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The Vengreso Story

At the Front Line of the Digital Sales Revolution


The modern seller and the modern buyer are at a crossroads. Social selling has been adopted by individuals and sales teams to connect and engage with buyers in digital channels to build trust, start sales conversations, maximize selling time and create lifetime customer value.


Despite the increasing investment in social selling by companies of all sizes as well as small business owners and entrepreneurs, there is a lack of alignment between marketing and sales.


Business professionals need the proper mindset of engaging with prospects and customers online to add value, the skillset to use the digital channels effectively to connect with and build trust with prospects and customers throughout the sales journey, and an understanding of how to use the proper tools to maximize efficiency.




Marketing is focused on delivering marketing qualified leads (MQLs) often without aligning content to the buyer’s journey and empowering the sales team to add value to each phase of buyer’s journey.


The result has been a rush to train sales teams on “social selling” with a half-baked (or worse) approach because the emphasis has been on the technology. The results for many have been “meh.”


Digital Sales Transformation Enables Exponential Growth in Revenue


Seven of the biggest minds in the digital sales industry decided it was time to redefine the approach to what has become known as social selling.


Today’s savvy sales professional knows that generating leads through social media in our hyper-connected economy is more important than ever. There is an average of 6.8 decision makers to win over in Fortune 5000 organizations.


The dizzying myriad of social selling seminars, webinars, books and courses in the marketplace can make anyone’s head spin.


Our digital sales experts have trained business professionals in more than 2,000 companies. This experience validates the need for a suite of digital sales offerings and resources from proven industry experts to ensure that you and/or your organization get a return on your digital sales investment.


At Vengreso, we understand that successful social selling is more than a lesson on personal branding or a simple “how to use LinkedIn” one-off training. In fact, that’s only where the journey begins.

Our name matches our focus: To help you accelerate sales and grow revenue.

The Digital Sales Ecosystem

We work with business professionals to align marketing with sales to provide the needed mindset, skillset and toolset in digital and social media channels to enable you to engage online effectively, grow your network, build your personal brand, add value, attract buyers and achieve your sales and revenue goals.

Our approach, has been customized for entrepreneurs and Fortune 50 companies alike. We provide you the services you need to succeed in every step in the digital sales ecosystem, including:


  • Content & Social Media Strategy, so you have a blueprint for the messaging and content assets that meet the needs of your buyer at each stage of the buying journey, and a strategy to ensure that your customized approach will scale;
  • Personal Branding, so that your LinkedIn profile attracts your buyer from the get-go because it is written through the lens of your buyer;
  • Digital Sales Training, so that you understand how to attract and engage your buyer in digital channels to build trust and get the results you need;
  • Content Distribution, so you can amplify your brand and drive leads back into your organization through the use of content sharing to drive the revenue growth you want.


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Why Vengreso?

We have collectively trained more than 85,000 professionals across 2,000 companies in the art and science of personal branding and social selling –  more than any other provider!

We are united in our passion for aligning marketing with sales to achieve their peak potential through the proper mindset, skillset and toolset. In short, we are the:


Only full spectrum digital sales provider.

Largest personal branding service provider for sales and marketing professionals.

Largest social selling training provider.

We are practitioners of all the strategies and tactics we deliver to our clients. We have the individual and collective track records to prove it.

When you work with Vengreso, you benefit from the collective knowledge, experience and reputation of over 50 cumulative years of digital sales and marketing experience…To drive revenue in your business!

Let’s make history together.

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