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How to Write a Professional Thank You Email in Seconds With Templates

A professional thank you email is an essential part of your career development. It helps you make a great first impression and develops a business relationship with someone you have just met, whether a hiring manager, business owner, sales professional, or similar. 

Think about it – how would you react if someone sent you a thank you email after an interview, business meeting, or sales presentation? You would have a higher opinion of that person.

A professional thank you email helps you stand out in the crowded business space and shows you are a thoughtful individual with the proper business mindset. It provides the perfect opportunity to show your professionalism and character. In my opinion, this skill should be ingrained into your personal writing habits.

These emails are also an afterthought for many professionals, something hastily written at the end of an interview or meeting. Suppose you approach thank you emails this way. In that case, you will lose many opportunities to improve your current position in the business landscape.

One tool you can use to speed up the process and write engaging thank-you emails is FlyMSG, our digital writing assistant and text expander. It helps you automate your content creation process to write a prompt response using numerous content templates developed by industry experts. 

All you need to do is choose one of our thank you email templates, fill in the blanks with your content and hit the Send button. To see all templates, create your free account today.

In today’s article, we will discuss the importance of sending professional thank-you emails, give tips for composing them, provide templates, and demonstrate how FlyMSG can help you create one in seconds.

Now let’s begin this in-depth article by explaining the basics of a professional thank you email.

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What Is a Professional Thank You Email?

three people sitting around a table in front of laptops in office settingA professional thank you email is a follow-up email you send to a person or organization to express sincere appreciation for their support, patronage, business opportunity, or services.

Compared to a handwritten note, which is also quite popular, you can 

  1. Send a thank you email immediately after an event or interaction takes place.
  2. Forward it to multiple people.
  3. Include photos, videos, or other attachments.
  4. Include links to additional information, such as a website or blog post, which can provide more context.

There are many benefits to sending a professional thank you email. Still, the biggest one is that it helps you build and maintain strong relationships with clients, customers, and business partners. 

A well-written thank you email can solidify a good working relationship and prompt future opportunities. Don’t hesitate to try out the free Thank You email templates available in the FlyPlate library of your free FlyMSG account.

Who Should Send a Professional Thank You Email?

hands on laptop keyboard writing thank you emailBy sending a professional thank you email, you show gratitude for someone else’s help or kindness and reinforce your professionalism. It includes, but is not limited to, business associates, customers, clients, and vendors. This practice is also important for nonprofit organizations as sending thank you for donation letters to strengthen relationships with donors.

You should not send a thank you email to a friend or family member. Here are some professionals that benefit the most from sending a thank you email:

  • HR professionals.
  • Recruiters.
  • Sales reps and sales leaders.
  • Small business owners.
  • Entrepreneurs.
  • Marketers.
  • Customer support reps.
  • Customer service reps.

Since we discussed the types of individuals who should send one, in the next section, we’ll discuss the situations when it’s appropriate to send a professional thank you email.

When to Send a Professional Thank You Email?

There’s an art to timing when it comes to expressing gratitude via email. A simple ‘thank you’ carries weight, signaling appreciation for the recipient’s time and effort, making it more meaningful than it seems. It’s a real display of valuing a relationship, especially considering the effort even a concise email requires.

clock on computer keyboard

Timing is crucial when sending a professional thank you email, and sending one at the right moment can make a strong impression. There are many cases where you can send a professional thank you email. Let’s discuss the most common ones.

Determining the Ideal Timing for Your Thank-You Emails

Thank-you emails hold significance, whether reaching out to online customers—whom you might not meet face-to-face—or remote employees, bridging distances with acknowledgment. Don’t overlook the impact of a follow-up thank-you email after an in-person encounter. It not only highlights appreciation but also opens avenues for deeper discussions, emphasizing the value of their contributions.

The scenarios for crafting a thank-you email are diverse, but here are some common ones:

line drawing of a person with a laptop talking to anotherAfter a Job Interview

Sending a thank you email is a polite way to express gratitude and reaffirm your interest in the position. A thank you email also allows you to reiterate your qualifications and mention anything you may have forgotten to say during the interview.

