Engage More Buyers
  • Video to Prospect and Book More Meetings
  • Virtual selling techniques & technology to build more pipeline

Here are our core solutions:

  • LinkedIn Makeovers – our Profile Writing experts transform your LinkedIn profile from a resume to a sales asset that attracts your buyer because it is written through the lens of your buyer. Available for individuals and for sales teams.

This is why companies like these have selected us for their virtual selling training:

  • Miller Heiman Group (yes, the world’s largest sales training company hired us, an outside sales training company)
  • Lumen Technologies (CenturyLink)
  • Seismic
  • Proofpoint
  • Juniper Networks
  • Heffernan Insurance
  • Vistage International
  • And many others
  • FlyMSG – FlyMSG, our  free Chrome Extension, is the best auto text expander tool out on the market for sellers. This technology helps sellers Type Less and Sell More.
  • Modern Sales Mastery for Individuals – On Demand sales training for individual sellers, business owners, and small sales teams of up to 14 reps.
  • Modern Sales Mastery for Teams – live training and coaching for sales teams of 15 reps and more.

Why Vengreso?

We are united in our passion to align marketing with sales to impact behavior change for the modern seller. Here’s why you should work with Vengreso.

We’re the only digital sales training and consulting service provider that performs content strategy for sales enablement, LinkedIn makeovers for individuals and teams at scale AND digital sales training…The trifecta for modern selling success.

We’re the only digital sales provider delivering training and consulting on the use of video in your sales strategy.

We’re the most qualified digital selling training provider capable of scaling from small to global sales team.
We are passionate about a diverse workforce, a culture of collaboration and a mindset of disruption for the sake of creating results. Everyone at Vengreso is a practitioner of the strategies we deliver to our clients.

Our founders are award winning authors, speakers and influencers sought out by some of the biggest brands.

When you work with Vengreso you benefit from the collective knowledge, experience and reputation of over 50 cumulative years of digital sales and marketing experience…To empower you to have more sales conversations!

Still Have Questions?

Still Have Questions?