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The Case for an Employee Advocacy Program at Deloitte Africa


As we break into the triple digits in podcast episodes, it only made sense to bring back the featured guest from episode number two of the Social Business Engine. Digital Engagement Leader at Deloitte Africa, David Graham, is responsible for online stakeholder engagement including email communication and employee advocacy across four regions including Southern, Central, Eastern and Western Africa.

Image sourced from Deloitte Africa

In episode 101, David explains how Deloitte Africa complemented its email communication sent from a branded account, to personalized digital communication sent from staff members, and the results that they’ve experienced so far. He also discusses how Deloitte is mobilizing employees on social media with their employee advocacy program and how it has increased their earned media value to an estimated $80,000.

On this episode you’ll discover:

  • That Deloitte is a global organization with 220,000 employees across 150 countries and how their primary services are in auditing and finance.
  • What is involved in David’s position as Digital Engagement Leader at Deloitte Africa.
  • How Deloitte Africa’s email marketing is targeted to small communities that allows them to stay top of mind with prospects and customers.
  • Why Deloitte Africa has started to send emails from employees’ addresses to help with the open rate since individuals generally have more trust in communications that come from a known person as opposed to a brand.
  • How employee advocacy remedies the wide dispersion of content across various regions of Deloitte Africa’s sites and blogs.
  • How David selects content by marketing managers and categorizes it by industry and job function on Deloitte Africa’s employee advocacy platform.
  • How many people are terrified of social media and how populating text for status updates or tweets makes it easier for Deloitte Africa employees since they don’t have to think about what to say.
  • How creating social media messages saves time for staff members and how all they have to do is click twice.
  • How the employee advocacy platform provides simplicity at Deloitte Africa with its ease of use, displaying all content on one feed and the availability through mobile.
  • How 1,500 employees or about 25% of the Deloitte Africa workforce are registered in the employee advocacy platform.
  • How Deloitte Africa is averaging one article per day and has seen almost 26,000 shares of their content with over 41,000 clicks.
  • How the employee advocacy platform has increased their combined reach to nearly 700,000 with over 90 million impressions.
  • How the employee advocacy platform has brought Deloitte Africa’s earned media value to an estimated $80,000.

“Your company will benefit from an employee advocacy program… remember that the platform belongs to your employees.” @davidgrahamsa
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  • How 36% of the registered users in the employee advocacy platform at Deloitte Africa have shared once, and 37% have viewed content in the last 30 days.
  • How at least one deal was closed thanks to content shared through the employee advocacy platform at Deloitte Africa.
  • How Deloitte Africa is using their employee advocacy platform to enable their thought leaders to start conversations.
  • How David’s “one thing” is that the people are the most challenging part and to remember that the platform belongs to the employees.

Featured On This Episode:

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