Sending this type of message highlights your enthusiasm and interest in the job. It also reminds the recruiter of your professional experience.

line drawing of a pencil drawing on a paper for thank you emailAfter a Job Offer

It allows you to reiterate your interest in the position and reaffirm your commitment to joining the team. It is also a great way to show the employer that you are a confident person and make sure they know that you will take the job seriously.

Additionally, it helps you solidify your relationship with the employer and set you up for success in the next steps of the hiring process.

line drawing of three people talkingAfter a Meeting or Networking Event

After a business meeting or networking event, you can use a thank you email to prompt further engagement. It demonstrates your gratitude to the person who took time out of their day to meet with you.

You can express appreciation for the dialogue and ask to schedule another meeting. Include a virtual business card with contact details and a link to your appointment calendar for convenient scheduling and multiple contact options. It is also critical to follow up with a message at a time when your target is more likely to respond.

line drawing of a phone with a speech bubble that reads saleAfter a Sales Call

It helps you build and strengthen your relationship with potential customers and keeps their attention focused on your product or service.

By staying in touch and showing appreciation, you can keep your company and offerings at the forefront of their minds.

Finally, you can use a thank you email as a reminder of your meeting and discussion as you move forward in the sales process.

line drawing of a person doing a sales presentation for thank you emailAfter a Sales Presentation

By sending a thoughtful thank you email, you can demonstrate your professionalism and commitment to providing excellent customer service.

Additionally, a thank you email can be a great way to remind potential customers of critical points from your presentation and encourage them to take the next step in the sales process.

line drawing of a pencil drawing on a paper for thank you emailAfter Completing a Project

You can send a thank you note to other team members that collaborated with you on a particular project. It will make them appreciate your effort and feel valued, and they’ll look forward to working with you again in the future.

line drawing of a person with a tie connecting with two others thank you emailAfter Receiving a Referral

Think of a referral as a valuable gift from a well-wisher that has your best interests at heart. When you send a thank you email to your connections for a referral, they’ll appreciate your message. They may be willing to offer more referrals in the future.

line drawing of a thank you email and a penAfter Receiving a Favor from a Professional Colleague

When a colleague goes out of their way to help you, saying thank you shows that you appreciate their support. It also keeps the lines of communication open if you need to ask for another favor.

line drawing of a shopping cart and a check markAfter Successful Purchase

There are a few reasons why it is essential to send a thank you email after a successful purchase:

  1. It helps you create a good customer experience and builds customer loyalty.
  2. It helps you increase customer satisfaction and reduce customer churn.
  3. Thank you emails also help you improve your company’s brand reputation and image.

As a result, your customers will know that the time and money they put into your business is well-appreciated.

line drawing of a person with speech bubbles with a thumbs up in one and thumbs down in the otherAfter receiving customer feedback

Customer feedback is valuable information that can positively impact your business. If a customer shares their honest opinion about your brand, you can send a thank you email to show appreciation for their effort.

Since we explained when to send professional thank-you emails, let’s explore some benefits for your career or business.

The key to impactful thank-you emails lies in promptness. Aim to dispatch your appreciation within 24 hours of the initial interaction, pairing it with an attention-grabbing subject line. Effective communication means following up at every stage. This principle stands true for both individuals and companies alike.

5 Benefits of Sending Business Thank You Note

woman smiling sitting in front of computer writing thank you email

A professional thank you note goes beyond expressing gratitude. It also brings many benefits. Here are some of them:

line drawing of a man with a ribbon1. It Demonstrates Your Professionalism

Sending a business thank you email shows your clients and connections that you have good business etiquette. This also means you’ll appear professional and earn more respect when interacting with others.

line drawing of a thumbs up and starts2. It Helps You Create a Positive Impression

When you take the time to send a thank you message, you’re showing that you’re courteous and grateful. It can go a long way in creating a positive impression of you. Not only will the recipient be pleased, but they’ll also think more highly of you in the future.

line drawing of two hands shaking over a network linking three people underneath3. It Helps You Build and Maintain Relationships

When you take the time to write a thank you email, you show that you appreciate the other person and their role in your life. Not only does this make the other person feel good, but it also strengthens your relationship.

line drawing of a hand holding a person in a circle with arrows coming outward4. It Can Lead to Future Opportunities

When you send a professional thank you email, you create room for new opportunities. It could be a future collaboration with a client or colleague, a job referral, more purchases from your customers, and more.

line drawing of an envelope with a sound icon at the bottom5. It Helps You Remember to Follow Up

Thank you emails are a great way to remember to follow up with someone. By sending a quick thank you email, you can keep in touch with the person and stay on their radar.

