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Are you a sales leader seeking to improve your team’s sales prospecting efforts?

Watch this webinar! 3 Prospecting Strategies Sales Leaders Need In Their Playbook
Play Video about Watch this webinar! 3 Prospecting Strategies Sales Leaders Need In Their Playbook

From multiple decision-makers, to limited access to the buying committee and increased competition, there are plenty of prospecting challenges sales leaders face.

Ray and Mario discuss three proven prospecting strategies for sales leaders to guide their team to increase the rate of contact to engagement, resulting in more sales pipeline within key accounts.

This webinar is for you if you’re a sales leader, a sales enablement leader, or a C-suite executive, leading a team of sellers in midsize or large accounts.

Meet Your Speakers

Mario Martinez, Jr., Vengreso

Mario Martinez, Jr.

CEO & Modern Sales Evangelist

Ray Makela

CEO of the Sales Readiness Group

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How the Best SDR Programs Develop Top Talent

Join Vengreso’s CEO and host of the show Mario M. Martinez Jr. as he interviews Joey Vendel, AVP sales at Seismic, for this Modern Selling Podcast Episode.

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