Now that we’ve finished discussing the advantages of sending a thank you email, let’s get down to business and discuss the best ways to write a professional thank you message.

14 Valuable Tips for Writing a Professional Thank You Email

an open laptop on a desk for thank you email

Writing a professional thank you email may seem like a difficult task. Choosing the right subject line, voice, tone, or phrases can discourage you and make you feel like giving up.

To help you overcome this challenge, we will share 14 valuable tips you can start implementing today to write more effective thank you emails.

line drawing of an email envelope with a letter @ thank you1. Use a Professional Email Address

When sending a thank you email, it is always best to use a professional email address. An official email domain name and address will make the message seem more official and credible and ensure that the recipient receives and reads it.

line drawing of a computer screen with an arrow for thank you email2. Write a Professional Subject Line

Thank you email subject lines should be professional to maintain formality. Some examples of professional thank you email subject lines include 

  • Thank you for your time.
  • Thank you for your help.
  • Thank you for your support.
  • Thank you for your kind words.

It will ensure your email stands out amongst the many other emails the recipient may receive during their busy workdays.

line drawing of a person in a circle with arrows going clockwise thank you email3. Personalize the Email as Much as Possible

Avoid general thank-you phrases that can make your message sound impersonal. You can connect with your recipient by adding a personal touch to your thank you letter.  For instance, you can include the recipient’s name or highlight a critical moment in an earlier conversation. One way to do this is to use a letterhead in your emails. Apart from adding a personal touch, it will also help you look professional.

line drawing of a letter coming out of an envelope4. Use Formal Language, Not Slang or Jargon

Slang or jargon could come across as unprofessional, uncaring, confusing, or off-putting to the person you are thanking. Formal language shows that you are taking the time to write a well-thought-out message and are genuinely grateful for the recipient’s assistance. You can utilize tools such as a free AI writer to help craft your message in making it more impactful.

lines simulating a paragraph5. Don’t Write a Novel. Keep It Short and Sweet.

You need to ensure the email is easy to read and digest. You also don’t want to overwhelm the recipient with too much information. Finally, you want to leave a good impression by being concise and to the point. An automatic way to make your email short is by utilizing a text summarizer. It will condense your given email in a concise manner by using its main points only. Professional writing help can provide valuable guidance in crafting a polished thank you email that leaves a lasting impression

line drawing of an envelope and a check mark6. Be Specific About Why You’re Thanking the Person

Being specific about what you’re thanking the person for helps them to understand the impact of their actions and makes them more likely to remember you.

When you take the time to thank someone for something they did, it shows that you pay attention to details and value their specific contribution.

line drawing of a speech bubble with an @7. Mention Something Significant From Your Conversation

It shows that you were paying attention during the conversation and remembered the discussion. It helps to build rapport and strengthen your relationship with the person you spoke with.

It demonstrates your professionalism and commitment to following up after a meeting or conversation. Finally, it shows you are interested in continuing the conversation and value the person’s input.

line drawing of a checkmark and a newspaper behind it8. Write Clearly With No Fluff or Filler Words

You want to ensure your message is clear and concise to avoid wasting the recipient’s time with unnecessary words or fluff. They’ll appreciate you getting straight to the point.

line drawing of a smiley face with closed eyes9. Use Emojis or Gifs in Your Thank You Email

Using emojis or GIFs can be a great way to add personality, communicate emotions and feelings, express reactions, or make your emails more fun and engaging.

Of course, it’s essential to use emojis and GIFs in moderation. You don’t want to overload your message with too many images, which could make it difficult to read. Be careful not to use any photos that recipients can interpret negatively.

line drawing of a smiley face inside a mans head10. Keep Your Tone Positive – Avoid Criticism or Negativity

If you’re not careful, you may end up using the wrong words that could trigger your recipients in the wrong way. So, you need to keep your message tone positive and avoid criticizing or using negative words that could hurt a person’s feelings or offend them.

line drawing of a looking glass with a checkmark on an open book11. Use Proper Grammar and Spelling

When sending a thank you email, ensure you use proper grammar and check your message for spelling errors. You can decide to use a grammar tool like Grammarly, which helps you edit your content and remove typos.

FlyMSG, our digital writing assistant, integrates with Grammarly and lets you proofread your email and correct grammatical errors on the spot.

line drawing of a looking glass looking at a lunchbox12. Leave the Door Open for Future Communication

It demonstrates your willingness to continue the relationship, which can benefit both parties involved. 

Second, recipients can contact you if they need anything further from you. Third, it lets you keep in touch with them and stay up-to-date on what they are doing. Lastly, it allows you to ask for favors in the future. 

All these reasons make leaving the door open for future communication a wise choice.

line drawing of a pen leaving a signature for thank you email13. Use a Professional Email Signature

It helps you build your brand and create a more professional appearance for your business. It also creates a sense of professionalism and credibility.

FlyMSG provides a rich library of premium content templates you can use in any situation. We provide an email signature template you can use to give your thank you email a professional finishing touch. You can create custom email signature to include your job title and company name, and your email is ready.

All you need to do to start using FlyMSG is to create a free account today.

Here’s a screenshot of this particular template.

line drawing of a pen writing on a letter writing assistant thank you email14. Start Using a Digital Writing Assistant

Writing numerous thank you notes can be tiring, especially when you have other tasks to complete during your workday. Using an auto text expander such as FlyMSG helps you save time and speed up writing your thank you emails or messages drastically.

FlyMSG increases your productivity and efficiency and helps you reduce repetitive writing tasks. It helps you save more than 20 hours per month and allows you to

  • Create a content repository in the cloud.
  • Store your best-performing messages anywhere and anytime.
  • Automatically expand your content using shortcodes.
  • Tweak content templates with a feature-rich text editor.

In the following section, we’ll explain how you can use FlyMSG to craft an exceptional thank you email or message in seconds.

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Mastering the Art of Thank-You Email Format Composition

Crafting a thank-you email doesn’t necessarily require elaborate prose; sometimes, two simple words—’thank you’—can encapsulate immense gratitude. However, to truly convey the depth of your appreciation, it’s crucial to provide context. Explain why you’re extending your thanks and highlight the positive impact the recipient’s actions have had on you.

In the realm of thank-you emails, brevity is not a restriction. Instead, aim for adequacy—compose a message that appropriately expresses your gratitude. Embrace the liberty of length to ensure your appreciation resonates effectively.

Remember, proper formatting is the cornerstone of a well-structured thank-you email. Attention to detail matters—spacing, punctuation, and grammar collectively contribute to the professionalism of your message.

Every thank-you email comprises three fundamental elements:

  1. Subject Line.
  2. Body Copy.
  3. Sign-Off.

Whether expressing appreciation after a job interview or acknowledging a thoughtful gesture, this format will serve as a versatile guide for your heartfelt expressions of thanks.

How to Write Your Thank You Email in Seconds With FlyMSG

FlyMSG logo over yellow

FlyMSG helps you save time by automating the written word. It was developed by Vengreso, our company that made previously made FlyMSG Sales Pro for individuals

FlyMSG removes the time it takes to find, copy, paste, and write emails and messages using only a few short keystrokes. Let’s discuss how to use FlyMSG.

1. Create Your Free FlyMSG Account

FlyMSG Create your Free Account sign up page

To create your free account, you must visit our official website and click on the Get FlyMSG button in the primary menu. You will be redirected to a new panel where you can fill in the form with your personal information or sign up with LinkedIn or Google. It takes only a minute to become a FlyMSG user.

2. Download FlyMSG Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge Text Expander Extensions

For FlyMSG to work anywhere online, you need to download our

FlyMSG Chrome and Edge Extensions Picture

  1. Google Chrome browser extension.
  2. Microsoft Edge browser extension.

Both extensions are free to use and available immediately.

3. Check Out the FlyBoard

FlyMSG FlyBoard Dashboard

Once you have created your FlyMSG account, you can visit the dashboard (FlyBoard) to check out our valuable tutorials. We prepared them to help you get the best out of our digital writing assistant. 

Here you’ll also get an overview of your saved FlyPlates and FlyCuts. You can manage categories and use our advanced search to find content templates you need for your writing tasks, including thank you emails.

4. Create a FlyCut for Your Thank You Email

Using FlyCuts, or shortcuts, you can save and store your pre-written thank you email or other content that shows the best results.

When you want to use that specific content, all you need to do is add the shortcode to your email or message to automatically edit, expand, or replace your text.

You can forget about searching your inbox or documents to find, copy and paste the messages you want to use. FlyMSG does it instead of you.FlyMSG FlyCut in Action

Creating a FlyCut is easy and takes only a few minutes of your time. You can choose a default category or make custom categories to store your FlyCuts.

FlyMSG add a new FlyCut Shortcut example screen

When creating a new FlyCut, you can

  • Create a shortcode, for example, -tyemail.
  • Add a title or description.
  • Write your message in the FlyMSG content field. 
  • Use the feature-rich text editor to adjust your message.

When you finish, click on the Save button. You can also preview your text in the preview panel to see what it looks like.FlyMSG FlyCut Shortcut Test

5. Borrow One of the FlyPlates From the Template Library

FlyPlates are premium content templates available in the FlyMSG premium plans – Starter and Growth.

  • The Starter plan costs $2.25/month and includes up to 50 FlyPlates. 
  • The Growth plan costs $5.50/month and includes unlimited FlyPlates.

For more details, you can check our pricing page.

You may save precious time using our content templates if you repeatedly create the same type of text. You just need to include the necessary information, and your emails or messages will be ready in no time.

Our FlyPlates help you maintain brand consistency and tonal uniformity of your content. It saves you time and effort in the long run.

What Are Some Use Cases of FlyMSG?

You can use our FlyPlates for any purpose, such as:

You can customize these and many more templates to meet your needs and incorporate them into your content, including thank you emails. 

Below, we have included some thank you FlyPlates, which you can find in our template library when you sign up for FlyMSG. Let’s start our brief overview.

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Here are some Thank You Email Templates (AKA FlyPlates):

1. General Thank You Email Template

You can use this email template to show appreciation after receiving a positive customer interaction or feedback.general thank you flymsg flyplate template

2. Renewal Thank You Email Template

This email template can help you create a thank you note to express gratitude to your customers for renewing your service.flymsg flyplate template example renewal thank you email

3. Positive Feedback Thank You Email Template

This email template includes the details to help you create a thank you note for a customer’s positive feedback. You can decide to edit or expand the text to add more context.flymsg flyplate template thank you email positive feedback

4. Negative Feedback Thank You Email Template

You can use this thank you email template to express sincere gratitude, amend the relationship with an angry customer or client, and provide all details to solve their current issue with your business.negative feedback template flymsg flyplate

5. Thank You for Your Time Email Template

You can use this thank you email template when you want to show appreciation for the time a person spent with you.thank you for your time email template flymsg flyplate

6. Thank You for Attending Our Event Email Template

When a customer, client, or partner attends your company’s event, you can use this email template. You can edit the content and add specific details to suit your needs.thank you for attending email template flymsg flyplate

7. Thank You for Your Support Email Template

You can use this thank you email template to create an email to extend your kind regards to a customer for their continuous support of your brand.thank you for your support email template flyplate flymsg

8. Thank You for Helping Us Win an Award Email Template

This email template is helpful when sharing important company news regarding awards and recognitions and expressing gratitude for customers’ loyalty.Thank You for Helping Us Win an Award Email Template FlyMSG FlyPlate

Use FlyCut or FlyPlate anywhere online

FlyMSG integrates with all your favorite platforms, meaning you can use it anywhere and anytime. It’s an excellent addition to your email, messaging, documents, management, and social media apps.

You can perfectly integrate FlyMSG with Gmail and Outlook Web when preparing thank you emails. You just need a FlyMSG account to get started.

Increase your productivity and save up to 20 hours per month

Writing thank you notes has gotten much more accessible, thanks to FlyMSG. With FlyCuts and premium FlyPlates, you can

  1. Optimize your content creation process
  2. Streamline your productivity
  3. Communicate more effectively
  4. Increase engagement 
  5. Reduce repetitive writing tasks
  6. Save up to 20 hours per month

Whether in HR, customer service, recruiting, finance, marketing, or sales, we have over 203 templates you can borrow or build a list of FlyCuts to deploy and use.

Different Types of Thank You Emails You Didn’t Know You Needed

In the world of business and professional communication, expressing gratitude through well-crafted thank you emails is a powerful tool. While everyone is familiar with the standard “thank you for your time” emails, there are several other types of thank you emails that might not be as obvious but can make a significant impact. Let’s explore different categories and provide examples for each:

1. Thank You Emails for Customers:

Customers are the lifeblood of any business, and expressing appreciation for their support is crucial. A well-timed thank you email can strengthen the customer relationship and foster loyalty. Here are a few scenarios and examples:

A. After a Purchase:

Subject: Thank You for Your Recent Purchase!

Dear [Customer’s Name],

We want to express our deepest gratitude for choosing [Your Company]. Your recent purchase of [Product/Service] means a lot to us. We hope you enjoy your [Product/Service], and please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

Best regards,
[Your Name]
[Your Title]
[Your Company]

B. After Resolving a Customer Issue:

Subject: Thank You for Allowing Us to Resolve Your Concern

Dear [Customer’s Name],

Thank you for bringing the issue with [specific problem] to our attention. We appreciate your patience and trust in allowing us to address the issue. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we are glad we could resolve this matter for you.

Best regards,
[Your Name]
[Your Title]
[Your Company]

2. Thank You Emails for Internal Teams:

Acknowledging the efforts of internal teams is crucial for a positive work environment. Whether it’s a thank you to the boss, colleagues, or employees, recognition goes a long way.

A. To the Boss:

Subject: Appreciation for Your Leadership

Dear [Boss’s Name],

I wanted to express my gratitude for your exceptional leadership. Your guidance and support have been instrumental in [specific project/achievement]. Thank you for inspiring us to reach new heights and for creating an environment where success thrives.

[Your Name]
[Your Position]

B. To Employees:

Subject: Thank You for Your Hard Work

Dear Team,

I wanted to take a moment to appreciate each one of you for your hard work on [project/task]. Your dedication and collaboration made a significant impact, and I am proud to be part of such an outstanding team. Thank you for your commitment to excellence.

[Your Name]
[Your Position]

3. Thank You Emails for Businesses:

Building and maintaining strong relationships with other businesses is vital. Sending thank you emails in various business scenarios can set the tone for a positive and lasting connection.

A. After a Meeting:

Subject: Gratitude for a Productive Meeting

Dear [Client/Partner’s Name],

I want to express my appreciation for the productive meeting we had [date]. Your insights and collaboration are invaluable, and I am excited about the opportunities ahead. Thank you for your time and contributions to our partnership.

Best regards,
[Your Name]
[Your Position]
[Your Company]

B. After a Sale:

Subject: Thank You for Choosing [Your Product/Service]

Dear [Client’s Name],

We are thrilled to have you as a valued customer. Thank you for choosing [Your Product/Service]. Your trust means the world to us, and we are committed to delivering the highest quality and service. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to reach out.

[Your Name]
[Your Position]
[Your Company]

C. After an Interview:

Subject: Appreciation for Your Interview

Dear [Interviewer’s Name],

I want to express my gratitude for the opportunity to interview with [Your Company]. I am excited about the possibility of contributing to your team and am even more impressed by the [specific aspect] discussed during our interview. Thank you for your time, and I look forward to the next steps.

[Your Name]

How to Write a Professional Thank You Email: The Bottom Line

a man and a woman in front of a computer smilingA professional thank you note provides the best way to send a time-sensitive appreciation message.

Whether you’re going through a hiring process, meeting, job search, or sales call, ensure you put the right effort into creating a heartfelt thank you note that leaves a positive impression.

Don’t hesitate to use the tips we highlighted above to guide you as you create a business thank you message. As a professional, it’s common to have a busy schedule, which is why a digital writing assistant, coupled with the creative touch of an animated flipping book, can come in handy, making your email more engaging.

FlyMSG, our digital writing assistant, can help you cut the time drain it takes to find, copy and write messages from scratch. It provides over 203 pre-made templates you can deploy to get the best out of your content creation process.

Create your free account to store your FlyCuts and explore our FlyPlates. 

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